Berryman Family

Berryman Crest (English)

By Paul Ridenour

Updated 03/09/2020

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(All cities are in Texas, unless stated otherwise)

Frederick Berryman Jr., Allen Berryman,
Ardalee (Fenley) Berryman, and
Martha Ann (Fort) Berryman

Frederick Berryman Jr. - 1895

NOTE: Frederick Berryman, Sr., was named Wilhelm Frederick Bahrmann, but the INS changed his last name to Berryman.  He migrated to New Orleans prior to 1845.  New information to be forthcoming shows that his last name was really Bergman.

Frederick Berryman, Sr. (7/12/1827 Prussia (Sax Coburg, Germany) - 5/10/1901 Brookeland) married #1 Margaret Ann "Martha" Cooper (2/20/1840 - 7/7/1862 Brookeland)
Children:   (Martha died during childbirth)
[Information on James Charles Berryman family and many other Berryman's came from an "Affidavit of Heirship" by Joseph Carrie Thornton signed 4/1/1992]

James Charles Berryman (1862 Brookeland - 1935 Lone Star) married Helen Ada Veatch (5/6/1866 Brookeland - 2/5/1938 Rusk)
Helen buried in Yellowpine Cemetery in Sabine County

Alvin Berryman (1887 Brookeland - circa 2/15/1983 Brookeland) married Effie McDaniel

Unknown female Berryman (died in infancy)
Myrle Ruth Berryman
(12/26/1919 - 5/24/2000) married Henry Edward (Eddie) Johnston (7/18/1918 - 12/26/2001) on 1/17/1941

        Dwight Alvin Johnston (7/28/1942 - ) married Susan Creasey

            Connie Sue Johnston
            Sharla Faye Johnston
            Heather Denise Johnston
            Dwight Edward (Eddie) Johnston

        Shawn Edward Johnston (7/15/1948 - )

        Sharylon (Shari) Faye Johnston (7/5/1955 - ) email married #1 Anthony (Tony) Lee Ward
        on 11/1973 and married #2 Donald (Don) Clifford Gunter (11/25/1952 - ) on 11/26/1992

            Christina (Christy) Lee Ward (6/21/1974 - ) married Anthony Paul (Tony) Rougeau
            on 2/15/1997

                Luke Anthony Rougeau (7/9/1999 - )
                Sarah Elizabeth Rougeau (7/17/2002 - )

Mildred Faye Berryman
Robert Brenton Berryman
Berle Wayne Berryman

Helen Obedia Berryman ( - circa 2/21/1980) married Asa Bryant Burr ( - circa 12/17/1964 Freeport)

        Winston Theron Burr married Dorothy Lee Tony (lived in Jasper)
        Wilna Faye Burr married Charley E. Bell (lived in Freeport)

                     John Bell email

James Henry Berryman married Helen Hattie Davis

        Brittie Evelyn Berryman married #1 Edward Terry and #2 Eddie Blair (live in Monohans)
        Leona Lois Berryman married #1 Aubrey Carr and #2 Arthur Cooper Reeves ( - 1971) - lives in Carlsbad, Texas
        Pauline Othel Berryman married John Edward Ryan ( - 5/27/19776) - lives in Bandera
        Arnold Gordon Berryman married Doris Neil Nowlin (Arnold lives in Odessa)
        Geraldine Berryman married #1 James Virgil Potter and #2 Darvin Verie Burgell

                    Jerilyn Kay Potter married Zahendkey - deceased, heir is Tina Mann of Colorado
                    James Virgil Potter, Jr. - lives in Colorado

Grover Cleveland Berryman (5/16/1891 - 5/24/1991 Pineland) married #1 Bertie Meadows (5/16/1891 TN -12/17/1935 Sabine Co.) on 12/24/1916

        Julian Charles "J.C." Berryman (11/07/1917 – 01/11/1987 Bridge City) married Marcelle Weeks

