The Doyen Family
(Unless specified, all cities are in Texas)

Doyen Crest (English version)

by Paul Ridenour - email from HOME page

Updated 07/17/2021

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All of the Doyens I have met pronounce the name as Doh-win.  My father-in-law Hugh Doyen changed the pronounciation to Doy-yen. All of Thomas Doyen Sr's source documents spell the name Doyne.  I am convinced the original name is Doyne (pronounced Doh-win) and is Irish.  Doy-yen pronunciation would be French.  Hugh has had DNA matches with people from Belgium. 

Thomas Doyne Sr. (1820 NC -1850) married Wincey Lakey (ca. 1820, North Carolina - Ca. 1870)
All documents show the spelling of Doyne including his marriage record.

(Wincey Lakey's father William Lakey was in the Siege of Bexar)
(Dottie Ridenour's 3rd great grandparents)

William Doyne (1838- )

John Doyne (1940 - )

Margaret Doyne (1843 - )

Thomas Doyne/Doyen Jr. (1844 San Augustine - )
Doyne on the 1850 and 1860 censuses and on his 1867 Texas voting record.  Only until the 1870 census is it spelled Doyen.
Married Phereby (or Phoebe) "Ferbie" Jones (1851 San Augustine - ) on 8/1/1870
(Dottie Doyen Ridenour's 2nd great grandparents)

Odelia "Delia" Doyen (ca. 1872 - 03/01/1946) married John Randall Gaskins

J. M. Doyen (ca. 1874 - ) - probably died as a child

John Randolph Doyen (2/26/1874 San Augustine - 10/4/1919 San Augustine)(Miller Cemetery)
Spelled Doyne on his married record only.
Married Kathryn "Cassie" Adkins (1/28/1882-3/3/1963 Sabine County)(Rosevine Cemetery)
(Cassie's father was Tillmon O. Adkins - fought with the Louisiana 2nd Calvary Division )
(Dottie Ridenour's great grandparents)

Mandy Doyen (circa 1899- ) married Lee Rice
C A Doyen
Phearba "Ferbie" Doyen
(10/4/1901-7/15/1975) married #1 Pervis and #2 Belton Anthony (6/29/1899-12/2/1955)(both buried Rosevine Cemetery)
Jimmie Randolph Doyen, Sr. (1/19/1904-3/8/1974)*** (Dottie Doyen Ridenour's grandfather)
Spelled Doyne on his San Augustine Masonic Lodge record only.
Franklin Doyen (1/27/1905 - 12/21/1908)(Miller Cemetery)
Ed Doyen (3/1909-1944) married Ethel Loggins (1909-1948)(both buried at Rosevine Cemetery)

Virgie Lee "Dee Dee" Doyen (11/11/1928 - ) married Mr. Bradshaw
Raymond Doyen (1931-1948)(Rosevine Cemetery)
Lennis Everett Doyen (1/30/1933 - 12/4/2006) married
Tiny Bee Holloway

         Raymond E. Doyen (1956 - 8/1997)
        Robert Wayne Doyen - (1958 - ) daughter Katharine Doyen email
        David Russell Doyen (1960 - )
        Ramona Ann Doyen (1963 - )       
        Randall L Doyen (1965 - )
        Richard "Stacey" Doyen twin (1967 - )
        Tiny Lanette Doyen twin (1967 - )
        Roy Earl Doyen (1971 - )

John "John D" Doyen (1/15/1936 - )
Henrietta "Retta" Doyen (4/4/1938 - 11/15/2004 Galveston) married Herman Risinger

     Herman Risinger
     Steve Risinger
     Darlene Risinger married Mr. Cheatham 

Marie Doyen (9/14/1940 - ) married Mr. Darr
Betty Lou "Boo Boo" Doyen (2/13/1943- ) married Mr. Diffey
Eddie Marcelle "Pig" Doyen (6/13/1945 - )(female) married Mr. Konegay

Catherine Doyen (June 1909 - 11/7/2000)
(Died after the TV Networks incorrectly called Albert Gore the winner of Florida the first time/Heart attack due to Gore excitement.  She yelled for her family to come in from the kitchen to the living room to see the TV.  They came into the living room and found her dead.  George W. Bush was elected.)

