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Updated 7/18/2006

(Where Reitenauer/Reutenauer [Ridenour] families lived before coming to America in 1739)

Nicholas "Claus" Reitenauer I is buried in Tieffenbach
[My 7th great grandfather]

Tieffenbach photos by John Pace

An email from
Klein Ernest said that this house belonged to the Wildenmuth family who left Tieffenbach in 1848 for the USA.  Klein's great grandmother was a Reutenauer from Tieffenbach - Catherine Reutenauer born in June 1862.

Sophie Reutenauer (1827 - 1905)

Christina Reutenauer (1833 - 1878)

Gondiswill, Aargau, Switzerland

Anton and Hans Reitenauer are from Gondiswill
[My 9th and 8th great grandfathers]

Gondiswill [photographer unknown]

Reitnau, Aargau canton, Switzerland

Nicholas "Claus" Reitenauer I is from Reitnau
[My 7th great grandfather]

Reitnau Community [photographer unknown]

Reitnau Flag
by Pascal Gross