Norma Lou Berryman (11/16/1941 - ) married Vernon Seale (lived in Alaska)
         Victor Weigand Berryman (12/24/1943 - ) married Susan Seale (lives in Alaska)
         Nancy Jane Berryman (11/14/1947 - ) married Roland M. Rollins (Nancy lives in Bridge City)

Grover Cleveland "Shang" Berryman (10/20/1923 - ) married Mary Ann Malicky in 9/1963 in Pennsylvania

Raymond John Berryman (08/28/1956 - )
         Elaine Susan Berryman (09/01/1958 - ) married Eric Shumy
         Paul Edward Berryman (10/07/1962 - ) married Paula - two sons
         Camille Suzan Berryman (02/20/1964 - ) married Dirk Paulson

Ada Annie Margurite "Rita" Berryman (06/06/1926 - ) married Jack Bennett and married Ray Randall

                                      Jack Rand Bennett (twin brother) (04/20/1947 -)
                                      JoAnn Bennett (twin sister) (04/20/1947 -)
                                      Rhonda Gail Bennett (08/21/1951- ???)

Benton Vaughan Berryman (died age 3 in 1931)

Betty Jean Berryman (1/6/1931 Sabine Co. - ) married Charles Adrian Coleman (12/27/1928 - ) on 2/21/1951

Cynthia Ann Coleman (12/12/1951-) married Brown
Charles Michael Coleman (3/30/1953-)
Stephen Phillip Coleman (8/2/1954-)
Kathryn Lynn Coleman (1/30/1956-) married Fortson

Grover Cleveland married #2 Gladys Byerly

        Ruby Kathleen Berryman (never married - lives in Houston)
        Don Kenneth Berryman married Lee Heard Hardy (lives in Pineland)
        Mae Ellen Berryman married Guy Canmack (Mae lives in Pineland)

                Samuel Whitson Berryman ( - circa 12/25/1969 Kirbyville) married Ophie Lee Wheat ( - circa 11/16/1978 Kirbyville)

                        Shelton Berryman married Lucille Colvin (living in DeQuency, LA)
                        Lozell Berryman ( - circa 3/24/1979 Kirbyville) married #1 Loyd Orman Bean and #2 Woodrow Jones

                                        Glenda Ann Bean married Garland Hogan (living in Kirbyville)
                                        Donna Sue Jones married Rowland (lives in Montgomery)
                                        - daughter Heather Roland                                               

                        Lona Juanita Berryman (3/1/1992 - ) married Virgil Pulliam (6/29/1915 - live in Kirbyville) on 4/13/1938

                                        Charles Thomas Pulliam (deceased)
Paul Adrian Pulliam (12/30/1954 - ) married #1 Judy Farris and #2 Cindy Landrum
                                        Children #2:

                                                Jeremy Williams Pulliam (adopted Cindy's son)
                                                Casey Adrian Pulliam (2/11/1982 - )
                                                Landon Chance Pulliam (11/14/1985 [ca.1985] - )

                                        Tina Kay Pulliam (4/13/1962 - ) married #1 Andy Stuart Moody (1/2/1959 - 08/31/2001) on 8/13/1979

                                                Matthew Stuart Moody (9/9/1981- ) married Mindy Allison Grissom (12/13/1978 - )

                                                        Marley Moody (3/6.2007)
                                                        McCoy Stuart Moody [twin] (3/6/2008 - )
                                                        McCray Grissom Moody [twin] (3/6/2008 - )

                                                Tyler Zachariah Moody (12/30/1982) married Carrie Lynne Moehring (12/10/1985 - ) on 12/8/2007

                                        married #2 remarried Mark Alan Kennedy (9/19/1960) on 6/6/2002
                                        Mark's children:

                                                Matthew James Kennedy (4/20/1985 - )
                                                Samantha Marie Kennedy (6/15/1991 - )

                        Rudolph Berryman (died age 1 in 1925)
                        Sammie Joyce Berryman married David Williamson (lives in Florida)
                        Hershel Ray Berryman married Janet Marie Vanpelt (lives in Kirbyville)

Minnie Alice Berryman ( - circa 3/13/1991) married James Hugh Cooper ( - circa 1/21/1948)

