Robert Ridenour's (Dad) 70th Birthday - 9/16/2006

Saltgrass Steakhouse
Mesquite, Texas

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Robert, Mary Alice, Dale, Paul, and David Ridenour -1960s [I am on my dad's lap because I am the favorite!]

In November 2005, we celebrated our parent's 50th wedding anniversary at Abuelo's Restaurant in Plano, Texas.  My brothers and I gave them a white Bose Wave Radio/CD and two tickets to the Paul McCartney concert.  Dad turned 70 on 9/16/2006 and this is what we did.  Mom will be 70 on 10/9/2006 (John Lennon's birthday).

Aunt Kathleen Graves, Mary Alice Ridenour (mom), and Robert Ridenour (dad)








Dad and sons - Dale, Paul, and David




Dad and grandsons