David Reitenauer Sr.
[wife Margaret Wiles]

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All of Mathias and Eve Ridenour's children's birth dates are listed in the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Elizabethtown, now Hagerstown, MD - Washington County Maryland Church Records of the 18th Century by F. Edward Wright, page 1.  My 4th great grandfather David Sr. is unnamed but entered as "--- of Matth. Reitenauer and his wife b. Nov 20 1775"

David Ridenour Sr., daughter Margaret Ridenour born 1800, son David Ridenour Jr. born 1802, and David Sr.'s brother Jacob Ridenour and wife Susanna Barbara Stemple are mentioned in A History of Preston County, West Virginia by Oren F. Morton, published 1914, page 461


Good Hope Lutheran Church
Knoxville Township, Jefferson County, Ohio

Digital copies by Paul Ridenour from the book "Good Hope Lutheran Church: Osage, Knoxville Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, Parish Records 1806-1885" by Paul Miller Ruff


David Ridenour Sr.'s signature

David Ridenour Sr. and David Ridenour Jr. gave money to church founding


1850 Census - Jefferson County, Ohio
[From Ancestry.com]

David Ridenour Sr [David Rightenower / David Rightinower] living with daughter Susannah Ridenour Notestine / Notestein.  Next door is daughters Mary Ridenour, Eve Ridenour, and three foster children - Jacob Jones, John Carson, and Nancy Leighter [bottom of census].  Nancy Leiter is the correct spelling and she is the daughter of another household next door to David Ridenour.  In that house is Jacob Leiter who married David's daughter Elizabeth Ridenour.  Jacob and Elizabeth are in Defiance County, Ohio, by 1860 and they are buried at the Lost Creek Cemetery.  Three of their children are buried in the Osage Cemetery in Jefferson County along with David and Margaret Wiles Ridenour, daughters Susannah Ridenour Notestine, Eve Ridenour, and Sarah Ridenour Smith.


David Ridenour Sr.'s Will
[Digital copies by Paul Ridenour]

Will Book A
Jefferson County, Ohio
Pages 187-189                      General File 741
David Ridenour
                                               Will made 28 Jan. 1850
                                               Probated: Aug.  26, 1854
Daughter: Susanna, now Widow Notestine
Polly and Eva
Executor: George Culp, Sr.
Witnesses: Reuben Albaugh and Emanuel Rinehart