Below is an article from the New York Advocate newspaper dated 1825.  The Indian Chief they are referring to is John Ridge.  He was not a chief.  The white girl mentioned is his wife Sarah Bird Northrup Ridge.

New York Advocate 1825


Another Marriage of an Indian with a White Girl contemplated. - Our readers will recollect, that about a year ago, a marriage took place between an Indian Chief, who had attended the Foreign Missionary School at Cornwall, and a white girl.  Most of the papers spoke of it in terms of decided disapprobation.  The Agents of the School, at the head of whom is the Rev. Dr. Beecher, of Litchfield, have published a report, under date of the 17th inst. in which they state, that a negociation for a marriage has been carried on for some time past between Elias Boudinot, a young Cherokee, and Harriet R. Gold, of the village of Cornwall, and that there is now a settled engagement between the parties.  The object of the publication is to declare their "unqualified disapprobation of such connexions."  And they regard the conduct of those who aided or assisted in the negociation as highly "criminal."  They say that additional restrictions have been adopted, to protect the interests of the School, and of the community as connected with it.