World Religions and New Age Articles
Paul Ridenour

In the 1970s, a California writer named Fritz Ridenour (no close relation) wrote a book called “So What’s The Difference."  In his book, he discusses the basic principles of Christianity and how it differs from other world religions or belief systems.  I write monthly articles that discuss the differences between Christian beliefs and other beliefs including Buddhism, Hinduism, the New Age, Mormonism, etc.  The articles are titled "So What’s The Difference" and are printed in a monthly Bible class newsletter.  If you would like a WORD document of an article, email me from my home page.  I use several sources and the articles are usually two to four pages long.  I normally write about the history, sacred texts, leaders, and beliefs/practices of a religion.

Introduction to the New Age

New Age is a nice word for “Eastern Mysticism."  Eastern Mysticism is a nice word for “occultism."  There is nothing new about the New Age.  New Age is really first century “Gnosticism."  Funk and Wagnall’s dictionary defines Gnosticism as “a system of ancient Greek and Oriental philosophy, an attempted synthesis with Christian doctrine, denounced as heretical by the Church."  The New Age uplifts “man," but it is more than just humanism.


The word “spiritualism” is often used by New Agers and the media.  They are not talking about a “spiritual life” as defined by the Bible.  To a New Ager, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are quite different from the God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit of the Bible.

Pastor Steve Stroope said it best, “All religions are based on how man gets to God.  In Christianity, God came to man" (and the Word became flesh...and walked among us - John Chapter 1).  Another famous Ridenour, my father, said, “The New Age is Christianity without Christ."



1. Intro to the Articles/New Age
2 Jehovah’s Witnesses
3 Mormonism
4 Scientology
5 Christian Science
6 Witchcraft
7 Protestants (A History)
8 Positive Confession/Positive Thinking [Name It and Claim It/Word of Faith)

9 Meditation (Biblical vs. Non-Biblical/Mystical)
10 Reincarnation
11 Islam
12 Freemasons
13 Hinduism
14 Buddhism
15 Astrology
16 Theosophy
17 Judaism (Christian Roots - Part 1)
18 Judaism (Christian Roots - Part 2)
19 Unitarian-Universalist
20 Unity Church
21 Unification Church
22 The Church of Oprah Part 1
23 The Church of Oprah Part 2

24 A Course in Miracles
25 Montessori Schools (Montessori Method)
26 The Forum (est)
27 Eckankar

28 Martial Arts

29 Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology/Reconstructionism

30 Cults

31 New Age vs. True Christianity (Part 1)

32 New Age vs. True Christianity (Part 2)