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Woodall Cemetery
Muskogee County, OK

Latitude 352739N Longitude 0951548W

Updated 5/30/2010

by Paul Ridenour

Susannah Watie, a daughter of Stand Watie and Eleanor Looney or Elizabeth Fields, married a Charles Moore Woodall. Emmet Starr mentions Susannah Watie and Charles Woodall on page 381 in his book History of the Cherokee Indians. Using Volume 7 of the sets of books named "Our People and Where They Rest", by James W. Tyner, Maxine H. Tyner, and Alice Tyner Timmons, 1972, on page 71, it states that the Woodall Cemetery is located in Section 2, 19E, T11N, in Muskogee County, OK. The condition of the cemetery is as follows:

The fence has deteriorated. Livestock roam at will. The cemetery is long forgotten.

The book shows that there are twenty-four graves in the cemetery. Fourteen are unmarked. The other ten graves are listed as below:

1. Lizzie D. Woodall 1896 -1901
2. Susie Woodall 1888 - 1901
3. Mary P. wife of Thomas Woodall 1865 - 1893
4. William Woodall Nov. 1871 - Jan. 1872
5. Charlie F. Woodall 1882 - 1883
6. Charles H. Woodall 1861 -1876
Susie Woodall 1831 - 1883 "I am the mother of these three dear boys lying by my side"
8. Abraham Woodall 1832 - 1886
9. Thomas F. Woodall 1862 - 1910
10. Nina E. Fields 1830 - 1890

On page 63, the book shows pictures of two gravestones - Abraham Woodall and Susie Woodall. Both gravestones were broken and laying on the ground.

We think this is our Susannah (Watie) Woodall. It appears that she named two of her children Charles Woodall because the first Charles died. Her children should be numbers 4, 5, and 6 above. The info I had on Susannah originally is as follows:

Susannah Watie (ca. 1833/34 - ????) married Charles Moore Woodall (ca. 1828 - before 1896)

Frank Williamson and I have been wanting to find this cemetery for a couple of years. My wife and I, my brother David Ridenour and family, Frank and Sharon Williamson, set out to find it on July 20, 2002.

The maps below were provided by the following webpage:

Warner is north of I-40 and Highway 2.

Here are the surrounding street names:

The cemetery is close to a river called George's Fork.

We think we found the area where the cemetery used to be. My brother found a couple of wooden poles that could have been part of the fence or gate. He also found two antique rose bushes that were line up perfectly a few yards apart. The area seemed to be rectangular shaped as the book indicates. However, we did not find one single gravestone. Perhaps the water from the river and fallen trees destroyed the stones. They may be buried under the debris.  None of the dirt roads had signs.  However, it was easy to find. We are not 100% sure we were on the correct road that is closest to the cemetery, since it was all grass.

On 7/23/2002, my brother David put in the latitude and longitude coordinates at a GPS website and he now believes that we may have been 100-200 yards east of the cemetery.  After the two pictures below, I will discuss the next time we went looking for it using a GPS device. 

David Ridenour and two of his sons

The Ridenours and Sharon Williamson

On 8/11/2002, my brother David and I went back out to try and find the cemetery.  We met Sue Tolbert, her son Skye, and George Miller.  Sue and George both work for societies (see bottom of page) that search for lost cemeteries in Muskogee County.  Sue had a GPS device and we found the cemetery (Latitude 352739N Longitude 0951548W).  It was about 100-200 yards west of where we were the first time.  It was on a hill and covered in trees inside a dilapidated barbed-wire fence.

I discovered that the Susie Woodall I was looking for was not Susannah (Watie) Woodall.  Susannah Watie married Charles Moore Woodall.  The Susie Woodall buried at the cemetery was the wife of Abraham Woodall, who is buried next to her.

Note: Upon further research using Emmet Starr's book, Abraham Woodall was part of the 2nd Cherokee Mounted Volunteers organized under Col. William Penn Adair. He was a Senator from the Canadian District in 1883. Abraham was also a judge of the Canadian District in 1871, 1873, 1875, 1877, 1879, and 1881 (maybe those were election years with two-year terms). On page 345 and 465, his wife is Susannah Hendricks.

