A Hard Nights Day
The Bone
Dallas, TX
6:30 - 10:00 PM

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Concert Review

by Paul Ridenour

Pictures of the band and friends/fans

It was suggested by a fan that I write another review of A Hard Nightís Day since that last one was a year ago on 9/12/2003.  The band is no longer playing at Club Dada at this time but playing at many other venues across the Dallas Metroplex including the Hard Rock Cafe, The Irish Rover in Frisco, Lakewood Bar and Grill, St. Pete's Dancin' Marlin, and many private parties/gigs.

I thought their sound and mix was very good.  The drums and bass were especially good.  I thought that all of the guitar solos, background vocals, and harmonies were top notch. Only a good sound engineer and great musicians can pull that off.

Most of their faithful fans/lovers/band aids/Apple Scruffs were present including Elaine, Laura, Theo, Dancing Bob, TD John, Mike, Dimi, Jan, Randy, Keith, Teresa, Karen, Stephanie, Gene, Lisa, and Lucy.  Missing were Bob, Karen, Jerri, Janet, Kenny, Scott, Vicki, McCartney (too young for the bar), Jacki, Pat, Bridgett, Kelly, Julie, and Karen.

TD John and Dancing Bob got things going on the dance floor.

I met some nice folks from Garden Design Landscaping including Audrey from London, Dancing Ken (move over Dancing Bob), Karen, Debra, Eric, Heleneve, Lindsey, and Leslie.

The Bone was surprisingly not that crowded but the bandís excellent selection of songs had everyone dancing all night. 

The band and everyone were glad that Carter was back from his honeymoon and Carter started the show off with "Chains."

It seems one meets a lot of folks who graduated from BA, or Bryan Adams High School (Dallas), while seeing this band.  Here are some of the regulars from BA:

                Scott Harvey                                 Doug Cox                    

        Kenny Slaughter                            Webpage author           

A splendid time was guaranteed for all.

First Set

I Need You
Iíll Be On My Way
Thereís A Place
Iím Happy Just To Dance With You (one of Elaineís favorites)
Norwegian Wood (one of my favorites)
Act Naturally
And I Love Her (one of my favorites)
Till There Was You
Another Girl
Roll Over Beethoven
Youíve Got To Hide Your Love Away
I Wanna Be Your Man
Rock And Roll Music
We Can Work It Out (one of my favorites)
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Slow Down
Sheís A Woman

Second Set

Something (Carter playing the ukulele doing McCartney's rendition)
Come Together
Sexy Sadie
Lovely Rita
In My Life [Janet wants this sung at her funeral]
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
Pennylane (one of my favorites)
Here Comes The Sun
Welcome Back Carter
A Day In The Life (my favorite)
Let It Be
Yellow Submarine
Eight Days A Week (one of my favorites)
If I Needed Someone
I Call Your Name
Ticket To Ride
You Canít Do That
I Should Have Known Better
A Hard Dayís Night


Twist And Shout
She Loves You
All My Loving (one of my favorites and a request by Audrey from London)
I Saw Her Standing There (Elaineís favorite)
Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones)
I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones)