The Hurst Family

Hurst Crest (English version)

All cities/counties in Texas unless stated otherwise

Information was given to me by my great Aunt Louise (Logan) Hurst on 7/15/2000

Updated 06/10/2010

by Paul Ridenour


Christopher Hurste (1525 Leckhemstead, England - 12/1/1613) married Joan Unknown (my 10th great grandparents)

William Hurste (1550 Leckhemstead - 1637) married Margev Blackmore on 10/19/1861 (my 9th great grandparents)

Christopher Hurste (1612 Leckhemstead - 1659) married Catherine Unknown (my 8th great grandparents)

William Hurste (1640 Leckhemstead - circa 1700's) married Ann Unknown circa 1660 (my 7th great grandparents)

Henry Hurst (1679 - 1730 Virginia Colony) married Anne Unknown (my 6th great grandparents)
Children: (the three sons below came to America)

John Hurst, Sr.
James Hurst
William "Brindle Bill" Hurst

Christopher Hurste
Margery Hurst
Richard Hurst

William Hurste
Thomas Hurste
Anne Hurste
Susanna Hurste
Christopher Hurste (1602-1603)
John Hurste
Henry Hurste
Richard Hurste

Isabella Hurste
Frances Hurste
Richard Hurste
John Hurstecolumbus
Elizabeth Hurste
Henry Hurste
Mary Hurste

Everything above this line has been proven to not be 100% correct via DNA testing.  Will update soon.

Note: My family came from John Hurst, Sr.

John Hurst, Sr (1683 Leckhemstead - circa 1700-1747 Frederick Co., VA [Will dated 1727]) married Jane "Mary" Beeler (my 5th great grandparents)

John "Mill Creek" Hurst (1735 Orange County, VA - 1817) married #1 Nancy Nunn in 1759
John was drafted from Shenandoah Valley for services in the Colonial Army in May, 1781.  His officers were Col. Michael Radar and Capt. George Prince.   His son, Henry, served this term of three months for him but John received a discharge for his service.  He also served one three months term for his son Henry, who was sick when called and could not answer.  He is reported to have served one or more additional terms.  Killed by a falling tree.

Henry Hurst
Elizabeth Hurst
Rev. Thomas Hurst
 (1764-1847) - slaveholder/Big Spring Primitive Baptist Church

            Nancy Hurst married John Day - a descendant is Bill Woodward email
            Rev. Hiram Hurst (1792-1867) - Big Spring Primitive Baptist Church/minor county official in Claiborne Co, TN


                  Wiley Thompson Hurst (1811 - )

                        William Letchworth Hurst [known as "Uncle Billy"] (6/1/1833 Claiborne County, TN - 6/26/1922 TX)
                        Joined the Confederates, and on October 3,1862, he enlisted in the Southern service at Sycamore,
                        Claiborne County, probably within one or two miles of his home. He became a private in
                        Captain S. E. Mitchell's Company of Pitt's Regiment of Tennessee Infantry.  Founded Hurst, Texas.

Elijah Hurst
George Hurst
Absalom Hurst
James Hurst
John Hurst, Jr.

Married # 2 Elizabeth Breedwell in 1789 (my 4th great grandparents)

Isaac W. Hurst (1803-1855 TX) married Aceneth "Cynthia" Johnson in 1825 (my 3rd great grandparents).  Isaac came to Texas after 1840.  He bought land in Peters Colony, Second Contract.  The Second Contract was 1841.

All descendants of Isaac Hurst can join the Sons of the Republic of Texas and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas if you can prove your relation back to Isaac His sons Carter Henderson Hurst and Henderson Green Hurst bought land at the same time.


Henderson Green Hurst (1826 IN-1893) married Manerva Jane Morgan
John Johnson Hurst (1828 IN- ) married Sina Combs in 1850
Carter Henderson Hurst (1828 IN- ) married Mary Annie Evans in 1854
Amasa James Hurst (10/17/1831 IN-7/17/
1923) married ??????
Amasa James Hurst served two terms in the Texas State Legislature (the 16th Legislature in 1879 and the 18th Legislature in 1883)

           Melisa Ann Hurst married George Lewis Phillips - a descendant Arlene (Phillips) Hess email

William C. Hurst (11/25/1833 IN - 3/1/1863) married Sarah S. Billberry in 1853*****
Mary Ellen Hurst (1835 IN - ) married Thomas L. Rhodes in 1854
David Johnson Hurst (1837 IN - 1933) married Martha Ann Patterson in 1865
Elizabeth Jane Hurst (1839 IN- 1841)
Cynthia E. Hurst (1841 IN - 1899) married Thomas L. Bedford
Martha E. Hurst (1842 IN - )
Sarah Ann Hurst (1845 IN - 1855)
Nancy C. Hurst (1845 IN - 1855)
Michael Johnson Hurst (1847 IN - 1865)
Rhoda Ann Hurst (1849 TX- 1852)
Isaac Wyett Hurst (1852- 1879)

