This is not one of my "Ridenour Concert Reviews."  This review is from a friend named Ed Brown - Paul Ridenour

  "Weird Al" Yankovic Concert Review and Play List
August, 13, 2003
Bronco Bowl (RIP)

My 15 year-old daughter and I were among the 1500 rabid fans at the recent "Weird Al" Yankovic show. The crowd was a mixture of parents taking their kids and people you might run into at a Star Trek convention.  Al had a comedian come out and warm us up. He may have been the cleanest comedian I have ever seen but he was funny.

Al's show started about 30 minutes later as he began with "Angry White Boy Polka" and then a couple of his original ballads, "Melanie," about a stalker and "One More Minute," about a guy who is trying to forget about his girlfriend.

                      "Oh I would rather jump in to a swimming pool full of double edge razor blades then spend one more minute with you."

You get the picture.  He then did a song called "Constipated" which was taken from the Avril Lavigne song "Complicated."  I have heard Al is a very shy type because he did not spend much time talking to the audience but is a very polished performer. He even went out into the audience and sang to a couple of his female fans. He performed all his old standards including "My Bologna" which was his first hit. He came out in costume for "Eat It", "Fat", "Amish Paradise" and a couple of his newer songs "All About The Pentium" and "Couch Potato" which was taken from the Eminem song "Lose Yourself."  Personally the highlight of the show was my  favorite song "Amish Paradise" but listening to a thousand nerds sing "The Saga Begins" a Star Wars tune done to "American Pie" almost brought tears to my eyes. Finally Al is somewhat of an acquired taste but he is a great performer and really only seems comfortable when he is performing and that makes for a great show. I would happily go see him again.

Ed Brown