Note: Kathryn "Cassie" (Adkins) Doyen married #2 John L. Keller (1870-1952)(Rosevine Cemetery)

Olevia "Levy" Doyen (11/1876 - ) married Robert Samuel Jeans

Thomas Doyen (04/071879 - 4/23/1966 Houston)
Married Emma Adell Brown (1889-1945)

Lonnie Doyen (ca. 1909 - 2/10/1952) married Ann Anderson ( - 2009, age 92)

Diane Doyen email married Mr. Miller

        Maike Miller email married Mr. George

Ruby Lee Doyen (ca. 1913)
Married Trillis Dee Crawford

Kitty Crawford
Several others

Willie Doyen (ca. 1916 - )

Margy Deell Doyen (ca 1919 - )

Thomas Daniel Doyen (11/29/1926 - 8/30/1983) married Louise Blissett
Thomas buried in plot 1-0-1951 at National Cemetery in Houston


        David Thomas (1956 - )
Roy Daniel Doyen (1959 - )
Unknown Doyen - died circa 1960-61 - age 3

        Note: Roy Daniel Doyen was adopted in 1961 and his name is now R. Patrick Thompson

Mary Marriah Doyen (5/10/1878 San Augustine - 2/1/1937)  married Henry Bryant Adkins (4/18/1874 Louisiana - 1947) on 9/1/1898 in San Augustine County
Children: (buried Donelton Cemetery in Hunt County)

Unknown child (died at birth or soon after)[1910 census]
William Thomas Adkins
(7/30/1902 - 7/31/1960 Lone Oak) married Melba Ray Johnson (5/9/1914 - 7/3/2008) on 8/6/1932
(William buried in Donelton Cemetery/Lone Oak)

            Daughter Adkins
            Henry Adkins
            Aubrey D. Adkins (1937-1984) (buried in Donelton Cemetery/Lone Oak)
            Lea Adkins
            Thomas Michael Adkins
(12/8/1952 - 2/10/1994) (buried in Donelton Cemetery/Lone Oak)
                        Brett Thomas Adkins

Unknown child (died at birth or soon after)[1920 census]
Georgia Mae Adkins
(9/13/1907 - 1/17/1994 Lufkin) married Darrel Curghas Hall on 4/30/1922

A. E. "Sonny" Hall email  (Sonny Hall has a lot of info on the Adkins family)

Claudia Viola Adkins (10/12/1910 - 9/11/1981 Greenville) married Erby Duvall in 1925
Edgar Earl Adkins
(1914 - 1914)
Roy V. Adkins
(twin) (1/5/1916) Lone Oak - 1/18/1991 Dallas) married Rosa Lee Vice (8/11/1924 - 10/19/1998) on 2/15/1943 in Greenville (both buried in Shady Grove Cemetery/Greenville, near several Vice family members - Burl Vice, Earl Vice, and Fred Vice)
Hoye B. Adkins
(twin) (1/5/1916 Lone Oak - 1945 Greenville) married Mozell Brady (Hoye buried in Donelton Cemtery)
Henry Burnis Adkins
(3/18/1919 San Augustine - 11/18/1980 Houston) married Grandis Lenken on 6/15/1939 in Greenville and Isabel Marroguin on 10/31/1970 in Corpus Christi
Lonnie Elizabeth Adkins
(12/18/1922 San Augustine - 6/6/2003 Dallas) married Lawrence Peter Probeck on 4/8/1945 in Corpus Christi
(Note:  Born without a birth certificate because she was delivered by a mid-wife and because of a childhood crush on a boy named Billy, Lonnie was known as Billie Jo Adkins until her 50s, when she changed her name [hated it] to Jennifer Elizabeth Probeck.  Her obituary reads "Jennifer Elizabeth Probeck [formerly known as Billie Jo Adkins]" - buried Donelton Cemetery)

            Janis Christine Probeck (1/18/1946 Corpus Christi - ) married Mr. Jackson            
            Sandra Karin Probeck
(7/20/1949 Greenville - ) email
            Larry Alan Probeck
(11/12/1950 Greenville - )
            Billy Wayne Probeck (7/8/1952 Dallas - )
            Gary Neil Probeck (4/20/1957 Dallas - ) email (Born Garry Probeck but has used one "r" since grade school)