Joseph Hurst (1792-1845) married Rhoda McNew
William Hurst (1796-1849) married Fanny Nunn
Mary Hurst (1794-1840) married Peter Cohon (Cotton)
Rhoda Hurst (1793- ) married H. Poe
Susannah Hurst (1806 - ) Married Joseph McCammack
Jesse Hurst ( - 1853) married Nancy McCarthy in 1795


*****William C. Hurst (11/25/1833 Putnam Co., IN - 3/1/1863 Colorado Co.) married Sarah S. Billberry (or Sarah Bilbrey) (11/25/1829 Overton Co., TN - 2/17/1925 Comanche) in 1853 [William died of pneumonia/fought in the Civil War, Company D, Baylor's Brigade.  He is not the William Hurst who was in Company K, 30th Texas Cavalry, Gurley's Regiment.  (my 2nd great grandparents)
Sarah S. Billberry also married #2 Mr. Edwards and #3 Levi M. Bowers.  Mr. Edwards must have died because she was taking care of his daughter Arazona Edwards in 1880 while married to Bowers.

Cynthia Elizabeth Jane Hurst (1854 - 1920) married George Washington Clark (1844 -  buried in Birdville Cemetery)

        Sarah E. Clark (circa 1873 - )
        Susan A. Clark (circa 1875 - )

William J. Clark (circa 1879 - )

David Columbus "Uncle Lum" Hurst (9/19/1861 - 03/26/1948 Comanche Co.)
Ann Hurst
William Thomas Hurst (1/4/1857 Parker Co. - 6/27/1929 Seymour)
Married #1 Mary Alice "Mollie" Unknown (8/15/1859 Dallas Co. - 5/24/1892 Hamilton Co.)

1. Viola Hurst (12/2/1881 Dallas Co. - 9/2/1882)

2. Sallie Hurst (11/25/1883 Dallas Co. - 9/13/1974 Lamesa) married J. Arthur Brown on 6/30/1901

Clyde Brown
Cleo Brown
Floyd Brown
Lois Brown
Joyce Brown
Mary Brown
Fay Brown

3. Robert "Lee" Hurst (4/15/1886 Hamilton Co. - 12/18/1914 Comanche Co.) married Amanda "Mandy" Hurt on 4/14/1909

Thelma Hurst (died 12/1986) married Monte Lane (Thelma buried in San Angelo)
Harvey "Eschol" Hurst married Yvonne Alsup

Randy Hurst
Mac Wade Hurst
Tommye Jo Hurst
Danny Lee Hurst

4. Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hurst (1/21/1889 Dallas Co. - Austin) married Henry Roe on 2/10/1910

Romee O. Roe married Evelyn Collins

Marty Roe
Marilyn Roe

Floy Roe married Duard McLemore

Duard McLemore, Jr.

Gerald Roe (married and lives in Portland, OR)

Elzo Roe (3/28/1917 - 1/2007) married Beatrice "Bea" Pierce (11/5/1917 - )(living in Seymour) on 12/25/1936

Betty Zelda Roe married Bedford Mitchell (living in Lawton, OK)

Gary Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell

Jerry Roe (Helicopter pilot in Vietnam War/MIA since 1968)

Wayne Roe married Betty Unknown (living in Conroe)
Children: (Wayne is a PHD Professor of Music at Sam Houston State Univ. in Huntsville)

Wendy Roe

5. Maggie May Hurst (5/9/1892 Hamilton Co. - 7/17/1892)

William Thomas Hurst married #2 Sarah E. Franks (9/5/1862 Louisiana - 11/24/1899 Comanche Do.) on 3/6/1898 in Gustine, Comanche Co., by G.H. Tody

William Thomas Hurst married #3 Lucy Ann (McClelland) Thornton **** (5/2/1874 Alabama - 1/5/1913 Seymour) on 10/13/1901 in Gustine by B.F. Graves (William Thomas and Lucy Hurst are my great grandparents - buried in Cache Creek Cemetery near Seymour)

William and Lucy (McClelland) Hurst

1. Olive Frank "Ollie" Hurst (6/30/1902 in Comanche Co. - 2/8/1971) married Nora Alice Pennington (9/22/1900 - 6/26/1981) on 10/31/1920 (both buried in Seymour)

