Asbury Cemetery
(Smith County, Texas)

Created 4/11/2005
Updated 9/06/2005

by Paul Ridenour email

J. C. Thompson (Jerry Charles Thompson) and his family took my wife and I along with Frank and Sharon Williamson to the Asbury Cemetery near Wright City, Texas.

Cherokees, Choctaws, and some Chickasaws are buried there.  JC is Cherokee and Choctaw.

The Indians are buried just after the main cemetery sign.

The Thompson family are Cherokee and Choctaw and the Harnage family are Cherokee.  We were unable to find the Harnage gravestone as it appears to be missing.  George William Harnage is the one that may be buried there.

Next to the Asbury Cemetery, is another cemetery called the Asbury Cemetery.  It is a black cemetery (segregation) and probably descendents of Indian slaves.

There are several Thompson graves and they are related to other families in the cemetery including the Higginbotham, Nelson, and Ritch families.

Asbury Cemetery 1934

John Robert Green

The Green Family

J. M. Green and M. E. Green

Sarah J. Thompson and Benjamin F. Thompson

Archibald Thompson, next to his wife Annie Thompson

J. T. Thompson - great grandfather of Jerry Charles Thompson (JC Thompson)

Martin Luther Thompson and Inez Fannin Thompson

Beyond the chain-linked fence is the black Asbury Cemetery

Indian Paintbrush inside the cemetery next to Anis T. Thompson

Anis T. Thompson - grandson Randy Thompson email

Dottie Ridenour, Sharon Williamson, and labor unionist Frank Williamson

Clarence A. Thompson

H. B. Thompson

M. S. Thompson, wife of Thomas Thompson

T. U. Thompson (Thomas U. Thompson)

Newton Ida Ritch, wife of J. W. Ritch

S. J. Higginbotham

Lee Nelson and Alsia Nelson