Major Ridge Home

Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home

501 Riverside Parkway
Rome, Georgia


by Paul Ridenour email

Dottie and I were disappointed in not getting to meet the director Carey Tilley.  Thanks Debby Brown for the tour!

Several signs along the road leading to the home

New road sign - not put up yet

The home originally faced the Oostanaula River

Artist Pam Jeffries' rendition of Major Ridge's original log cabin home - circa 1820

Side of the house looking towards the Oostanaula River

The Oostanaula River

Original wood

Sarah Ridge's "Lizard" branding iron - Sarah is a daughter of Major Ridge.
The branding iron is owned by one of Dottie's relatives.

Same brand Major Ridge used - just not the same branding iron

The basement or cellar - yes, the house has a cellar!