Hopewell Cemetery
Smith County, Tyler, TX


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Created 8/29/2010

Emma Leola Glausier (11/13/1872 Bibb County, GA - 12/22/1961 Mt. Sylvan/Hopewell Cemetery in Tyler)
Married Charles Augustus Smith (4/12/1867 Roanoke, AL - 12/4/1932 Texas/Hopewell Cemetery) on 10/9/1892 or 11/13/1892
(2nd great grandparents)
(Note: Emma's grandfather on the Glausier side came from Ireland to America at age 19)

Mamie Pearl Smith (7/1/1893 - 8/17/1972) (Oakland Cemetery in Dallas)

Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith (3/29/1895 - 6/30/1909) (Oakland Cemetery)
Note: Never menstruated/surgery/died.  Lizzie died after her parents moved to Texas.

Pink Smith (4/21/1897 - 8/13/1898) - buried in Sardis Church Cemetery, Bibb County, GA

Charles Franklin Smith (10/4/1903 Corsicana, TX - 9/3/1987) (Farmer's Branch (Keenan) Cemetery)
Married Hattie Mae Farrell (4/8/1903-3/23/1982 - buried by husband)

Juanita "Nita" Fay Smith
Married Buddy Wright

Teresa Jerraine Wright

#2 Husband Bob Burris

Perry Franklin Smith (6/16/1924-10-31/1948) (Killed in plane crash/Farmer's Branch (Keenan) Cemetery

Roy Lawrence Smith (12/1/1905 Ft. Worth - 1991) (Hopewell Cemetery)
Married Grace Tate [census records and given to me by Norma Melton Pee]

Verlene Smith
Patsy Smith
Buddy Smith

#2 Wife Ruby E. Unknown (1915 - 1998) (Hopewell Cemetery)

Edna Marie Smith
Laura Pearl Smith

Ora Bernice Smith (8/30/1907 Waxahachie - 5/31/1990)
(Never menstruated/no surgery) (Hopewell Cemetery)

Essie Allene Smith (1/25/1910 - 11/28/1931) (walking to church with Ora/killed by car) (Hopewell Cemetery)
Note: Essie was adopted out of the family at age 6 but came back.

Adele Smith (adopted out by a wealthy couple in Dallas)
In June 7, 2010, I received an email from her family and now I can add the rest here:
Adele Smith was adopted by John and Addie (Smoke) Hughes, of Tyler, Alabama.  They lived in Marshall, TX.  They moved back to Tyler, Alabama.
Adele's name became Adele Hughes [1912 - 1988] married Guy Melton  [for more on this family, click on Adele]

    Norma Ann Melton married Andy Pee

        Stephen Peay [changed his name to the original spelling] married Debbie

                Connor Peay

Smith Family buried in the middle of the old section of the cemetery

I could not find the graves of Roy Smith and #2 wife Ruby so they may not be buried here

From right to left in the above photo:

Essie Smith

Ora Smith

I only knew Ora and she died when I was age 30

Emma Leola Glausier Smith

Charles Augustus Smith

This is a new flower pot so some family members in the Tyler area have visited recently.  I sure would like to know who they were.

Jackson Family in the middle of the Smith family - not sure who they are

Ruth Smith - I have no idea who this is

Mollie Smith - I have no idea who this is

Mary Smith - I have no idea who this is

Pyrene Smith - I have no idea who this is

Fitzhugh Smith - I have no idea who this is

There are more Smiths buried in this cemetery in several other locations - I will add them later