A Hard Nights Day
Club Dada
Dallas, TX

by Paul Ridenour

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Band Review

"A Hard Nights Day" is a Beatles cover band that has been playing at Club Dada ($5 cover) in Deep Ellum (downtown Dallas) for nine years.  I was in a high school marching band with the drummer Doug Cox.  "A Hard Nights Day " perform three 45-minute sets every Friday night except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  After years of not going to see them because my wife and I are usually exhausted after work on Fridays, I have seen them three times in the last month.  Doug looks like Ringo, plays drums exactly like Ringo, and sings like Ringo.  Mark Ehmann looks like McCartney, sings like McCartney, and plays a left-handed Beatles bass guitar.  The band has three other members who play guitars/keyboards/harmonica and sing like Lennon and Harrison.  Paul Averitt on guitar rocks!  They also include all of the sound effects that the Beatles used.  I love hearing them play the early Beatles tunes but I think they do a better job on the Beatles songs from Sgt. Pepper's and after.  That may be because I like the later Beatles better.  Occasionally, they do other songs from groups like the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin.

They are the winners of the "2003 Dallas Observer Music Awards - Best Cover Band."

Update: They are the winners of the "2004 Dallas Observer Music Awards - Best Cover Band."

Their webpage is  http://www.hardnightsday.com/

They play on some Saturday nights at other clubs.  Check the webpage for their schedule.

Scott Harvey, a guy I went to high school with and a friend of Doug's, is usually present and he went to Liverpool with the band.  They played with about 100 other Beatles bands.  It was not a contest, but "A Hard Night's Day" was considered in the top 5 best bands, if not the top three.

I meet four nice women - Angela From The Bar, Allison The Guitar Player, Hadas From Israel (been in the States for only nine months), and Kim (that's right - just Kim).  I gave them my two "Eggz" percussion shakers ($2 at Brook Mays/Guitar Center) and I think they enjoyed "shaking" them.  Angela From The Bar got up on stage with her shaker during "Paperback Writer."  I danced with Hadas From Israel during "Band On The Run" which is a difficult song to dance to (lots of changes) and the dance floor was packed like a can of sardines.  By the third set, the crowd got pretty wild!

I have heard and loved "A Hard Night's Day" performance of the following songs (I can't remember all of them) that they did not perform tonight: Birthday, Dr. Robert, Taxman, Ticket To Ride, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Money (That's What I Want), The Night Before, You Can't Do That, And Your Bird Can Sing, A Hard Day's Night, If I Fell, Here Comes The Sun, Day Tripper, Helter Skelter, Hello, Goodbye, Act Naturally, Revolution, Instant Karma (Lennon), I Should Have Known Better, A Day In The Life (the best Beatles' song), Baby, You're A Rich Man, Come Together, and She's A Woman.  The Beatles actually recorded about 243 songs, including the ones they did with Tony Sheridan. They also wrote several for other singers/groups.

If you are a Beatles fan, hearing this band is a must.  I believe that you will walk away feeling that you have heard and seen the Beatles at The Cavern.

I am planning on taking my 67 year-old parents soon because they will love it!
[Update - My parents finally went to see them at the Hard Rock Cafe in 2004 and they did enjoy it. My mom and I danced to "All My Loving" and she is a Baptist minister's kid]

Below is a list of the songs they performed on 9/12/2003 and the albums the songs are from (UK and US albums):

First Set

You're Going To Lose That Girl - Help
In My Life - Rubber Soul/Beatles 1962-1966
You Really Got A Hold On Me - With The Beatles/The Beatles' Second Album
Slow Down - Past Masters Vol. 1/Something New
We Can Work It Out - Past Masters Vol. 2/Yesterday...And Today/Beatles 1962-1966/Beatles One
Yellow Submarine - Revolver/Yellow Submarine/Beatles 1962-1966/Beatles One
Tell Me Why - Something New/A Hard Day's Night
Hold Me Tight - With The Beatles/Meet The Beatles
When I Get Home - A Hard Day's Night/Something New
She Said She Said - Revolver
Nowhere Man - Rubber Soul/Yesterday...And Today/Beatles 1962-1966
This Boy - Past Masters Vol. 1/Meet The Beatles
Till There Was You - With The Beatles/Meet The Beatles
Thank You Girl - Past Masters Vol. 1/The Beatles' Second Album
All My Loving - With The Beatles/Meet The Beatles
Help  - Help/Beatles 1962-1966/Beatles One

Second Set

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - Rubber Soul/Beatles 1962-1966
I'm A Loser - Beatles For Sale/Beatles '65
Another Girl - Help
I Feel Fine - Past Masters Vol. 1/Beatles 65'/Beatles 1962-1966/Beatles One
All I've Got To Do - With The Beatles/Meet The Beatles
Honey Don't - Beatles '65
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Help/Beatles 1962-1966
Penny Lane - Magical Mystery Tour/Beatles 1967-1970/Beatles One
The Ballad Of John And Yoko - Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)/Beatles 1967-1970/Past Masters Vol. 2/Beatles One
Let It Be - Let It Be/Beatles 1967-1970
Rock And Roll Music - Beatles For Sale/Beatles 65'
Octopus Garden - Abbey Road
Don't Let Me Down - Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)/Beatles 1967-1970/Past Masters Vol. 2
Hey Jude - Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)/Beatles 1967-1970/Past Masters Vol. 2/Beatles One
Leave My Kitten Alone - Beatles Anthology Vol. 1
Hey Bulldog - Yellow Submarine

Third Set

It Won't Be Long - With The Beatles/Meet The Beatles
Paperback Writer - Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)/Beatles 1962-1966/Past Masters Vol. 2/Beatles One
She Loves You - Past Masters Vol. 1/The Beatles' Second Album/Beatles One
Please Please Me - Please Please Me/The Early Beatles/Beatles 1962-1966
Can't Buy My Love - Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)/A Hard Day's Night/Beatles 1962-1966/Beatles One
I Want To Hold Your Hand - Meet The Beatles/Beatles 1962-1966/Past Masters Vol. 1/Beatles One
I Saw Her Standing There - Please Please Me/Introducing The Beatles/Meet The Beatles
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash had just died)
Twist And Shout - Please Please Me/Introducing The Beatles/The Early Beatles
Band On The Run (Paul McCartney and Wings) - Band On The Run
Something - Abbey Road/Beatles 1967-1970/Beatles One
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Sgt Pepper's/Beatles 1967-1970
With A Little Help From My Friends - Sgt. Pepper's/Beatles 1967-1970
Yer Blues - The Beatles (White Album)
Back In The USSR - The Beatles (White Album)/Beatles 1967-1970
I Wanna Be Your Man - With The Beatles/Meet The Beatles
Golden Slumbers - Abbey Road
Carry That Weight - Abbey Road
The End - Abbey Road

"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make."

VIDEO-"Chains" with Dancing Bob (29 seconds)

bob cummins
carter livingston
paul averitt
mark ehmann
doug cox

Doug Cox (a.k.a. Ringo)

Paul Averitt

Mark Ehmann

Hard Nights Day at Irish Rover in Frisco, Texas, 2/14/2004

Hard Rock Cafe - Dallas, Texas, 4/9/2004 - Mark, Bob, Doug, Paul, and Carter

More pics of the band and friends/fans