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Part Two

(A descendancy of the BROWN line from the progenitors is inserted at the end of part one)

I got this email from Janice Thompson that ties Attakullakulla to Major Ridge.  It has several errors in it but there is a lot of info that I have never had.  I do not like the format because I  find it hard to follow.  Dorothy Horner sent me an email below that makes it easier to understand.....Paul Ridenour

Hi Paul,
You said to write if we thought we saw how Attakullakulla was tied to Major Ridge, in the genealogical material you forwarded.  It helps to read it if you print the mails, then place them side by side, lining up the generational numbers. The way I read it, you go from generation 1 to generation 5, where you find Major Ridge.  What I understood from it, was that Moytoy of Chota (Generation 1) and Quatsy of Tellico had a daughter, Nancy. Nancy (Generation 2) married White Owl Raven and they had Attakullakulla (Generation 3). Attakullakulla married Nionne Ollie of the Paint Clan. They had Dutsi (Generation 4), aka Dutch.  Dutsi married Susanna of the Deer Clan. They had Major Ridge (Generation 5).  I did see some errors, just scanning it, and don't know how accurate the early part of it is, but I believe the above is what the writer intended to convey.
Hope this helps, Dorothy Horner

  (from Janice "Sleeping Feather" Thompson) 
email Janice


On some of Attakullakulla's children I have little more than a name.  However, on three of them I have very long descendancy charts.  They are Dragging Canoe, Wurtagua, and Dutsi Tarchee Oconostota Tatsi. We will ce conuting generations from the progenitors.  Therefore, when I drop back to a generation 4> you will know be are back to one of his children. In the spelling of some of the Tsalagi names you will find the letter R.  There was an "R" sound in the now extinct Lower Dialect, as spoken primarily in Georgia. The name "Raven" was an honorary title given for bravery in battle.
1>Chief Amatoya Moytoy, Moytoy I, or Moytoy the Elder b ca 1635-45
  +Quatsy of Tellico, of the Wolf Clan
  2>Their daughter, called Nancy by the British
   +White Owl Raven, an Algonquin
    3>Birth name Onacona White Owl Leaning Wood; Principal Chief and Peace
      Chief ATTAKULLAKULLA / Attacullaculla; from Atagulkalu from ata, meaning
      wood, and galkalu, meaning something or someone leaning.  He was called
      The Little Carpenter by the British, because he was small in stature, but astute
      in negotiating treaties to benefit his people.  He was born at Seviers Island,
      Tennessee in 1695, and died In Nachestown, North Carolina [now Tennessee]
      in 1797.  He was known by many names. I will list those we have found so far.
    Ata'-gul-kalu "Prince of Chota" / Tathatowe / Tiftowe / Clogoittah / Chuconnunta /
      U Ukwaneequa / Oukahakah / Oukounaka / Ouconaco / Ookoonaka /
      Ookeeneka / Truconita / Chugonanta Tommy / Chugonanta /
      Tommy of Tenase / Occounaco The White Owl / Chukenata Warrior /
      Ookanaska / and Little Corn Planter.  There may be others.
     +he married Nionne Ollie of the Paint Clan, daughter of Chief Oconostota the
       Gropundhog Sausage, and an unidentified Paint Clan mother. Nionne Ollie
       was his cousin, born ca 1710.
      4>Colonah, the Raven od Chota No.3
      4>Chief Ooskiah Oskuah, Old Abraham of Chillowe/Chilhowie
      4>Oohoonaka Nahoola Ookogusdi Little White Owl; killedin battle 1793
      4>Turtle At Home I b ca 1754
         5> unidentified daughter b ca 1770
           +John Boggs b ca 1760
         5>Turtle At Home II
      4>Occunna Ocuma The Badger
      4>Ollie No.2 of the Paint Clan
        +Chief Inali / Enola Black Fox
           +Isaac Cooper, a Choctaw
      4>Chicamaguah Band War Chief Tai-ya-gansi-ni [he is] Dragging [the] Canoe
        Great Warrior Chuconesne, The Savage Napoleon b ca 1730,
        died 1 March 1792, Lookout Town, Tennessee
       +U-ga-lo-gv Leaf, Nelly Pathkiller b ca 1730
          daughter of Chief Pathkiller I and Peggy______
         5>Crying Snake
         5>Little [Dragging} Canoe b ca 1745
         5>Little Owl Canoe b ca 1750
         5>Gi-yo-sti b ca 1770
