Paris, Texas and Hugo, OK

Paul Ridenour

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I heard about this Jesus "wearing cowboys boots" statue in the Evergreen Cemetery in Paris, Texas.  Teresa Daniel and her daughters went with me to see that cemetery and they wanted to see the "circus freaks" section in the Mt. Olivet cemetery in Hugo, OK.

The Evergreen Cemetery in Paris has 40,000 graves and some very unusual statues/gravestones/tombstones.  I have included several pictures from the cemetery.

Teresa told me that there is an Eiffel Tower in downtown Paris.  I have never seen it.  It is actually about four miles east of Paris at the convention center.

We had lunch at Angie's Circus City Diner in Hugo.  We visited the Carsons & Barnes winter headquarters in Hugo and saw the elephants.  We wanted to go inside to get close to the baby elephant but they only do tours in the winter.

We visited the circus section of the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Hugo and I think Teresa really liked it.  She had seen Carsons & Barnes in Idaho in the early 1980s.
To see pics from Mt. Olivet Cemetery, go to Hugo.

The 12-foot Cowboy Jesus gravestone/statue

Cowboy boots

Great White Buffalo - a sign of sadness

"I'm going to suck your blood!"

"What? Behind the rabbit?  No! It is the rabbit!"

Eiffel Tower, Paris, Texas

Paige on the Eiffel Tower

Elephant watching

"I am not an animal"

Carsons & Barnes "old goat"

Who needs a naval ring?

I do