with Fiona Apple


February 26, 2006
8 PM
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX

Concert Review
Paul Ridenour

Pictures after Coldplay's set list

In my first Coldplay concert review in September 2005, I said that Smirnoff was too small a venue for Coldplay and the next time they come to Dallas, they will play in the American Airlines Center.  I did not figure that they would be back in Dallas only five months later.

I bought tickets at Ticket Master online the day they went on sale.  The prices were $36, $56, and $76.  I asked for the best four seats at the $56 price and I could not believe what I got.  I will be sitting in Section 104 Row A Seats 1-4.   Michael Smith and his friend Griffin will be sitting with us.

The morning of the concert did not start out well.  I was a little sick and found out at church that Sheryl Crow had breast cancer and canceled her show for Friday 3/3/2006. 

Fiona Apple

When we arrived to our seats, there was a three foot speaker on stage blocking our view.  It was ok because one could pretty much see the band when standing and the sound was very good and very loud.

I have never heard anything from Fiona Apple.  I knew that her latest CD was up for a couple of Grammies.  She has a great voice at times and I loved they way she banged on the piano.  Reminded me a little of Elton John.  Her band was very good especially the drummer and keyboardist.  The music was very good with some neat sounds. 

She seemed a bit angry and most of her songs were angry.  I did not like it when she sang angrily.  She talked to herself on stage to build the rage before she sang the next line.  My wife said that she is tired of the whole "I loved a guy and he dumped me and now life is rotten" attitude.

Fiona wore a nice blue dress.  My wife said she sounds like "Mama Cass" and "Janis Joplin."

Fiona did 10 songs and I wrote down some lyrics to look up on the Internet for you fans who liked her.  Her set list included Shadowboxer, Criminal, Paper Bag, Used To Love Him, Never Enough, Limp, and she ended with Fast As You Can.

I have read that Fiona is a huge Beatles fan and her cover of Across The Universe is supposed to be fantastic.  Too bad she did not sing it.

Fiona Apple

From my Razor cell phone


The concert started exactly like the last time they were in Dallas.  They start with the recording of Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles and then a song that sounds like someone is preaching against racism and hatred.

This band is really exciting and they have such a great sound.  They seem to know what order the songs need to be for an excellent concert.  Chris Martin got right in our face a few times on our side of the stage.  He sang How You See The World" next to our seats.  I had never heard that song.  During one song, he was sitting right next to us on the stage with the lights act, as if he was hiding.

Yellow balloons and confetti fell from the roof during Yellow.  He popped one of the balloons at the end of the song with his guitar.

It was good to hear the song X&Y this time.  Clocks was performed about as good as I have ever heard them.  They built up the ending and speeded up the song until Chris ended it with a quick bang on the piano.

'Til Kingdom Come, Ring of Fire, and Trouble were performed at the front of the stage as an acoustic set.

Chris did mess up on the guitar during 'Til Kingdom Come and said one really bad word.  It bothered me because my brother David brought his three young boys to their first ever rock concert.

The bass guitar player is Guy Berryman from Scotland.  My wife's grandmother was named Lucille Berryman, of German descent.  Jim took pictures of himself on stage as a joke.

I did not know that there were rumors of a band breakup.  I read about it the next day.  However, Coldplay has almost written enough songs for a 4th CD.  They have been writing and practicing the new songs during concert sound checks.

This concert was better than their concert at Smirnoff in 2005.

Coldplay said their goodbyes and then they played the recording of Goodnight from The White Album by the Beatles (sung by Ringo).

One of three security guards in front of us gave me his official set list at the end of the show.

Four rows behind us was the Stan Lowrance family from my church.  My friend Gary Malone was with his kids and two others (Jana Justice and son) on the other side of the stage in the second level and he ran into more church members - the Tom Ross and Bill Burleson families.

Coldplay is a favorite of kids and parents.  They are my favorite band and probably the most popular band in the world right now.  I would put them ahead of U2.

Dallas Set List

Square One
Speed of Sound
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
How You See The World
Don't Panic
White Shadows
The Scientist
'Til Kingdom Come
Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
Trouble [Green Eyes is sometimes played here]


Swallowed in the Sea  [The Hardest Part is sometimes played here]
In My Place
Fix You

Pics below from Dallas Morning News article


Pics below from my cell phone-sized Samsung digital camera

"And it was all yellow"

How You See The World

Our seats next to the stage

"So I twist and turn, here am I in love in a bubble"

"Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you"

Goodnight Dallas!