         5>Talotiskee Nettle Carrier / Hemp Carrier b 1772
         5>Nakey / Naky Sarah Canoe b ca 1752
           +Alexander William Brown II b ca 1750
             son of Alexander I , son of John I.
           6>Saynee / Sayney / Sawney Alexander Brown Jr, or III
             b 1768 Calhoun County, GA d 13 September 1842 Polk County MO
            +First: on 20 February 1797 Violet Barton b ca 1777
               daughter of Burrell Eagle Barton and Quaikee Quanaity
              7>Thomas Brown 1797 to 13 September 1842 Polk County MO
                 +Mary Polly Turner
              7>Sarah Brown b 1802 Bedford County, VA d Grayson County Va
               +**Second: Isaac Isaiah "Izar" Fields d Grayson County Va
                8>George William Fields
                  +Rosa Fender
               +*First:Elijah Hembelton on 4 January 1820
                8>Isiah Brown Hambelton b 21 October 1820 Christian County, KY
                                                      d 9 December 1877 Polk County MO
                  +Martha Maxie
                   9>Elijah Green Hambleton 17 November 1842 to 25 June 1911 MO
                    +Nancy Marcella Joanna Harrelson on 30 May 1878 in MO
                     10>George Washington Hambelton 5 April 1879
                     10>Martha Elizabeth Hambelton 16 January 1881
                     10>Isiah Harralson Hambelton 24 July 1885 
                        +Ada Virginia Cook
                     10>Elijah Columbus "Lum" Hambelton 3 August 1889
                     10>Ebbon Sylvestr Hambelton 9 June 1894
                    9>Nancy Jane Hambelton 1 January 1844
                    9>James Nathan Hambelton 24 November 1845
                    9>Sarah Elizabeth Hambelton 4 May 1847
                    9>Mary Villety Hambelton 25 February 1850
                    9>Martha Dove Hambelton II 1851
                    9>William Zachariah Hambelton 1855
                    9>Josephine B. Hambelton 16 November 1857
                    9>John Wesley Hambelton 8 September 1859
                    9>Isiah Walker Hambelton 1862
                    9>Cidney C. Hambelton 8 Septembr 1864
                8>Martha Dove Hambelton I  21 October 1820 Christian County KY
                                                      to 9 December 1900 Polk County MO
                  +Vincent Harralson
                8>Mary Jane Hambelton 25 November 1826
                8>James A. Hambelton 9 May 1828
                8>Vilette K. Hambelton 9 March 1830
                8>Zachariah S. Hambelton 6 June 1832
                8>Sarah Elvina Hambeltton 29 July 1834
             7>Susan Brown b 1818 Virginia
               +Moses Proctor on 15 April 1838, son of James Proctor and
                           Catherine Swadley; James the son of John Sr.
                8>Mary A. Proctor 1839
                8>James H. Proctor 1841
                8>Z. Proctor 1842
                8>Lavanda Proctor 1842
                8>Daniel Proctor 1847
                8>Thomas F. Proctor 1849
                8>Hiram Proctor Sr. b 1844 Polk County MO
                  +On 14 April 1866, in Jefferson County KA
                  Amanda Dungan b 1845 in Kentuckey,
                  daughter of Joh Dungan and Mary Bishop
                    9>Martha Jane Proctor b 1866
                      +William Porter
                      10>Delpha May Proter 3 February 1902 Fort Scott, KA
                                                     to 6 March 1980 Fort Scott
                         +on 26 January 1925 in Frot Scott, Charles William Atha.
                         11>Dolly May Atha 12 June 1930 Fort Scott
                            +on 27 September 1948, in Mound City, KA
                           Carl Oscar McCulley, son of Carl McCulley and Isabell Runyan
                            12>Connie Sue McCulley 30 April 1956 Fort Scott
                              +First;Gary Webster on 7 May 1979,
                                son of Calvin Webster and Edna Stevens
                                13>Kristin Lean Webster 24 June 1981
                                13>Dustin Joel Webster 22 September 1984
                              +Second; on 21 December 1991 in Chanute, KA
