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"Major Ridge"
Cherokee Chief
(assassinated 6/22/1839) 
David Oo-watie
John Ridge
Cherokee Leader
(assassinated 6/22/1839)
Daughter Sarah Ridge
Degataga Oo-watie
"Stand Watie"
Confederate General
(escaped assassination on 6/22/1839)
Kilakeena "Buck" Watie
(changed name to
Elias Boudinot)
(assassinated 6/22/1839)

Major Ridge, John Ridge, and Elias Boudinot were all assassinated on June 22, 1839.

Major Ridge's name meant "The lion who walks on the mountain top." General Andrew Jackson called him "Major" because of a battle that Major Ridge fought in. 

Sarah Ridge's historical marker is in Smith Point, TX., near Galveston, TX. Sarah was friends with Sam Houston.

Elias Boudinot was a missionary, who translated the New Testament and hymns into Cherokee with the help of Samuel Worcester. Elias was the first editor of the first Indian newspaper in the country, titled "Cherokee Phoenix." Elias's marble historical marker and grave are in the Worcester Cemetery in Park Hill, OK.

Stand Watie escaped assassination on Samuel Worcester's horse "Comet" after someone found Elias dead. Stand was the only Indian to become a Confederate general. He was the last Confederate general to surrender. The U.S. Post Office issued a series of Civil War stamps in 1995 and Stand is featured on one of them. Stand also became the Cherokee chief for the Southern Cherokees in Oklahoma. Stand's marble historical marker and grave are in the Polson Cemetery in OK, near Southwest City, Missouri.

Major Ridge and John Ridge are buried next to each other in the Polson Cemetery. Stand is buried close by. Major Ridge's wife Susie Wickett is buried behind him.

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