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Stand Watie Surrendered at Doaksville 1865

Created 3/28/2005

by Paul Ridenour

Stand Watie, the only Indian to become a field general in the Civil War, as a Brigadier General for the Southern Confederacy, surrendered at Doaksville, Oklahoma, June 23, 1865, nine weeks after Robert E. Lee surrendered.

Doaksville is now a ghost town.  It is located between the Ft. Towson Cemetery and the Ft. Towson State Historic Site.

Doaksville was a large Choctaw community at one time.

The best way to get there, go through the Ft. Towson Cemetery to the northeast corner and take the steps over the wall.  Follow the signs.  You will see an outdoor museum and two historical markers.

Northeast corner of the Ft. Towson Cemetery

Doaksville and Stand Watie Historical Markers