The Hogan Family

Hogan Irish crest

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All cities and towns in Texas unless stated otherwise

Unknown Hogan married Millicent "Milly" Hogan
(My wife Dottie Ridenour's 5th great grandparents)

    Enoch Hogan (1766 Bedford, Virginia -1825 Virginia) married Ann Perrin (1767 – 1845)
(Dottie's 4th great grandparents)

            Milly Hogan (1787 – )
            Sarah "Sally" Jane Hogan (1791 – 1879)
            Elizabeth Betsy Hogan (1793 – )
            Thomas M. Hogan (12/8/1797
Bedford, Virginia – 8/27/1870 Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa) married Margaret Hackworth (1801 – 1884)
    (Dottie's 3rd great grandparents)

                    Parnula Jane Hogan (1825 – 1881)
                    Unity Ann Hogan (1826 – 1918)
                    Pamela Jane Hogan (1828 – 1881)
                    James A. Hogan (1829 – 1901)
                    Lucinda Virginia Hogan (1831 – 1920)
                    Sarah Peyton Hogan (1833 – 1914)
                    Margaret M. Hogan (1835 - )
                    Charles H. Hogan (1837 – 1906)

                    Daniel Boone Hogan (12/9/1839 Martinsville, Clinton, Ohio – 10/23/1926 Afton, Clermont, Ohio)
#1 Amanda Catherine Gibler (5/31/1850 Fairview, OH – 3/4/1888 Bennet, NE) on 5/31/1866
                    Note: Daniel Boone Hogan fought for the North, Co. C, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, wounded at the Battle of Shiloh
         (Dottie's 2nd great grandparents)

                            Edgar Austin Hogan (6/15/1867 Iowa – 1928)
                            Olive Mary Hogan (9/15/1869 NE – 1939) [Ollie Hogan] married Davis  
                            Carrie Alice Hogan (12/15/1871 NE – 11/221959 Los Angeles, CA) married Hoagland
                            Cora Hogan (1872 – 1873)
                            Sarah Edith Hogan (7/25/1877 NE – 6/20/1963 Brazoria) married
George Paschal McNeir
                             [Paschal McNeir] (9/9/1877 - 9/24/1963) on 11/1/1905
(Dottie's great grandparents)

                            Josie Boone Hogan (8/7/1881 Bennet, NE – 6/4/1966 La Puente, CA) married #1 Hale
                            and #2 Willis Bickner Dunn (2/28/1879
Jacksonville, MS -1/15/1961 Sylamar, CA)

                                    Josie Boone Hogan (1881 – 1966)
                                    Vestie Mae Dunn (8/27/1894
Stephenville – 7/11/1959)
                                    Mollie Mae Dunn (2/23/1918
Houston - )
                                    Dorothy Victoria Dunn (11/7/1919 Burkburnett - )

                            Grace Amanda Hogan (6/5/1884 Bennet, NE– 3/19/1947) married Mr. Metzger
                            Cora Hogan (died circa age 1)
                            Clarence Hogan (3/2/1888 NE – 3/2/1888 NE)  [Amanda Catherine Gibler Hogan died a couple of days after giving birth to Clarence]

                    married #2 Margaret Delilah Gibler (sister of Amanda Catherine Gibler Hogan) on 9/25/1888

                    Martha E. Hogan (1841 – 1941)
                    Mary Elizabeth Hogan (1842 – 1922)

            Catherine Hogan ??? (1810  – )

All photos from the McNeir Family Collection unless stated otherwise

Josie Boone Hogan [photo provided by Teresa Chapman]


Vestie Mae Dunn [photo provided by
Teresa Chapman]

Mollie Mae Dunn [photo provided by Teresa Chapman]

Dorothy Victoria Dunn [photo provided by Teresa Chapman]

Willis Bricker Dunn [photo provided by Teresa Chapman]

George Paschal McNeir and Sarah Edith Hogan McNeir

George Paschal McNeir, son of William and Emily
Agnes Paschal McNeir, seen here with
Cora Mae Hanson (circa 1931-32). Paschal's
son Watie McNeir married Cora's sister Louise Hanson.
Cora is the mother of famous jazz guitarist Larry Coryell.

Daniel Boone Hogan and wife Amanda Catherine Gibler Hogan

Daniel Boone Hogan (1839 - 1926, house in Afton, OH) [Photo provided by
Teresa Chapman]
Photo taken December 9, 1922

L to R:  Josie Hogan Dunn, Daniel Boone Hogan in the back, Carrie Hogan [originally though it was Ollie Hogan], Sarah Edith Hogan McNeir, Margaret Deliliah Gibler Hogan in the back, and Grace Hogan Metzger.  The girls called their aunt/step-mother "Aunt Mag."  She was a good mother to them, and they loved her very much [photo text by Dorothy McNeir Horner]

Amanda Gibler Hogan with her parents Ephriam Gibler (1228/1826  OH - 4/25/1883 OH) and Sarah Mariah Strange Gibler (7/29/1827 KY - 4/27/1915 Fairview, OH)
[photo provided by
Teresa Chapman]

Hannah Kesler Strange - mother of Sarah Mariah Strange [photo provided by Teresa Chapman]

Margaret Gibler [photo provided by
Teresa Chapman]

Amanda Catherine Gibler Hogan and Daniel Boone Hogan [photo provided by Teresa Chapman]

Thomas Hogan, father of Daniel Boone Hogan
[Photo provided by Teresa Chapman]

Margaret Hackworth, mother of Daniel Boone Hogan [Photo provided by
Teresa Chapman]

Thomas M. Hogan's grave [Photo provided by Teresa Chapman]