        Ada Margaret Cooper married Robert Johnson ( - circa 1/12/1987) (Ada lives in Richmond, VA - no children)
        Charles Hugh Cooper married Lorraine Rogers (lives in Missouri)
        La Donne Cooper  - no children - died circa 1990 in Arlington, VA
        Billie Jean Cooper married Raymond Jones (lives in Maryland)

Annie Lou Berryman ( - circa 5/13/1937) married Ira Leonard Isom ( - circa 9/21/1969)

        Warren Glynn Isom married Mitte Bea Chambers (lives in Port Arthur)
        Kenneth Harlan Isom ( - circa 12/17/1960 Beaumont) married Doris Genevieve Wilson  (Doris lives in Houston)
                        Patsy Lynn Isom married Dale Philips (lives in Beaumont)
                        Brenda Gail Isom married #2 Clancy Kelly (lives in the Beaumont area)

        Melba Rue Isom married Eddie Myre Byley (lives in Port Arthur)

William Fred Berryman ( - circa 3/9/1991 Sabine County) married Roxie Brown (lives in nursing home in Hemphill)

        Billy Don Berryman - lives in Georgia
        Violet Sue Berryman married Walker - lives in Colorado Springs, CO
        William Terrell Berryman (lives around Milam)

Charles Vernon Berryman ( - circa 3/2/1978 Kerrville) married Mary Wright ( - circa 12/24/1989 Kerrville) - no children

Lillie Ina Berryman ( - circa 2/16/1968 Jasper) married Levi Roy Griswold ( - circa 4/18/1977 Jasper) - no children

Adrian Wiley Berryman ( - circa 11/17/1935 in Yellowpine - never married)

Ira Julian Berryman married Bera Dorothy Chambers ( - circa 11/30/1991 Milam)

Bertha Evelyn Berryman (10/2/1907 - 02/18/2009) married Thornton William McDaniel ( - circa 6/30/1987) in Jasper
["Bertha" or "BerBer" turned 100 on 10/2/2007.  And here is her 101st birthday party in 2008]

Frederick Berryman, Sr. married #2 Martha Ann Fort (8/10/1842 Brookeland - 9/26/1907 Brookeland) on 3/29/1866 (Dottie Ridenour's 2nd great grandparents)
(Martha's descendents are eligible for the Daughters or Sons of the Republic of Texas)

1. Sarah Ann "Sallie" Berryman (1/9/1867 - 11/10/1939) married Alfred Wilkerson on 12/6/1905 - no children

2. Frederick Berryman, Jr. (7/7/1869 Brookeland - 12/30/1928 Brookeland) married Ardalee Fenley (4/2/1879 Timson - 7/5/1939 Brookeland) on 9/15/1899 in Brookeland (Dottie Ridenour's great grandparents)
Ardalee's father was Charles Fenley born in Alabama


Hugh B. Berryman (10/7/1900 - 6/23/1983) married #1 Pearl Lakey (circa 1904 - 1989) in July 1923 (lived in Center)
and married #2
Mary Cook (1913 - ) in May 1942 (resides in Texarkana)
Children #1:

        Hugh Berryman, Jr. (1924 - 1924)

        Paul Allen Berryman (1/31/1925 - died in battle in WWII, 28th Marines division 3/5/1945) - buried
        in Evergreen Memorial in Jasper

        Bill Berryman (circa  1928 - circa 1986) - accidental death, buried in Jasper (See NOTE*)

        Bryan Berryman (1931-1951) - Marine, died in battle in Korea, buried beside Paul in
        Evergreen Memorial Cemetery (See NOTE*)

        James Berryman (circa 1942 - between 1990-2000) married Diane (See NOTE*)

Children #2:

Martha Ann Berryman (8/1946 - ) email
Sarah Ann Berryman (1953 - 1953)

NOTE*: After Hugh's divorce with Pearl, she inforned him that Bill and Bryan were not his children.  Their father was her current husband Joe Broughan.  James also believes that his father was Joe Broughan. Source: Martha Ann Berryman.