We took pictures of all of the graves and wrote down the dates.  Below is a revised list of those buried there: 

1. Lizzie D. Woodall b. 8/27/1896 - d. 8/13/1901
2. Susie Woodall b. 11/14/1888 - d. 8/8/1901
3. Mary P. wife of Thomas Woodall b. 11/29/1865 - d. 1/19/1893
4. William P. Woodall d. 1/28/1872 - Aged 3 years
5. Charlie F. Woodall b. 12/8/1882 - d. 3/12/1883 Aged 3 Mos. & 4 Days.
6. Charles H. Woodall (*b 1871) - d. 12/28/1876 Aged 15 years
Susie Woodall Wife of A L Woodall (**b. 1831) Died 4/20/1883 Aged 52 Years "I am the mother of these three dear boys lying here by my side."
8. Abraham Woodall b. 2/12/1832 - d. 5/15/1886
9. Thomas F. Woodall Husb. of E. V. Woodall b. 3/6/1860 - d. 4/2/1910  
(Upon further research, George discovered his parents were Abraham and Susie Woodall, and E. V.  was Emma V. Howland, born 1870)
10. Nina E. Fields Dau. of W. G. and Ella E. b. 8/8/1880 - d. 12/7/1890 Aged 10 ys. 3 ms 29 Days.

Note: *b 1871 is not actually written on the gravestone
**b. 1831 is not actually written on the gravestone

We also found an Osha S. C. B. Yokley b. 11/24/1892 - d. 10/2/1893

Woodall Cemetery (These Woodalls are the Cherokee Woodalls)

Paul Ridenour at Susie Woodall's grave (the wrong Susie Woodall) - photo by David Ridenour
[also notice the large cow bone]

David Ridenour

Abraham Woodall's tree-shaped gravestone on the ground

George Miller, Sue Tolbert, Paul Ridenour, and Skye Tolbert

George Miller is president of the Webbers Falls Historical Society.

Sue Tolbert is vice-president of Muskogee County Genealogical Society.  Her websites are affiliated with the American Local History Network (ALHN); the American History and Genealogy Project (AHGP) and Saving Graves, all hosted by USGenNet.  She is a member of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society, the National Genealogical Society, and the Muskogee County Genealogical Society.  She is also the webmaster or co-webmaster for Muskogee County, Sequoyah County, and Okmulgee County OKGenWeb Archives; OKLawmen and Outlaws; OKVeterans pages; and co-webmaster for the ILGenWeb Shelby County IL. site.

Howland Cemetery (....a bonus!)

Sue Tolbert also wanted to find and record those buried at the Howland Cemetery, which was very close to where we were.  We found the cemetery covered in honeysuckle and enclosed in a chain-linked fence.  We found and documented eleven Shinn and Howland graves.

Buried in Howland:

Susan E. Howland Rogers 1886 - 1944 - daughter of Erastus and Susan Elizabeth.
Louttie Howland 2/24/1876 - 3/23/1885
Samuel Howland 10/25/1879 - 10/7/1882
Thomas Howland 7/27/1872 - 12/8/1876

Lolie Howland 1/11/1880 - 1/11/1880
Erastus Howland 5/23/1834 - 11/1/1886
C. M. Shinn 12/9/1868 - 4/9/1939
Mary J. Shinn 1/20/1874 - 2/10/1914
Emma D. Shinn 12/5/1902 - 8/10/1907
OUR BABY Infant son of C.M. and M. J. Shinn 9/16/1899 - 12/10/1899
Martha Shinn 2/2/1898 - 9/27/1899

In May of 2010, Roberta Shinn Harris email said that Erastus' wife Susan Elizabeth Rider Howland is buried to the left of him but this is no marker for her.

Howland Cemetery, Muskogee County, OK