Texas Cherokee Chief Bowles Memorial Ceremony
July 14, 2007
6 PM

by Paul Ridenour email

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I received an email in May from Sondra McAdams telling me about the changes at the Chief Bowles Memorial.  There are now 12 wooden meeting benches and a three to four meditation benches around the monument that were donated by the Boy Scouts and they will be honored this year.  I may not be able to attend.  If someone wants to take pictures and write about the ceremony, I will add it to this webpage - Paul Ridenour

Guest speakers:

Mr. Gene Pipes, from the Sam Houston Museum will be one of our honored speakers.
Mr. Steve Melendez from the Genocide Museum has been with us in the past and will be here this year.
Mrs. Betty Miller from the Organization for the Preservation of Genealogical and Historical Records.
Ms. Sia Beaton, singer, songwriter, and author will provide us with music.

The area is very peaceful with a small stream, large oak trees, birds chirping, and an occasional rabbit.


New meeting benches


The path to the monument

Meditation bench

Biloxi and Caddo of the Neches

Some stones are still being placed around the area

Choctaw and Ioni



Alabama Coushatta