                                Danny King, son of Edwin King and Ottis Wolf
                                13>Savannah Nicole King 1 August 1993
                             12>Linden Eugene McCulley
                               +on 30 January 1982 in Chanute, KA
                               Clarissa Stevens, daughter of Dorothy Marie Perkins
                                13>Matthew Thomas McCulley 16 July 1983
                          11>Norman Atha
                            +on 20 August 1955 Grace Fletcher
                             12>Sherry Lee Atha 23 June 1956 Wichita KA
                                +Phil Roney in Mulvane KA
                             12>Randy Atha 24 August 1957 Wichita KA
                           11>Thelma Welsh Atah 8 October 1919 to
                                          1995 Independence MO
                             +Harold Thurman
                              12>Daniel Thurman
                        10>Ernest Porter 14 October 1897
                        10>Clyde William Porter 13 December 1907
                        10>Alpha Ada Porter 17 September 1891 Irish Valley Community,
                            near Mapelton KA to 12 Jaunary 1960 Fort Scott
                           +on 27 November in Fortr Scott,Orval Crane
                     9>George Frank Proctor 8 March 1872-75
                       +on 12 September 1902 in Newkirk, OK
                       Clara Rich, daughter of Jason Rich and Mary Spray
                        10>James William Proctor
                        10>Clyde E. Proctor
                        10>William Joseph Proctor
                          +Anna Elizabeth Rich
                     9>Arthur William Proctor 9 September 1896
                     9>Mary Elizabeth Proctor 1871
                     9>Henry Robert Proctor 29 April 1879
                     9>Margaret Kathleen "Maggie" Proctor 1879-80
                     9>Harvey Roy Proctor 1882
                     9>Hiram Proctor Jr. 1882
                     9>James Alexander Arthur Proctor 17 December 1872
                       +Nora A. Jestus
                        10>Oliver Earl Proctor 1899-1911 Fort Scott
                        10>Leona Pearl Proctor 18 October 1901
                              to 1 September 1978 Mound City KA
                        10>Viola M. Proctor 1903 to 3 August 1989 Whittier, CA
                        10>Jessie Augusta Proctor 9 October 1907 to
                              13 October 1961 Santa Paula CA
                        10>Merle Proctor 22 December 1909
                        10>Lawrence Edward Proctor 25 June 1913 to
                               4 August 1982 Lenexa KA
                        10>Pauline Wilma Proctor 7 July 1917 to
                               11 February 1986 Ventura CA
                        10>Dorothy Birdie Proctor 30 May 1919 d Santa Paula CA
             7>Annie Brwon b 1798 Bedford County VA
              +Robert Pace
             7>Elizabeth Brown
              +on 25 July 1839 Hugh Ruth
             7>Dicey Brown  b 16 April 1808 Bedford County VA
                                     d 30 May 1890 Polk County MO
               +Daniel Fender
             7>Isham Brown b 1810 Bedford County VA
                                    d 1864 Allen County KA
               +Matilda Tindall
             7>Zachariah Brown b 1918 Virginia
             7>John Burrell Brown b 1814 Virginia, aka John Burrell Brown,
                 John Greenleaf Brown and Big Eye Brown to Texas ca 1840
                +First; Elizabeth ___________
                +Second; Helen____________
                +Third; Loressa____________
                +Fourth; Rachel Ore
                +Fifth:Catherine____________daughter of Nannie E. unidentified
                 8>Mary Brown   b Texas
                 8>John D. Brown  b Texas
                 8>Laurenda Ann Brown b Texas
                   +James Henry Henderson, son of Martha M. Thornton,
                      from Attala County, Mississippi  Choctaw??
               7>Isham / Ison Alexander Brown
                 8>John Thomas Brown b Indian Territory
                    9>Charles Francis Brown b Tahlequah District


