Desi Doyen

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Baylor Healthcare Advisor


If you have been watching TV since 1990 or so, especially during the daytime soaps, Must See TV, and nighttime drama, you've seen one or several of Desi's commercials. She has done several different versions of some of the commercials listed below:

TV Commercials

Mucinex Cough Mini-melts - 2007
Tostitos - 2006

(click on pic for short video)
Shown twice during the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 1/2/2006
Desi says "I got it!"
Also shown once during the Rose Bowl 1/4/2006 with Texas 41 vs. USC 38 and during the Super Bowl

In this commercial is a guy named David Beeler who is holding the bag of chips.  David dated Desi when they attended the University of Texas at Austin.  David is in that new "Visa Check Card" commercial where everything is on autopilot until he tries to pay with cash.  Everything falls a part at that point.  You have seen it 100 times.

Healthy Choice Ice Cream (5/2005)
Glade Wisp (filmed 6/30/2004 - will be shown fall of 2004)

H&R Block (2004)

KFC with Jason Alexander of "Seinfeld" (filmed 5/2003)
Chrysler Summer Sales Drive (filmed 5/2003)

Click on picture for 10 second video

E-Loan (filmed two more commercials between 12/26 - 12/27/02)
T. J. Maxx (filmed in Chicago on 10/26/2001) - showing commercial again Christmas 2002
E-LOAN (new spokesperson for - four commercials filmed in San Francisco on 6/20/2002)

Click on picture for video (15 seconds)
Click here for another E-Loan Commercial (15 seconds)

Ocean Spray (filmed 5/17/2002)
Lincoln Navigator SUV (filmed 5/10/2002) - to be shown during 2002 NFL games
Band-Aid Finger Wraps (filmed 4/2002)
Applebee's (filmed on 2/14/2002 in Austin, TX)

General Mills Milk and Breakfast Bars (filmed 2/2002) - she throws bowls of cereal across the kitchen
T. J. Maxx (filmed in Chicago on 10/26/2001)(two women discussing Christmas presents they bought)
See the T. J. Maxx

Pella Windows

Merck (aka Propecia) - 2000 (cable only/1-888-Merck42)

Advil Migraine - 2000 (a tornado in the background/talks the entire time)
American Express Delta SkyMiles Card - circa 1996 (CNN/Travel Channel/cable - She says "Call 1-800-SKY-MILE")

McDonald's - 1999
Intel (never aired)
Bounce (Dottie and I got to watch Desi make this commercial in Covington, LA. She says "Sometimes the freshest things are right under your nose")

Desi filming Bounce

Taco Bell - 1997 (Desi's driving a car while husband fights kid with toy which flies out of the sunroof)
Sears Paint - 1997
American Express

Hallmark - 1997
Peroxicare Toothpaste

Eye Masters
Cortizone For Kids
Bacos Bacon Bits

Thomas English Muffins
Lipton's' Recipe Secrets (she's everywhere in this one)

Honey Nut Cheerios (eating them out of the box)

Sesame Street Chef-Boy-ar-dee
ATT Calling Card (says she's using her dad's birthday as the password)
MCI (sitting behind Whoopi Goldberg)
Sears Craftsman Annual Tool Sale (ended 3/8/1997)(her husband fixes a kitchen sink - "I married Bob Villa")

Mr. Clean
O. B. Applicator (sitting on the couch with another woman discussing applicators, like all women do - "A woman knows what a woman needs")

Children's Advil (talks the entire time)
X-Lax (She says "wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, it's a pill" and "no wonder you're so cranky after all of these years")

Massengil (she says "Trust it!")
Baylor Healthcare Advisor (shown a lot locally in Dallas and at Mavericks and Stars games - Dottie got to see Desi make it)

E-Z Pawn (Austin, Texas area)
Lute Riley Honda (Dallas area)
Coca-Cola (regional)
Showtime (host of Showtime preview weekend)

Nicoderm CQ (walks down the three boxes and gives a nod)
Doan's Pills (back pain)
Dairy Queen
Pizza Hut
Prodigy (150 live commercials)

Stop-N-Go (regional Texas)
Carnation Follow-Up (feeding a baby)
PlaySkool (speaks the entire time)

Don't Drink and Drive (public service announcement for MADD)

Marie Callendar's Frozen Entrees (never aired)

TV Shows

The B.P.R.D. Declassified (2004)

Silk Stalkings (playing "Molly aka Kate O'Malley" in episode: "Talk Dirty To Me" (episode # 6.7) 11/10/1996 )


The Seventh Sense (2001)

Tap Water (1999)

Ride For Your Life (1995) - Interfilm

Fire and Rain - 1989 made for TV movie about Delta 191 crash at DFW (USA Channel - plays Susan Anderson)

Necessary Roughness - Paramount Pictures (Nurse/scene was cut but her name appears in the credits)

Print Ads

Baylor Advisor (The Advisor Winter 1997 p.12)(see top photo)
Compaq Computers (PC Week 12/10/1990 p.22 and Business Review 02/04/1991 p. 18)
Crown Books
Nicoderm (People 12/1996, Reader's Digest 3/1997 p. 7, Better Homes and Garden 02/1997 p. 63)


KLIF - Dallas (weather/promos)

Industrial Films

Pizza Hut
Home Depot (Ralph Lauren paint video)

Several other industrial films

Desi is also a photographer, and one of her pictures ended up at the webpage.

Bonus: LA Times article on a 12/2001 local theatre play that Desi produced.

Desi Doyen