*** Jimmie Randolph Doyen, Sr. (1/19/1904 Tebo, Sabine County - 3/8/1974)
Spelled Doyne on his San Augustine Masonic Lodge record only.
Married Doris "Lucile" Berryman **** (9/11/1906 Brookeland - 10/12/2000 Jasper) on 4/24/1926 in Jasper
(Dottie Doyen Ridenour's grandparents)

1. John R. Doyen (5/31/1927 San Augustine - 10/14/2008 Odessa)
Married Julia Huff (3/29/1933 - ) on 7/25/1947 in Kirbyville

Ruby Lucille "Lucy" Doyen (4/4/1949 Bonami)
Changed name to "Chelah" Lucille Doyen
Married Stephen Clayton Cooper (10/26/1946 Longview) on 11/5/1966 in Longview

Lisa Renee Cooper (10/20/1967 Longview) email

Married James "Larry" Cobb (2/19/1945 Weskom) on 4/10/1970 in Hugo, OK

James Larry Cobb, Jr. (11/28/1972 Arlington)
Chaz Lane Cobb (5/17/1982 Metaire, LA)

Married Calvin Michael Chamberlain (1/19/1956 Bowie) on 12/24/1989 in Ringling, OK

John Robert Doyen (7/3/1951 - 5/28/2019) married Lori Barr Rogers (1957 - )

        Travis Wayne Doyen (6/2/1972 - ) married Denise Marie unknown (8/27/1966 - )

                    John Robert Doyen II (12/4/1996 - )
                    Danielle Alexandra Doyen [Initials = DAD] (01/19/2001 - )
                    Christopher Raymond Doyen (2004 - ) - called Bubba
                    Julia Roxanne Doyen (8/3/2007 - ) - called Roxi                   

        Jonathon Doyen
        Christopher Doyen (deceased)
        Tyler McCammond Doyen (
1987 - ) married Aya Arai (1888 - )

                    Rio Doyen (2010)
                    Reiri Doyen (2012)
                    Laurie Miwako Doyen (2016)

        Theodore Behrmann Doyen (1990 - )
        Lawrence Daniel Doyen (1996 - )       

John Robert Doyen also has a daughter named Debbie Roppolo, born 1970, with Susan Buckley

Fred Wayne Doyen (10/11/1952 San Augustine - )
Married Shelly Kate Joyner (8/18/1954 Rocky Mount, NC) on 5/1/1976 in Kirbyville

Aleshia Marie Bartrum (5/7/1974 - )
Cleve Lee Doyen (6/10/1978) married #1 Mary Danielle unknown and #2 Jennifer Lee Dauphin (12/17/1979 - ) on 1/6/8
Children #1:

            Addison Danielle Doyen (1/2/2003 - )

Children #2:

            Lori Denise Dauphin (stepdaughter)
            Lee Thomas Doyen (
10/15/08 - )

Clinton Berryman Doyen (10/1/1987 - )

Annette Doyen (9/20/1954 San Augustine - 9/30/2011)
Married Bruce Young

Married Magdaleno "Mac" Alvarado

Julian Pauda Alvarado (4/1975)
Married Unknown

Unknown Alvarado #1
Unknown Alvarado #2

Anthony Alvarado (6/1977)

Married Ron Carter

Brittany Carter (9/1980)
Beau Lynn Carter (9/1982)

Married Ron Carter

Married Rex Allen Downing

Married Jeff Bilton

Married Patrick Rush (Patrick Rush adopted Brittany (now Shiloh) and Beau Lynn above)

Shiloh Rush

daughter Angelica Unknown

Beau Lynn Rush

Married Robert Myers

Married Mattie Lee Brown (6/9/1935) on 4/1/1955

Arlene Doyen (1/28/1957)
Married Carl Ray "Smitty" Smith on 6/12/1981

Brian Andrew Smith (2/18/1988 Torrence, CA)
Chelsea Darlene Smith (10/8/1989 Luftkin)

Darlene Doyen (1/28/1957 - 9/27/2015)
Married Ronnie Kevin Wright (Kilgore) on 6/11/1986 in Longview

