Graveyards of the Mt. Tabor area
Rusk County, Texas

Located near Laird Hill and Leveretts Chapel, Texas (Mt. Tabor Indian Community)

by Paul Ridenour email

While driving around the Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery area, Laird Hill, and Leverett's Chapel, Dale Rhodes showed me some gravestones here and there and I wanted to document them because one never knows who might email you about them.

We found a marble stone in the ground upside down on one side of the Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery.

Jan 29, 1974
Apr 13, 1984
Found in Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery (could be a dog)

CL Jones Jr
Aug 2 1910
Jan 5 1940

CL Jones gravestone found near this area off SH 42

Destroyed graveyard by oilmen behind a guy's house, near Mrs. Leverett's house.  The cemetery is on top of a hill with a creek below.  Only this stone remains.

Roseline Stebbins
Dau of
CF and  CC Stebbins
Born and Died
June 3 1900