by Paul Ridenour

Coldplay is a band from England who sound like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Sting, Police, U2, and Bono.

Their 2000 CD "Parachutes" won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album

Their 2002 CD "A Rush of Blood to the Head" won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album

"Clocks" won a Grammy for Record of the Year

They have a new CD/DVD release of their 2003 concerts.

I read that they were coming to Dallas for a concert at Nextstage in 2003 but did not know who they were until two weeks after the concert.  Unfortunately, I missed them.  I will see them on 9/23/2005.
Concert Review Coldplay

Coldplay may be the next Police or U2.

Update: Their new CD "X&Y" released June 7, 2005, is fantastic.  I do not hear Beatles but I hear lots of U2 and ELO.

It was nominated for three Grammies but got beat out by U2's "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb."

Coldplay's "Viva la Vida Or Death And All his Friends" won the 2009 Grammy for Best Rock Album and "Viva La Vida" won Song of the Year.

NOTE: I have received two emails from folks who do not like that I compare Coldplay to the Beatles.  A friend told me I should change my webpage.  I told him then I would not get emails questioning me.


Email #1 from Liverpool on 8/2/2004 -

Hi. My name's Callum and I'm from Liverpool, England (home of The Beatles!).
Really, I'm just interested to know what it is you think relates Coldplay to
The Beatles. Over here in the UK, no band is ever compared to The Beatles,
simply because they are regarded as being too good to compare any band to.
It is for this reason that I find your comment interesting, since you are
from the US, and clearly have different perspectives on music to us Brits.
I'd be interested to know your opinions on what it is that make these two
great bands similar, from an American's perspective.

Yours sincerely,

Callum Brown


My reply -


Thanks for visiting my webpage and for your email.  I am surprised you found it.

I am a huge Beatles fan and there is no one better.  I am a drummer because of Ringo.

> Over here in the UK, no band is ever compared to The Beatles, simply because they are regarded as being too good to compare any band to

I do not think I compared them to the Beatles.  I just said they sound like them.

I love British music over American music and always have.  I love early Elton John, Pink Floyd, and ELO is one of my favorites.

Here is what I meant from my webpage:

When you listen to Coldplay, some parts of their music sounds like the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, and some piano chords and bass lines are very similar to the Beatles. Every one of their songs on both CDs are good.  If they continue in this fashion, who knows what kind of hits they will have, how long they will last, and how many Grammies they will win.  We love them over here, especially the high school kids.

Sometimes it sounds like Sting is singing with U2.  Sometimes it sound like Bono is singing.  I can give you a list of the songs to prove my point.

We have an awesome Beatles cover band in Dallas who have been to Liverpool - A Hard Night's Day. www.hardnightsday.com

Thanks again for your email -


Paul Ridenour


Email #2 dated 5/26/2005

hi paul

came across your website via google.  saw an old post.  just wanted to comment on a few things.  don't take this as being negative

the liverpool guy asked how they sound like the beatles, or something to that effect

you said

"I do not think I compared them to the Beatles.  I just said they sound like them."

The first thing that struck me is, saying they sound like them IS comparing them.  if i say you look like bill paxton (http://adorocinema.cidadeinternet.com.br/personalidades/atores/bill-paxton/bill-paxton01.jpg), then I'm comparing your face to his, right?

That leads to my second thoughts.  as a musician that plays both beatles and coldplay songs, i see no similarity in sound, style, or chord structure.  not as a music fan either.  sure, there are technically some same chords played, but in that sense every pop or rock band in history sounds like the beatles.  in fact you're the first person i heard make that comparison and i just wondered about that

As a huge coldplay fan, one thing i can say (and this isn't a knock, it's more crediting their genius) is, coldplay musically isn't very original at all.  their music is very recycled, nothing unique. their singer is very unpolished, can't use vibrato to save his life, not a very talented voice at all.  they are very one dimensional.  yet they make it work and create wonderful music. his voice sounds great and fits perfect.  where they're weak in talent, they're strong in overall chemistry, which i personally would rather have, than an all star, mega talented band that can't make the songs truly "work."  they are one of my favorite bands, but their sound is very very non beatles to me.  i do stand strong that they are very U2 minus the great guitar work, and very floyd at times minus the genius song construction/great piano playing (richard wright of floyd is one of the greatest pianists ever and chris martin is very basic first year student at best)

In short, i love both bands, but i think it's crazy to compare the two on any level, unless you're pointing out coldplay's weaknesses.  they are on such different levels in sound, style, and even genius song writing, it's not even funny

take care


My reply:

Wow - what an email!

Bill Paxton?  I hear that almost once a month and for 12+ years.  My sister-in-law has always said it and she is a Hollywood actress.

Well, I agree with everything you said about Coldplay's singer, his voice, the band talent, chemistry, musicianship, etc.

But, as an American who has played 4 instruments and sings, ELO also sounds like the Beatles.  Coldplay is everything I love about British music - great songs, great music, great words, great harmonies, etc.

Coldplay is the first band since Badfinger and ELO that has more Beatles in them than any other British band I have heard.  I don't hear Beatles in Pink Floyd (except early Floyd).  I don't hear Beatles in Elton John or Led Zeppelin or the Stones.  I hear Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sting, U2, and the Moody Blues in Coldplay, thus, I still don't think I am comparing them to the Beatles, or U2, Floyd, Moody Blues, and Sting, etc.  Coldplay just sounds like them all.  If that offends the Brits than I'm sorry!

By the way, I hear some Bee Gees in ELO.

And, by saying Coldplay sounds like those groups, I am telling folks who may not know them that if they like these other bands, they will like Coldplay.

Did you read about the Beatles cover band on my webpage?

Thanks for your email!  I loved it!

Next concerts for me are Alison Krauss and Union Station (17 Grammy's), Coldplay, McCartney, and the Stones.

Paul Ridenour