2. Pearline Eulalor "Lalor" Doyen (12/31/1928 Brookeland - 1/20/2006)
Married Jesse Hoyt Weaver (1/15/1921 Homer - 1/22/2013 Jasper) on 8/3/1947

Jimmy Hoyt Weaver (6/23/1948 Kirbyville)
Married Anita Hanny (10/27/1949 Panama Canal Zone) on 11/18/1967

Donna Denise Weaver (10/6/1968 Houston)
Bryan David Weaver (2/28/1972)

Jerry Jesse Weaver (2/12/1950)
Married Mary Lopez

Jessica Weaver

Married Phyllis Swan

Jennifer Weaver

Jackson Garland Weaver (1/6/1952 Kirbyville)
Married Wanda Whitehead (2/15/1952 Jasper) on 7/24/1971 in Jasper

Christy Ann Weaver (3/2/1972 Jasper)
Jackson Tyrell Weaver (12/1/1981 Houston)

Married Cynthia Lynn Evans (3/20/1951 Houston) on 10/12/1991 in Cypress

Jane Diane Weaver (3/13/1955 Kirbyville)
Married Howard West (Old Salem) on 10/27/1974

Steve West (1975 Beaumont - 1977)
Summer West
Desi Rae West

Jeffrey Glen Weaver (9/1/1962 Kountze)
Married Robin Tillery email in 1986

Jason Carl Weaver (4/29/1987 Chanute AFB, IL)
Daniel Hoyt Weaver (8/25/1988 Tucson, AZ) married Heidi Zeigler
Samantha Leann Weaver (11/26/1990 Tucson, AZ)
William "Kevin" Weaver (12/12/1992 Tucson, AZ)

3. Lillian "Sweetie" Lucille Doyen (11/21/1930 San Augustine - 01/05/2021 Jasper)
Married James Virgil Bonner (5/13/1926 - 01/17/2017) on 4/18/1947 in Kirbyville

Linda Nell Bonner (4/1/1948-9/17/1975)
Married Terry Eldon Rich (9/8/1943)

Jenny Lillian Rich (6/16/1967 Bastrop, LA)

Taylor Renea' Rich  (2/10/1989 Houston)
Gary Neil Rich (3/13/1991 Houston)

Junita Jo Rich (3/19/1969 Bastrop, LA)
Married Donnie Cogswell

Casey Lee Cogswell (7/1/1990 Beaumont)
Karli Lynn Cogswell (8/23/1993 Beaumont)

Married Johnny Hancock

Stephanie Hancock
Allie Hancock

Married John Walter Hancock on 10/5/1995

Stephanie Dawn Hancock (12/6/1996 Indianapolis, IN)
Allie Nicole Hancock (11/25/1998 Beaumont)

Married Steve Moody in 11/2001

Amy Beth Rich (9/17/1975 - 9/17/1975)

Larry James Bonner (5/31/1950 Kirbyville-8/26/1981)
Married Elizabeth Best on 4/27/1972 in England

Melanie Amber Bonner (8/6/1974) married Robert Lawrence Isaril

Molly Kay Isaril (6/22/2001 Phoenix, AZ)

James Lawrence Bonner (5/29/1977)

Terry Frank Bonner (9/28/1954 Kirbyville)
Married Patricia "Patty" Nell Choate (11/28/1956 Beaumont) on 10/6/1973 in Vidor

Sheree' Denise Bonner (9/10/1974 Kirbyville)
Married Robert Erik Reichert (10/27/1971 Arlington)

Erik Nolan Reichert (5/16/1995 Nacogdoches)
Gabriel Ryan Reichert (10/13/1998 Baytown)

Linda Lisa Bonner (6/5/1976 Kirbyville)

Samantha Bonner (3/21/1999 Baytown) (father is Sylas Johan Buton Smart)
Brieana Louise Berg (10/17/2001 - ) (father is Heath Lynn Berg)

Maria Michelle Bonner (6/4/1979 Kirbyville)
Married William Chad Parks (2/15/1981 Baytown)

Randy Wayne Parks (2/7/1999 Baytown)

Timothy Elton Bonner (10/28/1983 Beaumont)

Janie Beth Bonner (1/5/1958 Kirbyville)
Married Marion Keith Morris (11/11/1957 Hemphill) on 1/9/1976 in Vidor