Elmer C. Berryman (1902 - 1981) married Bertha Garriott

Elmer "Glen" Berryman (lives in Jasper)
Faye Berryman email married Marvin Mueller (lives in Jasper)
Mary Lee Berryman (lives in Sweeney)

Ethel Berryman (1904 - 1972) married Conder Robinson ( - 1971)

Lonnie Lee Robinson (lives in Woodville)
Louise Robinson  married Greany (lives in Ada, OK)
Lorene Robinson or Lorraine Robinson married Chambers (lives in Huntington)
J. C. Robinson (lives in Ada, OK)

Doris Lucile Berryman (9/11/1906 Brookeland - 10/12/2000) married Jimmy Randolph Doyen, Sr. (Dottie Ridenour's grandparents)

John R. Doyen
Pearline Eulalor "Lalor" Doyen married Hoyt Weaver
Lillian "Sweetie" Lucille Doyen married Jack Bonner
Fred Berryman Doyen
Jimmy Randolph "Little Boy" Doyen, Jr.
George Earsel "Popeye" Doyen
Hubert (Hugh) Julian "Pee Wee" Doyen
(Dottie Ridenour's father) - See Doyen webpage
Grady Trillisdee (Dee) "Nubbin" Doyen

Clara Berryman (6/23/1908 - 12/27/1997) married Albert Rogers

Ginger Rogers email married Glen Powell

Gordon Berryman (1910 - 1986) married Velma Chance ( - 1987)

Joann Berryman married Bowers (lives in Waldo, AZ)
Diane Berryman married Beasley (lives in Valdosta, GA)
Dorothy Berryman

Grady Berryman (1912 - 5/2001) married Nannie Jo Diffie ["Nan"] ( - 2/2000)

Judith Fredericki Berryman email married a Lashley - three children
Patti Jo Berryman married an Andrews - two children

Eula Mae Berryman (1915 - ) married Leon Mahfouz, Sr.

Patsy Mahfouz (1958 - )
Jackie Mahfouz
Freddy Mahfouz
Leon Mahfouz, Jr.

3. Will Berryman (1873 Brookeland - circa 12/5/1955 Brookeland) married Margaret Rebecca "Maggie" Jeffers (1876 Harrisburg - 1958) in Brookeland

William Floyd Berryman, Sr. (1898 - circa 4/28/1982) married Cynthia Unknown ( - circa 6/11/1979)

        William "Floyd" Berryman, Jr. (1925 - ) married Bobby

        Cindy Berryman married a Mr. Bush (lives in Silver Springs, FL)
        William "Bill"  Floyd Berryman, III (lives in North Carolina)

Arthur Corbett Berryman, Sr. (8/26/1903 - 3/18/1979 Jefferson) married Sybil Ball (1909 - 1974)

        Arthur Corbett Berryman, Jr. married #1 Jane Walker email (???? Orange - ) [Line descended from Mary Queen of Scots]
        married #2
Gail Ball Hooper
        Children #1:

            Janie L. Berryman (10/6/1960 - )
            David Corbett Berryman (8/25/1963 - ) married #1 LeeAnn Allan email (10/5/1970 - ) in 1991
            and #2
Mary Margaret Anne LeGer (7/9/1968 Long Island, NY - ) in 2000
            Children #1:

                    Elizabeth Josette Berryman (1991 Jacksonville, FL - ). Lives in Brunswick, ME

            Children #2:  

                    Elizabeth AnneMarie LeGer (1984 Cape Fear, NC - ) married #1 Armando Gonzalez (1976 - )
11/17/2007. Lives in Pembroke Pines, FL.
                    Taylor Corbett Berryman (1991 Boynton Beach, FL - ). Lives in Brunswick, ME       

        Tilman Kennesson Berryman (1942 - ) married Lillian L. Berryman (1943 - )

Earl Frederick Berryman (1906 OK - 3/30/2003 OK) married Doris Unknown - no children
Audry Berryman (1908 - 12/1938) - never married
Burice Berryman (1910 - spring 2002) married Dallas B. Yeager ( - 5/2004) - no children
[Burice changed her name to Ann Yeager]
Ivy May Berryman (1911 - ) married Ella William

