The Godi family

by Paul Ridenour

Created 12/27/2010
Updated 05/01/2012

I am not a Godi.  I am doing this for Misty Godi Sanchez.

All cities and counties without a state listed are in Texas

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Frank Godi (born Lucas Co., Ohio - 7/18/1863) [Possibly the father of Henry Thomas Godi]
Died in the Assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina.
67th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; enlisted October 24, 1861
Children: [not in birth order]

1. John Godi* (born 1860 Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio - )
Neoma A. Bushong in Jefferson County, Illinois

2. Jefferson Godi* (born 01/1871 Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio - )

2. Henry Thomas Godi** (4/16/1861 Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio - 7/6/1947 Pilot Point)
married Telitha Elizabeth Wilson (5/11/1862 Jefferson Co., IL - 7/23/1939 Pilot Point)
on 4/20/1882 in Jefferson County, IL.  Both buried in Below Cemetery, Denton Co.
[Misty's great grandparents]

    Lilly Ethel Godi (4/20/1883 Mt. Vernon, IL - 3/7/1941 Sanger)
    married Lee Amos Brewer on 12/25/1897 in Fannin Co.

    Ollie May Godi (5/20/1887 Mt. Vernon, IL - 5/24/1977 Denton)
    married Sam Arthur Bottoms on 9/3/1902 in Ada, OK [Indian Territory]
    Buried in Below Cemetery, Denton County, TX.

    George Franklin Godi (3/29/1889 Mt. Vernon, IL - 1/14/1972 Denton)
    married #1 Idella Holder [Ida Holder] on 9/16/1906 in Center, OK [Indian Territory]
    married #2 Annie Elizabeth Mulky on 1/20/1912 in Denton

    Clarence Thomas Godi (3/31/1891 Mt. Vernon, IL - 8/19/1957 Denton)
    married Julia Lee Mulkey in 1914 in Texas

    William Henry Godi [Willie Godi] (12/5/1895 Fannin Co. - 4/5/1968 Denton)
    married Jeanie Bell Solomon on 8/15/1920 in Denton Co.
    Buried in Yarbrough Cemetery, Pilot Point.

    Abbie Pearl Godi (10/19/1986 Fannin Co. - 3/14/1988 Howard Co.]
    married Troy Curtis Clearman on 10/19/1919

    Babara Elizabeth Godi [Lizzie Godi] (4/22/1901 Ada, OK [Indian Territory] - 4/11/1981 Ft. Worth)
    married Warren Thomas Sweeney on 3/14/1920 in Pilot Point
    Buried Below Cemetery, Denton Co.

    John Virgil Godi (1/15/1904 Pilot Point - 1/8/1985 Denton)
    married #1 Eula Gladys Lollar on 11/24/1923 in Pilot Point [Misty's grandparents]

        Jerry Von Godi married Evanne Lea Bounds [Misty's parents]

            Misty Godi

    married #2 Mildred R. Baldwin on 3/5/1976 in Denton Co.


**From what Misty has been able to gather from census records and family stories, her great grandfather Henry Thomas Godi, changed his name.  The story goes that he and his brother (no name) left home at a very young age, maybe ages 4 and 9, and fled from an abusive father or stepfather. They fled from Ohio, which seems correct as that is where Henry Thomas says he was born as well as his father. Story continues that the two boys were separated from each other. They never saw each other or their mother again. Supposedly, their name was Bodine and they changed it to Godi. Henry Thomas did not show up on a census record until 1900 when he was 39 years old.  In 1920, Henry Thomas registered himself in the census as William T. So, I started to think maybe he was a William T. Bodine as a child.  Also interesting, a John Godi married a Neoma A. Bushong on April 18, 1900 in Jefferson County, Illinois; possibly this could be Thomas Henry's younger brother.  Hence the use of "John" for my grandfather.