Crystal Nicole Morris (2/15/1977 Kirbyville)
Married Michael Bedford Kethan (1/5/1977 Woodville) on 03/28/1998 in Woodville

Kayla Renee Morris (8/21/1981 Beaumont)
Married John William Blank (circa 2/1978) on 9/30/2000 in Kirbyville

Jason Leon Morris (12/26/1986 Beaumont)

Mark Thomas Bonner (12/18/1960 LaMarque)
Married Rebecca Velma Temple (10/6/1967 Winnsboro, LA) on 11/17/1984 in Crowville, LA.

Christian Thomas Bonner (5/6/1987 Abilene)

4. Fred Berryman Doyen (9/15/1933-3/8/1979)
Married Shirley Mae Freeman

Karen Lynn Doyen (10/19/1956 Kirbyville)
Married Richard Haas (5/16/1951 Brooklyn NY) on 6/1/1982 in Gaithersburg, MD

Brandi Haas (10/27/1976 Sulpher, LA)
Married Francisco Limardo (New York) in 1998 in Hawaii

Mason Miguel Limardo (5/20/1998)

Jessica Lynne Haas (10/21/1979 Sulpher, LA)
Michael Jonathon Haas (11/23/1982 Silver Spring, MD)
Kimberleigh Szerene Haas (3/20/1984 Harris, NY)

Kenneth Leon Doyen, Sr. (9/24/1959 Sulpher, LA)
Married Kerri Lynn Terwillinger (Maryland)

Kervin Berryman Doyen (7/18/1984)
Kenneth Leon Doyen, Jr. (June 1985)
Kyle Logan Doyen (1/1987)

Kervin Randall Doyen (2/1/1965 Sulpher, LA - 3/8/1979)

5. Jimmy Randolph Doyen, Jr. (11/25/1935 Milam - 2/3/2010) [His mom called him "Little Boy"]
Married Rita Hanks (3/8/1941) on 6/16/1956

Teresa "Terri" Darlise Doyen (7/17/1957 San Augustine)
Married Rick Smith (divorced - changed name back to Doyen)

Rhiannon Smith (3/23/1981 Beaumont) married to Rajesh Jajoo (from near New Delhi) - children Kavi Jajoo and Karan Jajoo
Caitlin Smith (12/23/1985 Beaumont) married to Pete Davis Young - children Pete Davis Young II and Lillian Grace Young

Caitlin also has a child named Ava Bailey Smith

Danny Doyen (7/3/1959 San Augustine)

Lisa Renee Doyen (4/26/1962 San Augustine)

Jimmy Randolph "Randy" Doyen, III. (8/21/1963 - 9/7/2019)

Shannon B. Doyen (8/1/1970 Kountze)

Sean Doyen (6/27/1973 Beaumont)

6. George Earsel Doyen (3/18/1938 Hemphill - 9/3/2018 Beaumont)  [His mom called him "Popeye"]
Married Nelda Graves (5/1/1938 Silsbee) on 2/8/1958 in Silsbee

Julie Elizabeth Doyen (6/12/1961 Beaumont)
Married Daryl Gene Worsham (9/25/1958 Orange) on 12/17/1983

Cody Graves Worsham (12/22/1987 Beaumont)
Kate Elizabeth Worsham (5/22/1990 Beaumont)

Scot Graves Doyen (9/17/1969 Ft. Worth)
Married Stephanie Renee Cockrell (11/4/1966 Shreveport, LA) on 7/1/1995 in Joaquin

Shelbye Elizabeth Doyen (9/27/2000)

7. Hubert "Hugh" Julian Doyen (8/7/1940 Milam)  [His mom called him "Pee Wee"]
Married Dorothy Louise McNeir (12/30/1939) on 9/5/1959 in Seabrook
(Dottie Doyen Ridenour's parents)

John Doyen (9/1960 Beaumont)
(John has four children)

Dorothy (Dottie) "Dixie" Doyen (10/1962 Texas City) DRT #025565 (via Martha Ann Fort Berryman)
Married Brian "Paul" Ridenour (3/12/1960 Dallas) on 11/1/1986 in Dallas

