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I created this webpage because it is a part of history and I received an email from an African-American who was tracing his genealogy back to his Cherokee slave owner/ancestor. You never know who this webpage may help - Paul Ridenour


Washington County, Arkansas - Miscellaneous Records Books 1841 - 1879

State of Arkansas
County of Washington

               On the 6th day of October AD 1856 by previous appointment the following named heirs of JOHN RIDGE Decd  Viz; JOHN R RIDGE by his representative AENEAS RIDGE  CLARINDA RIDGE by her guardian AENEAS RIDGE  SUSAN C WASHBOURNE  HERMAN D RIDGE  AENEAS RIDGE  ANDREW J RIDGE by his chosen representative J H STIRMAN and FLORA C POLSON having full and undisputed power so to do met and entered unto and made a division among said heirs of the following named negroes Slaves belonging to the Estate of the Said JOHN RIDGE  Decd   Viz;

WACOOLI         negro man appraised to                        850.00
MARZ                       woman appraised to                      800.00
LYDIA              _____ Girl appraised to                          750.00
LUCY JANE same aged 12 years                               600.00
DELILAH   aged  18 years appraised to                        450.00
REBECCA        10                                                         45.00
DICK                 6                                                          300.00
MARTH             3                                                          250.00

Making nine negroes in number total appraised value being the sum of

And it appearing that the distributive shares of each heir amounted to the sum of $642.85 the following division was made to wit

To JOHN R RIDGE    negro Girl DELILAH                        400.00
    CLARINDA RIDGE             LYDIA ANN                     750.00
    SUSAN C WASHBOURNE      LUCY JANE             600.00
    HERMAN D RIDGE  negro boy DICK
                                            girl MARTHA                           600.00
    AENEAS RIDGE      negro girl REBECCA                 450.00
    ANDREW J RIDGE          woman MARY and child    800.00
    FLORA C POLSON            man WACOOLI               850.00

              And it further appearing that the following heirs viz CLARINDA RIDGE  ANDREW J RIDGE and FLORA C POLSON received an excess over there distributive shares each the first if $107.15 the second of $157.15 and the third of $207.15 and that the following heirs vix  JOHN R RIDGE  SUSAN C WASHBOURNE   HERMAN D RIDGE and AENEAS RIDGE received an amount less than their distributive shares each and the first $192.85 the second and third of $42.85 each and the forth of $192.80 therefore the following agreement was verbally made To wit

            The Said SUSAN C WASHBOURNE and HERMAN D RIDGE relinquished each to the Estate of JOHN RIDGE for the payment of _____ and so forth the sum of $42.85 making $85.70 which said is to be paid in equal portions by CLARINDA RIDGE  ANDREW J RIDGE and FLORA C POLSON to AENEAS RIDGE administrator of Said Estate for those purposes

                        Also that ANDREW J RIDGE shall pay unto AENEAS RIDGE the sum of $114.25 and unto JOHN R RIDGE the sum of $44.35 that CLARINDA RIDGE shall pay unto AENEAS RIDGE the sum of $78.60 and that FLORA C POLSON shall pay unto JOHN R RIDGE the sum of $178.60 which will make the distributive shares of equal

                         To have and to hold unto each and all of said heirs of JOHN RIDGE and their heirs the said above names negro slaves as so divided against any and all legal claims whatsoever
                                    Witness our hands day and year above written
                                                                     JNO R RIDGE
                                    By ANEAS RIDGE who Signed by authority
                                                                     A E RIDGE
                                                Guardian of CLARINDA RIDGE
                                                                    SUSAN C WASHBOURNE
                                                                    W D RIDGE
                                                                    A E RIDGE
                                                                    A J RIDGE

                                                By J H STIRMAN who Signed by
                                                Request if the heirs
                                                                    FLORA C POLSON

We hereby certify that J H STIRMAN named above acted for ANDREW J RIDGE by the request and authority of the heirs of JOHN RIDGE
Oct 6th 1856                                                                                                                                                      J W WASHBOURNE
                                                                                                                                                                            WM D POLSON

 The foregoing instrument of writing was filled in my office on the 7th day of Oct. AD 1856 and was record in the 8th day of OCT 1856
                                                                                                                                                                        P R SMITH    Clerk
                                                                                                                                                                  And Ex officio Recorder