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John Ridge and Elias Boudinot
Attended the Foreign Mission School
in Cornwall, Connecticut

Photos by Desi Doyen on 6-26-2010

Foreign Mission School, Cornwall

Foreign Mission School scale model at the Cornwall Historical Society

The opening of the Cornwall Historical Society's Special Exhibit at the Foreign Mission school was really great.
Got to see the long carved stone pipe that Major Ridge presented to Dr. Gold who took care of John Ridge while he was sick - Nancy Brown
[photo by Nancy Brown]

They had my 4th great grandfather John Prout Northrop's lantern at the exhibit too. The lantern has his name etched in the glass mantle
- Nancy Brown
[photo by Nancy Brown]

The Northrup Home - where John Ridge was married to Sarah Bird Northrup

John Ridge's bedroom at the Northrup Home

Northrup Home - The hearth room is where everyone gathered before John and Sarah's wedding

The living room of the Northrop house - where John Ridge and Sarah Bird Northrop were married in 1826
[photo by Nancy Brown]

The Gold Home - where Elias Boudinot was married to Harriet Ruggles Gold

The Gold Home

The Gold Home - The hearth/living room where Elias and Harriet were married