        Bernie Fae Berryman married Clyde King
        Evazelle Berryman married G. E. Perkins
        Eula Mae "Todie" Berryman ( - 4/2004) married Johnny Baker

Kennesson Allier Berryman (1912 - circa 3/2004) married Edilia  ( - circa 2/2004) from Venezuela

        William Joseph Berryman

4. Tom J. Berryman (1872 - 1890) - killed in a gunfight as a young man

5. Ed Berryman (1873 - 1/1962 or circa 1970s) married Cora Morton (circa 1880s - circa 1960s)

        Mabel B. Berryman married Mire
Martha Ann Berryman (circa 1920s - circa 1980s) married Joe Neal McNair

                Clarissa McNair ["Kris"] email married Ed Allen [TN]
                Joe Stephen McNair email

        Edward L. Berryman ( - 1950) - never married
        Pauline Berryman married Albert Rawdin

                Kim Rawdin (lives in AZ)
                Barbara Rawdin married Iverson (lives in NY)
                Nancy Rawdin married Nouis (lives in France)

6. Martin Berryman (1875 - circa 4/14/1963 Pineland) married Lottie Ludlow ( - Pineland) in 1904 in Brookeland

Bessie Mae Berryman (10/3/1904 Remlig - 3/17/1981 Jasper) married a Ernest L. Ener

       Ernest Levi Ener, Jr.
      Donald Ray Ener
      Rudolph Ener (deceased)
      Warren Ernest Ener married Lillie Marie Unknown

Connie Ener married Kelly Daly email on 3/26/1988

           Charles David Hedrick (10/09/1976 - )

Thomas Ener

Kimberely Ener email

Timothy Ener
Travis Ener

      Martin William Ener email
      Daphne Ener married Flurry
      Doris Ener married Wright
      Gwyneth Ener married Gore

Myrtle Berryman (19?? - deceased)
Everett Berryman (19?? - ) married Noleete Unknown

       Beverly Berryman married Brian Fincher

7. Nannie Berryman (1877 Brookeland - 11/22/1961 Jasper) [Nann Berryman / Nancy Berryman]
married Samuel Whitson Veatch (3/12/1869 Blackjack - 8/3/1930 Brookeland) in Sabine County
Children: (Samuel Veatch is the brother of Ada Veatch, who married James Charles Berryman)

Merlin Veatch married Edie Ragan

        Dalton Veatch married Mildred Unknown

                James Terry Veatch (lives in Baton Rouge, LA)
                Glenda Veatch (lives in Austin)       

Pierce Veatch (1898 - 6/7/1933)
Hattie Veatch - descendant Lisa Hall and sister Denise Cervantes
John Veatch
Virgil Veatch married Hazel Unknown

        Hazel Veatch married Anderson
        Edward Veatch (lives in Hamnon, LA)
        Hattie Veatch married Thomas
        Ollie Veatch married J, Elzie Flowers (lives in Pasadena)

Viola Veatch (10/18/1903 - 9/18/1988) married Henley
Ollie Veatch
Murry Veatch or Murray Veatch (twin) - descendant Alene Dunn
Cecil Veatch (twin) - never married

8. Allen Berryman (1/25/1880 - 8/10/1926 or 10/10/1926) - never married

9. Josephine Berryman (1881 - 1960 Call) married Charlie Everett Cole (1876 - 1955 Call) in Brookeland

William Fred Cole ["Willie" or "Bill"]

      Ross Everett Cole
      William Tommy Cole
      Charlotte Betty Cole (deceased)
      Carolyn Ann Cole
      Charles Edward Martin ?
      Melanie Rose Cole
      Joseph Cole              

Nellie B. Cole married #1 John Seago #2 Luther Burks

      William Frank Seago
      Dorothy Mae Burks (deceased) - heir Darnell Kelly Woods of Newton

