Dottie's Six Sisters

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Amber Adrianna Doyen

Loren Doyen Whipp

Julianne Doyen Jett

Doyen [private]

Rand Doyen

Desi Doyen - the actress

Someone asked my father-in-law - "Where is Dottie?"  Well, Dottie cannot be one of her sisters.  However, I will include Dottie here anyway.

Dottie Doyen Ridenour

All sisters on 12/15/2007 at Loren Doyen's wedding in Austin, TX

All of Hugh Doyen's children except for oldest son John Doyen.  Youngest son Julian George Sixten Doyen in the picture, but we all know him as Sixten or "Teno."

Loren, Julianne, and Amber

Dottie, private, Rand, and Kelly Doyen [Teno's ex-wife]