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I thought I would send this information on John Seago in case you don't already have it - Julia

John Legoe's (Seago's) Grant  3 July 1774
North Carolina No. 698

George the Third by the grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King Defender of the faith and crownn.  To all whom these presents shall come greeting know ye that we for and in consideration of the rents and duties herein reserve and hath given and granted and by these presents for us our heirs and successors do give and grant unto John Legoe a tract of land containing two hundred acres lying and being in the County of Anson in the province of North Carolina on the South West side of the Peedee River beginning at a flat rock among 3 hickorys and 1 pine pointers in Telghman Helm's line near Mays Mill and runs three No. 76 West 179 poles to a Black Jack than No. 14 Ft. 179 poles to a stake among 3 hicorys pointers then So. 76 Ft. 170 poses to a white oak then So 14 179 poles to a stake among hicorys pointers then So 76 Ft. 179 poles to a white oak then So. 14 179 poles to the first station.  This Twenty Third day of July in the fourteenth year of our Reign Anne Queen Domini one thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Four.
By His Excellencys Command
Saml. Sheadwick Secy. Jo. Martin
John and Margaret seem to have lived for 28 years in Queen Anne Co, on the estate willed to her by her father.  About 1768 their part of "Birmingham's Fortune" was sold and the family moved toAnsonCo., NC. William Crain, now 24 years of age, may have preceded the family, as he receives a grant for 144 acres of land onJones Creek 4 May 1769.  His father first obtained land in AnsonCo 24 Dec 1770(LandGrantBook 20, pages 451,#2528 and 617 # 2690).  Both sold their holdings onJones Creek two years later and John located onthe SW side of Pee Dee River where hereceived another Grant for 200  acres.  He eventually acquired 700 Acres.

John Seago's Will
The Will of John Seago

In the name of God Amen, I John Seago being weak in body but in as perfect mind and memory as Common thanks be to God and Calling to mind the mortality of my body. Remembering that it is appointed for all men once to Die do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament and as Touching such Wordly Goods and Estate as the Lord hath blessed me with in this Life I give and Dispose of them in manner and form following.
Item I Give to my son William Two Hundred acres of land lying near Mays Mill.
Item I Give to my son Robert Seago my Home plantation with all it's privledges to peaceably possess six years after my Decease.
Item I give to my son John to possess at the exparation of six years my home plantation to him and his heirs forever with The Containing of one Hundred acres of Land.
Item I give to my Grandson James Seago the son of Abraham Seago Dec'd One Hundred acres of Land Joining George Lindsey's
Item I give to my daughter Ann one third part of my movable Estate.
Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth two thirds of my movable Estate.
Also will that my son Robert shall be Executor of this my last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disannull and Revoke this sixth Day of December in the year of our Lord 1784.

John (his mark) Seago (his seal)

Excs. Qualifs
Wm Bonnett
Charles (his mark) Burmingham

Family Bible of John Seago and Margaret Birmingham of Queen Anne
"worley@hsonline.net" Janice Worley

William Sego was born on August 23rd, 1744
Ann Seago was born on December 13th, 1746
John Seago was born on February 19th (faded)
Robert Seago was born on September 12th, 1754
Abraham Seago was born on Feb. 6th, 175
Margaret Seago was born on August (faded), 175(faded)
James Seago was born on January 18th, 1762
Elizabeth Seago was born on Jan. 2nd, 1765
[The above 8 children were children of John Seago and Margaret Birmingham formerly of Queen Anne County, Maryland. All children were born in Queen Anne County.]
Banjamin Horton Seago born on Feb, 20th, 178(faded)
Sarah Seago, Feb. 4th, 1786
(faded) Seago, born on Sept. 24th, 1789
Jean Seago born on Feb. 10th, 1796

The following is a Revolutionary War Pension application by the wife of Robert Seago, Ellander Wharton Sego

