My Grandfather was a Sisco, and I found him on your website of the Sisco family Tree under the descendents of Abraham Francisco.

There is ! #6 before Center Sisco 1870-1948 which corresponds to my records.

he had 3 children-James Thomas Sisco (my grandfather) called J.T. B.9/6/1889

Married Ollie Lee Copeland  8/28/1910

there were 4 children- (1) Losure A Sisco -B 2/7/1912 m. Stella Ashburn 6/5/2932

D. 1/1/1989 had 1 son -James  Sisco- M.Marie

(2) Opal Rhea Sisco -b.4/20/1913  -M. Thomas E. Chumney 3/14/1936 -D. 7/16/1973

having 5 children (1)Tommie Jean Chumney B 5/16/1937 -M John H. Daugherty

                           2 children John E daugherty

                                           Patti Daugherty

(2)Ray L. Chumney B.7/28/1939- M.Dorla Ann Applegate 8/14/1960

having 2 children (1) Douglas Allen Chumney- B. 5/14/61 -M. Cristel Fitzhans -6/11/1988

                             2- children Derek Chumney-B.1/24/1993

                                              Jennel Chumney-B. 3/7/1996

                        {2} Rhonda L. Chumney b. 1/11/63 M Steven Woodworth M 6/25/85

                             3 children Jason Woodworth b. 12/5/87

                                             Sarah Woodworth  b. 4/21/91

                                             Leah Woodworth  b. 7/28/95

(3)Wilma Sue Chumney-B 11/25/1941  - M. Troy York

(4) Ronald E Chumney-B. 7/10/1945- M. Glenda Seibert having 3 children

Thomas Reed Chumney- Michele Chumney-William Cory Chumney

Mildred L. Chumney B. 8/19/1946- M.Nick Keen Div. M. Roy Loftin -Div 2007

has 2 children -Stacy Keen-Kimberly Keen

(3)Anna Mae Sisco -B.!2/4/1918 -M Eldrid Huff Feb 1937-Div 1939

M. Ray W Kemmer -8/22/1942 -- D. 6/16/1996 having 2 children

Roger W. emmer--Aubrey Melvin Kemmer

(4) Odean Sisco-B 1/26/1921--M. Marvin Freeman --4/25/1937-haaving 4 children

(1) Loren Nolan Freeman B. 7/29/1939

 (2)  Annella Sue Freeman

(3) Kenneth Freeman

(4) Janet Freeman


I also have other info on some of the older generations of Siscos . If you would like, I can send it to you. Hope the above info is of help to someone wanting to know about the family.

Ray Chumney