Desiree (Desi) Doyen (2/1966 New Orleans, LA)

Married Sandra (3/27/1945 CA)

Rand Doyen (9/1972 Johannesburg, South Africa) married Bo Castillo on 2/20/2008 [Lunar eclipse]
Mark O'Dowd (7/2/1973 Dallas)

Alister Doyen O'Dowd (5/1998 Houston)

Teno Doyen (1975 TX) married Kelly on April 15, 2000 in Sedona, AZ and married again (private)

Two children

Patricia Ann Hall (Born 9/4/1956)

Adair Doyen (2/1979)

Married Beverly Patricia "Pat" Joyner (1/7/1958 Norfolk, VA) on 3/6/1982 in Kirbyville

Julianne Doyen (12/1982 Houston) married HL Jett on 1/4/2007
Loren Doyen (10/1984 Dallas) married Adey Whipp on 12/15/2007 in Austin
Adrianna Doyen (9/1986 Ft. Worth)

Married Renata V. Castilho (11/21/1960 Sao Paulo, Brazil) on 11/21/1999 in Cut-N-Shoot
Children:  (stepdaughter of Hugh Doyen)

Georgea Costa Netto (12/21/1987 in Sao Paulo, Brazil - )

Married Patricia Ann Hall on 9/4/2019

8. Grady Trillisdee "Dee" Doyen (11/1/1942 Tool Place)  [His mom called him "Nubbin"]
Married Helene Hyman (7/3/1943 Chicago, IL) on 1/28/1962 in Huntsville, AL

Maureen Doyen (3/16/1964 Chicago, IL)
Married Ronnie Wigglesworth

Matthew Wigglesworth (6/1/1991)

Patricia Doyen (12/25/1965 Chicago, IL)
Aegina Doyen (9/21/1971 Puerto Rico) married
Scott Atkins (Born March 10, 1968, Japan)
on October 23,2004, in Newport, RI


        Annika Rowan Atkins 5/16/05 (Frederick Maryland)
        Gavin Hugh Atkins
10/16/07 (Frederick, Maryland)

Kristopher B. Doyen (5/11/1984 lake Charles, LA)

Married Cathy C. Christian (6/28/1937 Houston) on 11/27/1988 in Lake Charles, LA

**** I also have a database of the Berryman family genealogy.
Doris Lucile Berryman's parents were Frederick Berryman, Jr. and Ardalee Finley.

Some Doyen Pictures

Mary (Doyen) Adkins, circa 1934 [photo courtesy of Sonny Hall and the Adkins Family]

Hugh Doyen

Jimmy Doyen (on the left) with his parents and siblings.

The Jimmy and Lucile (Berryman) Doyen family - back row: Lalor, Sweetie, middle row: Jimmy, Jr.,
Lucile, Jimmy, Sr., front row: Fred, George, and baby Hugh.  J. R. not in picture.
(Spring planting, circa April 1941)

Hugh Doyen and Crystal (Morris) Kethan

Hugh Doyen's 60th birthday - 2000
Adrianna Doyen, Loren Doyen, Julianne Doyen, Rand Doyen, and Dottie (Doyen) Ridenour

Adrianna's high school graduation - May 28, 2005
Desi Doyen, Adrianna Doyen, Julianne Doyen, Rand Doyen, and Dottie (Doyen) Ridenour
[Loren Doyen was in England and Desi Doyen came in from New York]

Adrianna Doyen, Hugh Doyen, Adair, and Dottie Ridenour (Dottie Doyen) - June 2006

Kayla (Morris) Blank

Beth (Bonner) Morris, Dottie (Doyen) Ridenour, and Julie (Doyen) Worsham

Maria (Bonner) Parks

Timothy Bonner, Adrianna Doyen, Alister O'Dowd, and Jason Morris

Crystal (Morris) Kethen, Michael Kethan, Jason Morris, John Blank, Kayla (Morris) Blank,
and Jenny Rich

John Doyen, Hugh Doyen, Dottie (Doyen) Ridenour, and Desi Doyen (2000)

Dottie (Doyen) Ridenour, Hugh Doyen, and Adair  - 2000

  Adair, Hugh Doyen, and Dottie Doyen (Dottie Ridenour) - 1/1/2007