Robert SEGO served in the military in American Revolution. The following is an account of information given for a pension application by Ellender Seago, who was the widow of Robert Seago. The claim was not allowed, as she did not furnish proof of his service in the Revolutionary War.
State of Alabama
County of Cherokee
on this Sixteenth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and fifty five,
personally appeared before me the undersigned Probate Judge, within and for the County and State aforesaid Elender Sego, who first being duly sworn according to law, does in her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the laws, of the United States, which have been or may be enacted for the relief of the widows of the Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, that her name was originally Elender Wharton, that to the best of her beliefs and knowledge she was born on the 5th day of January A.D. l764, and that she has now completed her ninety first year, that her birth as she believes took place in Granville County, North Carolina, that when she was a mere child her father removed to Greenville District, South Carolina, in which last mentioned County and State she was married to Robert Sego, on the 15th day of September, one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight (l788), that her husband, the said Robert Sego, had served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, a Private, as she believes, before 'her marriage with him as aforesaid that he served two tours of duty and was absent with the Army six months each time, and he served three or four tours of duty at which times he was absent from one to three months at each time. She further states to the best of her knowledge and belief, he served in all about three years, but from extreme old age and failure of memory, she is unable to state with any degree of certainty the officers he served under, and many other incidences that would throw light upon the subject. The only fact that she positively knows is that he did actually serve at the times above specified. That her husband, the aforesaid Robert Sego and herself were intimately acquainted for sometime and lived close together efore their marriage. She knows of her own knowledge that he was absent with the Army at the time above specified, that she was married to her husband , the aforesaid Robert Sego, on the day and year as above stated in Greenville District, South Carolina by John Aiston, Esq. She has heard her husband speak of the following officers: General Lincoln, General Greene, Colonel or General Marion, General Rutherford, Colonel Henry(?), Captain Harris and Captain Tompkins. She is almost certain he served as much as three months under Captain Tompkins in the Continental Line. She thinks to the best of her knowledge and belief her husband was in the following engagements of Camden, Brie~ Creek, and the Siege of Charleston. Her husband was taken a prisoner by the British at Charleston, and remained in raptivity sometime, and he with some others, broke away from them and in running in the night and through the swamp near Charleston, he ruptured himself in the lower part of the abdomen, which finally in the course of time caused his death, which took place on the 17th day of June A.D. 1810, in Pendleton District, South Carolina. She further states that she knows of no living witness of her husband's service nor any record evidence of the same. He had two Certificates of Discharge and many other papers in his possession when he died, but they got burned up. Nor has she any record, either public or private, of her marriage, except a family record in an instrument in writing commonly called a little Bond dated 29th of May, 1762, and various other papers, hereto submitted which papers has been in her possession ever since the death of her husband and that they have not altered or changed since they have been in her possession and that they have been in her possession ever since.<BR>
She removed fron South Carolina to her son, Benjamin Sego in Cherokee County, State of Georgia. From thence, she removed to her Son, Robert Sego in Cherokee County, Alabama. She there resides in the last mentioned county and state, and is the widow of the aforesaid, Robert Sego, and has remained his widow ever since his death, and still remains his widow.
She hereby appoints Joseph T. Stevens, her true and lawful attorney with Power of Substitution to prosecute this her claim for a pension to receive a certificate when issued and do all other acts necessary and proper.
Elender X Sego (her mark)
Sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year fust above written and I certify that I know the declared Elender Sego, and from bodily infirmity she is unable to appear before the court to make her declaration, and J believe her to be as above stated, and that she is of the age above stated, and further that I am not interested in this her claim as Attorney or otherwise, and I further certify that I also hold the office of Clerk of said Court of Record and General Jurisdiction, and have caused the seal of said court to be attached thereto. Witness my hand and seal of said court, this Sixteenth day of May, A.D., 1855.<BR>
William Mcbanice(?) (Hard to read)
Judge of Probate, Cherokee, Ala.