NOTE:  I received an interesting email on 05/01/2012:

My name is James Bottoms, the grandson of Sam Arthur Bottoms and Ollie May Godi. I would love to share information with you, especially pictures. I have the complete military records of Frank Godi who I believe is the father of Henry Thomas Godi**. He was born in the same county as Henry in Ohio. The story I have been told by several of my relatives, is that after Henry's father died, his mother remarried. They said that Henry's stepfather beat his mother to death. So Henry Godi and his brother John Godi* ran away. They worked for a while as cabin boys on ships on the great lakes. Later, they made their way to Illinois where they were married. John Henry's brother John* married Neoma A. Bushong in Jefferson County, Illinois. So far, I have not found any other information on them. I believe that Henry also had another brother Jefferson Godi* who was born in January of 1871 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. The same as Henry and John. John was born there in 1860. I have not found any information on him either.  I also have copies of all the land deeds for the Godi's in Denton County. I also have copies of many of the obituaries that were in the Denton paper. I would be happy to share any information I have have with you.

James Bottoms


Cooper Creek Cemetery  - Denton


 James Thomas
 8 Aug 1916
 5 Apr 1971
 h/o Oma Mae Bowles
 PVT BTRY D 29 BN 7 TNG REGT WWII / Together Forever


Oma Mae (Bowles)
 31 Oct 1918
 20 Feb 2002
 w/o James Thomas Godi
 Together Forever

Pilot Point -

BILLIE JEAN (GODI) BASCOM, 77, formerly of Pilot Point
      Born July 23, 1930 to William & Gennie (Solomon) Godi
      Died Sunday, January 13, 2008 at Dallas
      Services & Interment Wednesday, January 16 at Laurel Land Funeral Home
      In Dallas

PILOT POINT COMMUNITY CEMETERY,  [Bowles buried next to Godi] Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas

Bowles, Adah (Davis)                            -  Dec 17, 1947   Masonic      2   5   2   6
Bowles, Harry Caswell    Mar 20, 1884 -  Jun 14, 1947    Masonic      2   5   2   5
Bowles, Hattie M.                         1878 - 1963                 Yarbrough   10  1   6   2
Bowles, Timoleon Robert   Sep 8, 1856 -  Jun 12, 1924   Yarbrough   10  1   6   1
Godi, William H.                Dec 5, 1895 - Apr 5, 1968     Yarbrough   10  4   4   3

Below Cemetery - Aubrey

Below Cemetery is located 3 miles south of Pilot Point and 2 miles north of Aubrey on U.S. Highway 377 in Denton County, Texas. It is a very large cemetery and serves all the surrounding communities. This audit of the West End and Block 5 is the very oldest part of the cemetery. Many burials here are marked with only red sand rocks without names or dates.

SAMUEL ARTHUR7 BOTTOMS (MAHULDA JANE6 BOYETT, ELI C.5, HENRY4 BOYET, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1 BOYT I) was born September 05, 1880 in Paris, Logan County, Arkansas (Source: Family Bible Concordance, PHB-H 2.), and died November 03, 1939 in Stoney, Denton County, Texas.  He married OLLIE MAE GODI September 04, 1902 in Ada, Pontotoc County, Indian Territory, daughter of HENRY GODI and TELITHE WILSON.


Sam was first buried in Stony Cemetery, Stony, Denton County, Texas. However, when the family moved to Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas, they moved his body to Belew Cemetery, which is between Pilot Point and Aubrey, Texas.