Part Two

      Descendancy from Aganunitsi Quatie and Smallpox Conjueror of Settico

1>Chief Amatoya Moytoy of Chota, Moytoy I,  or Moytoy the Elder b va 1635-45
  +Quatsy of Tellico of the Wolf Clan
   2>Aganusitsi Quatie of the Wolf Clan
     +**Second; John Beaaver/Beamer
     +*First;Smallpox Conjueror of Settico
     3>Kittagusta / Kitagista Skalilosken / Sealliosken b 1700  Wolf Clan
       +Ouatsy or Quatsy No.2
     3>Ah-nee-wah-kee Ahneewakee Anewake, Ailsey No.2 of the Wolf Clan
       +Cornelius Daugherty b 1668 in Ireland d 1776 in Virginia
        4>Nancy Daugherty  Wolf Clan
          +Chief Savanooka
        4>Moses Daugherty b ca 1720 in Virginia  Wolf Clan
        4>James Daugherty Sr.  Wolf Clan
        4>Prachey  Wolf Clan
             +Kate Parris
               6>Sehoya / Schoya Susannah Wickett
                 +Major Ridge
      3>Chief Outacite / Outossity Ostenaco Skiagusta Ustenaca
          Rusteenokobagan Mankiller
      3>Chicamagua Band War Chief Oconostota Aganatoga /  Agantaka
          Agaanatata Skiagunsta of Chote/Chota The Groundhog Sausage,
          The Warlord. Great Beloved Warrior
        +First;An unidentified Cherokee woman of the Paint Clan
          4>Noine / Nionne Ollie No.1 of the Paint Clan
            +Attakullakulla of the Wolf Clan
        +Second; Ooloosta / Oolootsa No.1 of the Blue Holly Clan
          4>Ooloosta No.2 of the Blue Holly Clan
             +Chief Diwali Bowl, John Bowles [his second wife]
          4>Ghi-go-ne-li No.1 of the Blue Holly Clan b 1722
             +Agiligina Kenoteta Rising Fawn b 1726, son of Oo-yo-sti Otiyu of
               the Wolf Clan and Chief Diwali Bowl [his first wife]
              5>Nannie Ooloosta 1754-1776 Blue Holly Clan
                 +George Lowry/Lowery Sr. b 1740 in Wales [or Ireland?]
                 6>John Lowery b 1768 ake Colonel Lowery  Blue Holly Clan
                    +Elizabeth "Betsy" Shorey 1771-1837
                   7>Elizabeth Shorey Lowery b 1797
                     +John Walker Sr. b 1782
                       8>John Walker Jr.
                         +Elizabeth Lowery
                   7>Charles Lowery 1790-1880
                     +Elizabeth Reese 10 April 1832-1901
                     8>Martha Jane Losery d 29 July 1875
                       +Theophilius F. Little 20 July 1810-26 March 1875
                        9>David Lowery Little 7 April 1847-7 August 1939
                          +Mary Jane Smith 21 December 1846-29 March 1918
                          10>Ibby Cordelia Little 2 January 1877-16 January 1971
                             +Jorden Gibson Fretwell 30 May 1876-16 February 1956
                             11>Alsenda "Allie" Mae Fretwell 2 September 1899
                                                                        to 10 June 1989
                                +William Halsey Gerow 2 May 1891-15 May 1982
              6>Chief Agili He Is Rising/Aspiring George Lowery Jr. b 1770
                +Lucinda "Lucy" Benge, daughter of Bob Benge/Bench
                7>Lydia Lowery
                  +Milo Hoyt
                  8>Hindman Booth Hoyt 4 January 1828-18 January 1863
                    +Elizabeth Candy
               7>Jennie Lowery b 1771
                 +Tahlonteeskee, son of Oo-yo-sti Otiyu and Diwali Bowl
               7>Elizabeth Lowery b 1777
                 +First;John Seiver
                 +Second;John Walker Jr. son of John Walker Sr.and
                                                              Elizabeth Shorey Lowery
               7>Sallie Lowery b 1776
                 +Staydt Rope
               7>Nellie Lowery b 1770
                 +Edmond Fawling
               7>Aky Lowery
                 +Author [not Arthur] Burns
     4>Chief Tuckassee / Tukassee  Tekahmi / Tahahnith Tuckassah / Tudkashh,
       "Tuski" the Terrapin

I always try to follow the Clans as far as I can.  Remember that the Old Laws forbid intermarriage into one's own Clan, the Maternal Clan.  The Paternal Clan was not considered. The child was of the Tribe and Clan of the mother, not the father.


1 John Brown I, or Sr. b ca 1755 Creekpath Alabama, d 24 September 1861, in Oklahoma. Joined Dwight Mission Church, Sallisaw, Oklahoma on 4 September 1824.
   +First: Dolly DEAN
   +Second: Lucinda Benge b ca 1760-62 d 9 Paril 1774, daughter of Bob Benge and Wurteh.
   +Third: Sarah WEBBER; joined church same day as John. Uncertain as to which wife is mother of which child.
   2 Lt. Col. Richard Brown b ca 1776 Creekpath, Alabama, d ca 1817 Alabama
   2 Maj. James Brown b ca 1785 Alabama
     +Ailsey No.4, daughter ot Tarchee the Long Warrior of Tellico and Ailsey No.4. Both descendants of Amatoya Moytoy and Quatsy.
   2 Capt. John Brown II b ca 1785 Alabama d ca 1848 Alabama
   2 Sgt. William Brown b ca 1788 Alabama d ca 1820 Alabama
   2 Polly Brown b ca 1794 Alabama d ca 1855
     +Alexander GILBREATH ca 1820
   2 Catherine Brown b ca 1800 Alabama d 18 July 1823
   2 David Brown b ca 1802 Alabama c ca 1829 Alabama
     +Rachel LOWERY ca 1825; daughter of chief George John Lowery, also a descendant of Amtoya Moytoy and Quatsy.
   2 Alexander Brown I b ca 1790 Alabama d ca 1840 Alabama
     +Quatie CONRAD daughter of Kah-noo-gah Whoganetta Young Wolf Conrad, and Jennie TAYLOR
   2 Alexander Brown II, or Sr.
     +Nakey Sarah CANOE

Part Two