George T. Ridenour
[wives Mary Ellen Bent and Nancy Pimela Ashford Chapman]

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[Digital copy by Paul Ridenour]

George's Military Record

George's Military Record


George's Homestead Records in Lincoln, NE

George T. Ridenour's Death Certificate

Nancy P. Ridenour's Death Certificate


David Ridenour Jr.'s Estate
Wabash Circuit Court, November Term, 1876
[Digital copy by Paul Ridenour]

David Ridenour died in 1874 and did not have a Will.  Notice that four of his daughters died before he did or before they settled his estate in 1876.  Therefore, money goes to his grandchildren.  The four daughters were:

Barbara Ridenour Unger
Susannah Ridenour Roser
Lydia Ridenour Roser
Mary Ridenour Smith

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