Major Ridge Home

New Echota Cemetery

One mile east of Calhoun, Georgia, off Highway 225, and behind New Echota Historical Site

by Paul Ridenour email

Harriet Ruggles Gold married Elias Boudinot.  They were married for ten years and had six children before she died at New Echota.

Directions to the cemetery:

Leaving the parking lot at the New Echota Historical Site on Hwy 225, turn left and then take the next left, which will be in
front of a Baptist church.  Continue until you see this marker below.

Not the original gravestone - a replica

Original gravestone in the attic at the New Echota Historical Site

Chief Pathkiller (1742 - 1827) . New Echota Cemetery

gravesite of Chief Pathkiller (1764 - 1828) is in the woods just outside the fence of the Garrett Family Cemetery, next to the Coosa River, in the town of Centre, Cherokee County, northeast Alabama.  I am not sure which gravesite is correct.

Picture below from webpage http://www.darkfiber.com/tomb/cemeteries/echota/pathkiller/

"Pathkiller was chief of Turkeytown and a principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. When Pathkiller died in 1827, John Ridge, son of Major Ridge, served as executor of Pathkiller's estate, which included a ferry on the Alabama Road at the Coosa River in Turkeytown. Ridge bought the ferry from the Pathkiller heirs, as well as property on either side of the river. The property included one hundred acres of cleared land, most of which was bottom land, a peach and apple orchard, a large house, and several outbuildings including slave quarters.  Much of Turkeytown and Pathkiller's estate are now underwater. Pathkiller's grave is reportedly located at the Garrett Cemetery on a high bluff overlooking the Coosa River. However, a headstone with Pathkiller's name on it has also been placed at the cemetery at New Echota, Georgia. The Turkeytown Ceremonial Grounds opened August 1993. ..." p 354-355

- Vicki Rozema, Footsteps of the Cherokees: a guide to the Eastern homelands of the Cherokee Nation (John F. Blair: Winston-Salem NC 1995)

Daughter of Samuel and Ann Worcester

New Echota Historic Site had this photo dated August 1959, taken at Harriet Boudinot's grave
Dr. Malone, Frank Graig (2nd great grandson of Elias Boudinot), wife Jacquita Graig, and Roy McGinty [was
editor of the Calhoun Times, Calhoun, GA]