Eagles Concert Review
"Farewell I Tour"

by Paul Ridenour

American Airlines Center
Dallas, Texas


I saw the Eagles twice during my 1970s high school years in Dallas/Ft. Worth - "Hotel California" and "The Long Run" tours.  In 2001, I saw them in Dallas and Denver, and in Kansas City 2002.  The Eagles are simply nothing but great singing, great musicians, great songs, and quite a show with Joe Walsh stealing much of it.

The 2003 concert was the best ever.  I could not get over how clear everything sounded.  The guitars, piano, vocals, and harmonies were right on target - crystal clear!  We were in the nose-bleed section but there were speakers in front of us.  The great sound may have been aided by the venue.  American Airlines Center is a great place to see a show- not a bad seat in the house.

The Eagles had 14 square and rectangular screens behind them.  Above them was a huge rectangular screen.  The colored lights and videos were fantastic.  The stage may have blue lights, the screen behind them might be orange and yellow lights, and the screen above would have video of the band.  Most of the time the video of the band was in black and white - too cool.   

Henley played on a DW drum set.  The stage was full of Stratocasters, Telecasters, PRS's, and Les Paul's.  This concert was as good as it gets - as good as Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and Peter Gabriel.  You cannot beat 28 to 30 hit songs spanning over three decades.

The great thing about Eagles' concerts is that they do not make political speeches.  In fact, after the second or third song, Glenn Frey said "You're paying, so we're playing."

After the concert, the song that stayed in my head was "Wasted Time."  I'd like to see Don Henley by himself.

Play list (almost exact order)
*worth the price of the ticket

First Set

The Long Run
New Kid in Town
*Wasted Time
Wasted Time (reprise)
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Hole in the World - about 911
Love Will Keep Us Alive - from 1994 "Hell Freezes Over"
*Boys of Summer - makes me want to visit California
Take it to the Limit - Glenn Frey does a great job singing - original singer was bassist Randy Meisner
Already Gone
*In the City - Joe Walsh tore it up
One of these nights

Second Set

James Dean
Lyin' Eyes
*I can't tell you why - guitar was so smooth, reminded me of David Gilmour/Pink Floyd
Walk Away
Tequila Sunrise
*Sunset Grill - the perfect song about California - one of my favorites, "Besides, all our friends are here"
Turn to Stone - reminded me a little of Pink Floyd
You Belong to the City - very nice sax
*Life's Been Good
*Dirty Laundry - each guitar player took turns taking the lead
Funk 49
Heartache Tonight
*Life in the Fast Lane - video had city lights and roads as if you were looking out from inside a car

*Hotel California - makes you want to go to LA

*Rocky Mountain Way - Joe's talk box was fabulous, of course
*All She Wants to do is Dance

Take it Easy

2002 Play List
- Kansas City

The Long Run
New Kid In Town
Wasted Time
Wasted Time Reprise
Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Pretty Maids All In A Row
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Boys Of Summer
Take It To The Limit
Already Gone
In The City
One Of These Nights


Witchy Woman
Lyin' Eyes
I Can't Tell You Why
Walk Away
Tequila Sunrise
Sunset Grill
You Belong To The City
Life's Been Good
Dirty Laundry
Life In The Fast Lane
In The City
Funk 49
Heartache Tonight


Hotel California
Rocky Mountain Way
All She Wants To Do Is Dance
Take It Easy


2001 and later

L to R: Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey
(Original members Don Felder and Randy Meisner are no longer with the band)

In high school, Don Henley was in a band called "Four Speeds" which later became "Shiloh."  In 1970, they moved to LA and recorded an album on Amos Records.  Amos Records had also signed Glenn Frey.  Don and Glenn became friends while touring and recording with Linda Ronstadt.  The Eagles were formed in 1971.  The rest is history.

"Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine site to see.  There's a girl my Lord in a flat bed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me"