Claudie Fay Cole - never married

Jessie Mae Cole (In 2005, age 91 - 12/7/09) married Hughes

      Shirley Ann Hughes (deceased)
      Ralph Edward Hughes (deceased)
      David Alton Hughes

                Vicki Elaine Hughes
                David Wayne Hughes

                      Logan Hughes
                      Peyton Hughes

      Douglas Delano Hughes

                Penny Lynn Hughes email married Crocker

                      Karrisa D'Ann Crocker
                      Dusty Crocker 

                Richard Douglas Hughes

                      Jessica Kay Hughes

                Ronald Dustin Hughes

Hazel Irene Cole married #1 Hughes #2 Smith

                Rose Laverne Hughes married Matthews

                      Shelley Matthews married Duke

                Linda Sue Smith (deceased)

Lois Laverne Cole married Van Pelt

                Ronnie Earl Van Pelt
                Donnie Keith Van Pelt

Dottie Ridenour DRT #025565 (via Martha Ann Fort Berryman)

Frederick Berryman Sr. - photo provided by Hazel Anderson

Enest L. Ener, Noleete Berryman, Bessie Mae Berryman (Ener), and Everett Berryman - February 1967

The Jimmy and Lucile (Berryman) Doyen family - back row: Lalor, Sweetie, middle row: Jimmy, Jr.,
Lucile, Jimmy, Sr., front row: Fred, George, and baby Hugh.  J. R. not in picture.
(Spring planting, circa April 1941)

Alvin Berryman - 1914 college yearbook

Samuel Veatch and Nann Berryman Veatch

Berryman Cemetery, Brookeland, Texas [private land - owner Glen Berryman]

Martha A. Berryman, Citizen of the Republic of Texas
Berryman Cemetery, Brookeland, Texas

Son of Frederick and Martha Berryman, Sr.
Berryman Family Cemetery, Brookeland, Texas

Son of  Fredrick and Martha Berryman, Sr
Berryman Family Cemetery, Brookeland, Texas

Sallie Berryman, oldest daughter of  Fredrick and Martha Berryman, Sr., wife of Alfred Wilkerson
Berryman Family Cemetery, Brookeland, Texas

Infant daughter Dorothy of Gordon and Velma Berryman - circa 1920s
Berryman Family Cemetery, Brookeland, Texas

Lowe Cemetery, Brookeland, Texas

Wife of Fredrick Berryman, Jr.
Lowe Cemetery, Brookeland, Texas


"Frederick Berryman, Jr. built this house in the late 1890s, at the time of his marriage to Ardalee Fenley, and planted the now large Magnolia trees to shade the porch.  The large limestone blocks remaining at the site were both the corner foundation stones and some remnants of the chimney.  House destroyed by storm." - Martha Berryman, "From the papers of Hugh Barclay Berryman (1900-1983)."  This plot is near the Berryman Family Cemetery.

The rocks from the chimney

"Frederick Berryman, Sr. built this house in 1860s in anticipation of his marriage to Martha Ann Fort.  It is both log and board construction, with siding added at time of construction.  He also built the limestone well adjacent to house.  According to Grover Berryman and Hugh B. Berryman, the red brick chimney is a replacement from about the 1920s, the earlier chimney being of stone similar to the well." - Martha Berryman, "From the papers of Hugh Barclay Berryman (1900-1983)."  This house is down the road from the Berryman Family Cemetery.

The bridge by Frederick Berryman, Sr.'s home.  According to Lucile Berryman Doyen, after the bridge, the road forks.  To the right is Brookeland about 4 miles and to the left is ghost town Remlig about 4 miles.  In Remlig, TX, there was the Gilmer Saw Mill.  There was already a Texas town named Gilmer so the town was named Remlig [Gilmer spelled backwards].

Mattha Ann Fort Berryman's father was Frederick Fort (2019 Charter member #349)

Elizabeth (Beth) Berryman Senior 2010

Dave & Mary Wedding 5/5/2000

Taylor Corbett Berryman Senior 2010

Armando & Elizabeth (Liz) Gonzalez