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Extract of a letter Mrs. Gambold to a friend in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, dated June 29, 1819.

From a part of the nation, where we never visited, 30 miles hence, we receive visits as frequently as they can be made, to celebrate the Lord's day with us. We now have another candidate for baptism, the wife of William Hicks, brother to our Charles R. Hicks. Three years ago (she told us) no human voice had touched her soul, but her husband being then very sick, she had an unknown feeling in her heart; she found no rest, she knew not what to do - had no one to speak with her, that she must be changed in heart, she must seek God; but how to find him she knew not. Her situation became more and more distressing. At last, her husband, who can read, sent to his brother Charles Renatus for a Bible, from which he read, and explained in her own language, especially the sufferings of our Saviour. This part of the New Testament, she said, she could not hear to often; it always makes her weep. Yet, to find, and feel him as her Savior, brought on another painful trial. She had to feel with pungent pain her unbelieving heart; wept day and night because of it, sent us her state in writing, was thrice visited by our brother and sister Crutchfield, the latter speaking and praying with her night and day; till, according to her own words, the dear, the merciful Redeemer manifested himself to her in all of his love, took her load of sin and guilt away, and caused her to feel, that she had found grace in his site. "I did not see him indeed" she said "but I felt him so near as though I saw him; and still feel him so. In my dream at that time, I thought I saw a most beautiful countenance, shining like the sun, and looking down from Heaven upon me. It now seems to me, as if he lived in my house, and I in his house. I have no will, but his will. I now constantly pray that my dear husband and all my children may become his dear children; oh! if they should not become his, I could not endure it ! since he showed mercy to me, and forgave me my sins, I care for nothing in this world but that I and all mine may be his." Br. Gambold since gives his instructions, preparatory to baptism, by Sister Crutchfield's interpretation. At the last meeting for this purpose, there were present, besides her husband, also her neighbours, Maj. Ridge and his wife and daughter, and our Mary Christianna Vann and her husband. This solemn meeting was concluded with a fervent prayer; which being over our Indian Sisters Crutchfield and Vann, & with them the new candidate, conversed in their own language of their experience of our Saviour's love to sinners, &c. with Maj. Ridge and his wife, answering their numerous questions ; of which the result was, that the latter also declared their wish to be baptized. Our dear Sally Hicks had told us before, that Maj. Ridge's wife was now in the same way of seeing a Savior, as she had been for so long a time; & that her Husband (Ridge) had said : "Susannah (his wife) had chosen the good part. I am glad. I am not so yet, but when we get missionaries, I shall go to hear, and be instructed by them."- They beg and pray with tears for missionaries in their part of the country. We comfort them as well as we can. They offer all possible assistance.

Susannah, Maj. Ridge's wife, formerly much bent on riches and greatness, now weeps like a child for the Savior ; embracing me as her dear sister, & weeping on my neck. She sent me the following message to her son John, now at the Missionary School at Cornwall, Connecticut. "Hear the words of your mother ! Give yourself to God. Provide for your immortal soul - no, not for hoards of money, laid down at my feet! My Son ! when I parted with you, I hoped to see you again ; but God has so changed my heart, that I shall be quite contented, if it should not be his will, that we meet again here below, if only we meet in Heaven." This female is naturally very high spirited - but now, so amiable, so sweetly changed ! - What miracles doth grace perform.

When Ou-a-ti, brother of Maj. Ridge, our Stand's father, was last here, he said at parting : "We too shall soon get missionaries. We poor sinners daily pray, hear us, gracious Lord and God, in this behalf ? Send faithful laborers into they harvest, already whitening there!"

On the 27th ult. after Br. Gambold had preached to a numerous auditory, from the words "This man receiveth sinners" - there was another meeting, in which Clement Vann, husband of our Mary Christianna, a white man, who has lived upwards of forty years in the nation, and who now acknowledges himself a great sinner, was added to the congregation, with emotions that cannot be described ; all present weeping, which now and then interrupted the singing. With streaming eyes our Mary Christianna, overcome with the mercy of our Saviour, shown to her husband, could say nothing but "I so glad ! - I so glad."