Creede, Colorado
7/10/2004 - 7/15/2004
by Paul Ridenour

Saturday July 10th 

After a nice lunch with Dottie’s mother and sister Desi at the Martinez Café in Plano, we left about 2:45 and spent the night in Dumas, TX.  Dottie watched “Bedazzled” in the car on our portable DVD player.

Sunday July 11th

We drove up through Trinidad, Colorado, and hung a left at Walsenburg.  We arrived in Creede at 5 PM.  We checked into our cabin at the Antlers Rio Grand Lodge and ate salmon and elk at the Riverside Restaurant.  We drove up Bachelor’s Road and saw a deer.  Our cabin did not have a TV.  We watched the “Barbershop” DVD. 

Monday July 12th 

Woke up at about 6:10 and saw a deer come down the mountain to the water. We had breakfast in Creede at The Bears Den.  We took the mine tour.  After the tour, we walked around and looked at all of the woodcarvings because there was a woodcarver’s convention in town.  I ran into a friend of mine’s father, Bryan Price.  Bryan works for the Alpine Resort Ministry as a Music Evangelist and Alpine has 80 ministries across Colorado.  He told me about some of the things we could do in the Creede area.  We spent the day shopping in downtown Creede and had sandwiches at the Creed Hotel and Restaurant.  Later in the afternoon, we drove to the North Creek waterfall and to the Continental Divide on the north side.  On the way home, we stopped at Freeman’s convenient store where they have excellent burgers and ice cream.  A lady who worked at the store set me up with a new rod-n-reel so I could go trout fishing the next day.  We ate burgers and I had Rocky Road ice cream.  I went by Bryan’s trailer park to ask him some more questions about the Creede area and other things to do.  We watched “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

Tuesday July 13th 

I fished about 6:30 AM and caught a couple of Rainbow trout.  After The Bears Den again, we went river rafting with Mountain Man Tours.  The river tour was 10 miles.  That evening, we ate pecan-crusted pan-seared trout.  We wafted a movie that my mom had been wanting me to watch for a long time – “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”  I am not sure why she wanted me to watch it.  I liked it but also didn’t like it.

Wednesday July 14th

In the morning, I fished again and caught three Rainbow trout but two got away at the last minute.  We drove to Love Lake where we fished for a while.  After that, we drove to Copper Creek where there is a smaller waterfall at the Continental Divide on the south side.  In the afternoon, we took a one-hour horse trail ride up the mountain in front of our cabin where we saw five deer.   My horse “JR” galloped four times.  It was a very nice trail with the flowers in full-bloom and the clouds began to gather like it was going to rain.    We ate outside Creede at Blue Creek Restaurant where we had our first fried Rainbow trout along with rib-eye.  We watched “Meet Joe Black.” I hated it!

Thursday July 15th

We decided to take a different and more scenic way home.  We came home through Los Alamos, Taos, Angel Fire, Las Vegas, and Tucumcari.  I told Dottie we saw nine deer and I told her where we saw them.  As soon as I finished, we immediately saw a deer, about 20 miles west of Tucumcari.  We wanted to spend the night in Amarillo but kept driving and stayed at the brand new Best Western in Clarendon, TX.  We arrived home the next day in the early afternoon.

Colorado Orange Poppies

North Creek Falls

Wildflowers were in full-bloom including Lupins and Indian Paintbrush.

Deer just outside of Creede

Chipmunk at our cabin - they were everywhere

Eating from Dottie's hand

Love Lake

The Antlers Rio Grande Lodge and Riverside Restaurant - www.antlerslodge.com

Rainbow Trout

Mountain Man Tours River Rafting

Rio Grande River

Guide Charlie

Aspen Trees


Creede Mines