Nicholas Reitenauer II
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"Hans Nickel Reitenauer" II with son Mathias came to America on the ship "Robert and Alice" arriving Sept. 3, 1739  - Pennsylvania German Pioneers: List of Arrivals in Port of Philadelphia from 1727 - 1808  Vol. II,  by Ralph B. Strassburger, page  274

A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776, by Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, page 119

Nicholas Rietenhower II took an oath of allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania - Names of Foreigners who took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania 1726-1775, With Foreign Arrivals, 1786-1808, edited by William Henry Egle, M.D., page 189

On Oct 20, 1747, "Nicholas Wrightnomer" (Nicholas Ridenaur), of Prince George's Co., was Naturalized. - Colonial Maryland Naturalizations, by Jeffrey A. Wyand and Florence L. Wyand, page 17

Hagerstown founded by Jonathan Hager, Nicholas Ridenour II and his 100 acres called "Nicholas Ridenour's Pond," and others.  After Nicholas II's died, his son and heir Nicholas Ridenour III sold "Ridenour's Pond" to Mathias, Henry, and David Ridenour by agreement of Sept 21, 1761, and another of July 4, 1761, which was never recorded.  Mathias and Henry sold Nicholas' land in Salisburg called "Dawson's Strife" for 30 pounds, witness: Jonathan Hager.  "Nicholas Ridenour's Pond" adjoins a small road leading from John Thomases' land toward George Castner's, about five miles south of Conococheague, with all rights and benefits (royal mines excepted) in the Manor of Conocoheague.  Nicholas was deeded the 100 acres by Lord Baltimore on Aug 22, 1743,  Western Maryland Genealogy, Vol. 3, Number 4, October 1987, Washington County Deeds, Liber C, page 182

Maryland Genealogical Sources, Series, Land Records, Liber C, 1782-1784, Washington County, Maryland, Volume MD21-3, MariLee Beatty Hageness, page 45

Nicholas II's occupation was "Bauer and Church Censor" (Farmer and Church Official).  He lived in Tieffenbach and Rexingen, Alsace (Bas Rhin), France; then Prince George Co., Maryland, which became Frederick Co., which became Washington Co, MD

Nicholas II's children's baptismal records.
 LDS Microfilm Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah #729847, #772792, Rexingen Parish Records (1704 to 1712 with records of Berg and Lorentzen and  Familienbuchen Krummes Elsass, Records of the Lutheran Churchbook from Berg and Thal, 1704 - 1711 - 1794, Volume 24, page 205, Dr Gerhard Hein's transcription]

Pike Hall in Hagerstown, MD.  This structure appears to be Nicholas Ridenour's home.  The house was built in 1742. Nicholas came to America in 1739.