Creed Concert Review

by Paul Ridenour

Smirnoff, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

I took three 15-year old boys from Lake Pointe Baptist/Rockwall High to see Creed at the Smirnoff.

I was just as excited as they were because their music is excellent.  They have that U2, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani, and Led Zeppelin sound combined with some head banging. This was one of the kids first "real" concert. My first concert was McCartney and Wings Over America (also age 15).

The sound, stage performance, singing, and media were outstanding. More fireworks, explosions, and fire than I have ever seen.

Play list (not in exact order)

***worth the entire ticket price

1. Bullets
2. Freedom Fighter
3. What If
4. My Own Prison
5. Say I
6. Torn
7. Who's Got My Back?***
8. One Last Breath***
9. Stand Here With Me
10. Hide
11. With Arms Wide Open***
12. One
13. What's This Life For


Don't Stop Dancing***
My Sacrifice***

The entire audience stood, sang, and head banged the whole night. It was if they were possessed by "Legion."

Afterwards, we all enjoyed a little club called "Faces."

Next Revues: Glen Campbell/Andy Williams, Back Street Boys (kidding!)