Burial 1: November 04, 1939, Belew Cemetery, Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas Burial 2: Originally Stoney Cemetery, Stoney County, Texas Burial Service: November 04, 1939, Aubrey, Denton County, Texas

[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-L, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jul 18, 1998, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Bottoms, Ollie
Social Security #: 459-86-2715
SS# issued in: Texas
Birth date: May 30, 1887
Death date: May 1977

She was born Nov. 4, 1931, in Paducah, Texas, to Sam Arthur and Ollie Mae Godi Bottoms. She married Wesley Calvin Redfearn on Nov. 9, 1950, in McKinney, Texas. He preceded her in death on Sept. 1. 1992.  Mrs. Redfearn was a retired beautician. She was Baptist and a member of Eastern Star.  Survivors include two daughters, Pam Ballard of Denton and Lugene Cranmore of Pilot Point; two grandsons, Mark Reding and Nick Reding, both of Denton; three granddaughters: Chrystal Scism of Pilot Point, Wendy Cranmore of Denton and Ashley Cranmore of Pilot Point; one great-grandson, Cullen Scism; one sister and brother-in-law, Margie and Herman Stricklen; one brother and sister-in-law, Henry and Ethel Bottoms; and one brother-in-law, Dub Bowery. 


Burial: May 26, 1977, Belew Cemetery, Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas Burial Service: May 26, 1977, Aubrey, Denton County, Texas Last Res. Zip: Last residence ZIP: 76258 (Source: Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jul 18, 1998, Internal Ref. # Residence Code: Residence code: Texas (Source: Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jul 18, 1998, Internal Ref. # Social Security #: Social Security #: 459-86-2715 (Source: Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jul 18, 1998, Internal Ref. # SS# issued: SS# issued in: Texas (Source: Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jul 18, 1998, Internal Ref. #

Marriage Notes for SAMUEL BOTTOMS and OLLIE GODI:
Source:  Marriages of Pontotoc County, Indian Territory  1895-1903

BOTTOMS, Samuel L., Ada, 22, and Ollie GODY, Center, 16  1 Sept. 1902

Children of SAMUEL BOTTOMS and OLLIE GODI are:

103.  i.    GERTRUDE MAE8 BOTTOMS, b. June 21, 1903, Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma; d. March 07, 1981, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.
104.  ii.   JAMES EARVIN BOTTOMS, b. January 08, 1905, Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma; d. June 07, 1969, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.
         iii.  CLARA ELIZABETH BOTTOMS, b. February 14, 1907, Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma; d. 1909, Stoney, Denton County, Texas.

Burial: Stoney Cemetery, Stoney, Wise County, Texas

105.  iv.   WILLIAM HENRY BOTTOMS, b. November 28, 1908, Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma; d. December 31, 1988.
106.  v.    LLOYD FRANKLIN BOTTOMS, b. April 21, 1912, Stoney, Denton County, Texas; d. August 09, 1991, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.
107.  vi.   ABBIE IMOGENE BOTTOMS, b. January 09, 1917, Stoney, Denton County, Texas; d. August 31, 1996, Denton, Denton County, Texas.
108.  vii.  SALLY NADINE BOTTOMS, b. April 30, 1919, Stoney, Denton County, Texas; d. March 26, 1997, Bedford, Tarrant County, Texas.
109.  viii. MARGIE VERNELL BOTTOMS, b. July 24, 1921, Stoney, Denton County, Texas.
110.  ix.   SAMUEL WILSON BOTTOMS, b. November 13, 1923, Denton, Denton County, Texas; d. August 04, 1995, Bedford, Tarrant County, Texas.
111.  x.    DIXIE JUNE BOTTOMS, b. November 04, 1931, Paducah, Cottle County,

Below Cemetery - Aubrey / Pilot Point 

Godi, Annie E.
Jun 1, 1886
Mar 10, 1966

Godi, Billie Hamonson
Dec 9, 1929
Dec 9, 1929

Godi, David Michael
Jun 6, 1949
Jul 29, 1960

Godi, George F.
Mar 29, 1889
Godi, Charlie Franklen
May 11, 1913
Dec 12, 1987

Godi, Henry J.
Apr 14, 1861
Godi, John David
Dec 14, 1927
Mar 3, 1955

Godi, Lillie Fay
Nov 19, 1919
Feb 20, 1924

Godi, Telitha E.
May 11, 1862
Jul 23, 1939

Godi, Vivian Irene
Jan 24, 1925
Jan 24, 1925