May 29, 1985, Letter of Zora Hobgood to Paul H. Sisco, Jr.

Zora McCormack Hobgood
501 166th Ave. North, #16
St. Pete, FL 33701
29 May, 1985

Letter addressed to Paul H. Sisco, Jr., 114 Webb St., Cary, NC 27511

Dear Paul,

A lady here in
Florida is researching Sanders Sisco / Cisco / Francisco. She had discovered John, Sr., before I contacted her and is convinced John, Sr., is father of Sanders. A son of Sanders lived and died in Illinois. He passed down a family tale that his grandfather was an orphan, German origin, stowed away on a ship and came to America. These stories usually have a grain or two of truth, but generations sometimes get mixed up. This may explain why the Franciscos seem to be so closely associated with the Burlesons. Aaron Burleson arrives about 1726 from Wales and landed in Maryland. Maybe the stowaway was on Aaron's ship and Aaron befriended him.

I don't remember if I wrote my conclusions of John, Sr. and Jacob's families. In case I didn't, I'll "what-if" a bit.

1 Jacob and Rebecca Shipman Francisco married in 1783
--2 Hannah, born 10 Oct., 1785. Died 4 Feb. 1871 in Verona, Missouri
--2 James L. born 1787 (?)
--2 John Andrew b. 1789 (could be twin of James L.)
--2 Jacob b about 1791
--2 3 possible girls
--2 Daniel*****, born 1802 Jackson County, TN
--2 girl, 1820 census Lawrence County, Alabama. Shows an extra teen girl in Daniel Lee household

*****Parents of Daniel both dead by 1813. Family squabble over the estate of $6 and one gun. During the night he kissed his sleeping sisters good-bye , shouldered the gun, and left. Arrived in Illinois when he was just a lad.

1 John, Sr., and Rebecca Francisco family
--2 John, Jr.
--2 Jacob who married Rebecca Shipman
--2 Daniel****** -- 1800 Warren County Ky Tax List
--2 Sanders
--2 William
--2 three or possibly four girls, if Rebecca is dead by 1779

********** Daniel Shipman, father-in-law of Jacob, Robert Lee, father of Daniel Lee, and a large group sold land in Rutherford County, NC in 1796 and went to Warren County, KY on Barren River. I believe this Daniel Francisco went with them.

Now who is Thomas Francisco, enlisted in 1777 for three years as a Rev. War soldier? He died 23 March 1778. National Archives has no family data on him, nor who was notified on his death. That's something you can try to find -- Cooks Company of 9th Regiment; Commander, Col. John William. Question: Where what this company and regiment formed?

Mystery: John Francisco of Clairmont County, SC, 1800 census. I male >45, 2 females 0-10, 12 slaves. He may be a descendant of old Christopher Francisco of Lancaster, PA, who owned 5,000 acres in the Shenandoah Valley. He was a Swiss Mennonite who arrived in 1710. [PHS note: she's talking about the family of John Allen Franciscus].

Florida by D.B. McKay, p. 393:
"German-speaking Swiss came to South Carolina 1732-35. A large number of German-Swiss who had previously settled in Pennsylvania joined the South Carolina Colony about 1745."

I suppose our John, Sr., could have been from or stowed away with the Swiss who came to SC in 1732-35. Enough of the "what-ifs".

Happy Hunting, Zora

Transcribed by Paul H. Sisco, Jr., the original recipient of this letter, on May 5, 2007