Billie Jean Hurst (8/8/1923  - 1/17/2007 Seymour) married Johnnie Frank Martin (1920 - 2001) on 7/15/1945

Linda Martin married Rex Conner

Cheri Lynn Conner
Candice Renee Conner

Terry Martin married Wayne Cooksey

Crystal Cooksey

Johnny Frank Martin married Pam Unknown

John Cody Martin

Joan Hurst (12/28/1929-12/28/1929)

Ollie Frank Hurst, Jr. ( - 4/11/2007) married Betty Jean Byers ( - 2/15/1983 Age 50)
Note:  Ollie told me on 1/20/2007 that the Hursts were part Comanche and related to Quanah Parker

Robert Wayne Hurst (1/7/1952  - ) married Molly Thompson email in 1978 and #2 Nadine
[Robert was in the Navy during the Vietnam War]
Children #1:

        Katherine Marie Hurst (11/19/1983 Dallas - ) married Mr. Dixson

            James DeWitt Dixson (10/25/2006 - )

William Nathan Hurst
Sandra Ann Hurst married Mark Bassham on 4/21/1978 in Odessa

    Shane Bassham (2/16/1979 - ) married Amanda Caughlan on 11/19/2011
    Landon Bassham (9/10/1980 - ) married Tiffany Sharp on 9/5/2009

            Libby Nichole Bassham (07/03/2010 - )

    Blake Bassham (3/20/1983 - ) married Hayley Rodgers on 11/3/2007

            Remington Reese Bassham (05/26/2009 - )

Married #2 Shirley Fox (Arkansas ) on 1/21/1984

Robert "Bob" Lee Hurst married Hellen Fennell

Lesha Hurst married Ronnie Aten

Amber Shawnee Aten

Ashley Jo Aten married Justin Avery Bishop on 6/17/2006

     Riley Neal Bishop (04/06/2007 - )
     Avery Jo Bishop (09/07/2010 - )

Kelly Britt Hurst married Kenda Shepherd

Married #2 Joy Unknown

2. Alice Loraine Hurst (5/27/1904 Comanche Co. - 11/28/1986 Dallas) married Leonard "Melvy" Joines (my grandparents/both buried in Forney)

Mary Alice Joines (10/9/1936 Palmer) married Robert Stanley Ridenour (9/16/1936 Dallas) in 11/1955 (my parents)

Robert "Dale" Ridenour (11/24/1956 Dallas - ) married Becky Moreno - 1 child
Brian Paul Ridenour (3/12/1960 Dallas - )(me)(email)(see my Joines webpage) married Dottie Doyen
David Carl Ridenour (1/8/1961 Dallas - ) married Sharon Hand - 4 children

Kathleen Joines married Fred Graves

Mary Lynn Graves - 2 children
Kathy Graves married Rob Burns - 2 children

3. LeRoy "Roy" Hurst (8/15/1906 Comanche Co. - 1/21/1958 Snyder) married Thelma Shawver (1911-1989) on 10/5/1945 (both buried in Seymour)

4. Willie "Bill" Aline Hurst (7/21/1908 Baylor Co. - 7/3/1986) married #1 Earnest Bruner in 1928 and married #2 Charles Reed (Reid)

5. Buster Brown Hurst (8/4/1910 Baylor Co. - 7/18/1997) married Mae Louise Logan (6/16/1912 San Angelo - 6/11/2011) on 12/20/1930 in San Angelo
Note: Buster was born without a name.  He was called "Baby Boy."  His name became B. B. Hurst, calling himself just "BB."  When he joined the military, they had to have a first name.  He made up "Buster Brown" and he was known as Buster for the rest of his life.
 Ollie Hurst told me on 1/20/2007 that Buster went to a Hurst reunion and found out we have a small connection to the Hurst family of Hurst, Texas.

Wayne Thomas "Tommy" Hurst (3/13/1934 San Angelo) married Verna Janice Rutledge (2/4/1935 Abilene - 6/5/1993 Dallas) on 8/29/1953 in Abilene

Max Logan Hurst (6/19/1954 Abilene) married #1 Shelley Gail Nash on 1/4/1975 in Abilene and married #2 Sharon Bailey
Children #1:

Ian Christopher Hurst (7/11/1976 Abilene)

Children #2:

Julian Max Bailey Hurst (8/4/1990)

Jana Lyn Hurst (11/12/1955 Abilene) married Gary Lee Cox on 9/21/1981 in Dallas

Sarah Elizabeth Cox (7/10/1984 Dallas)
Ryan Thomas Cox (12/12/1989 - )

Julie Renea Hurst (4/07/1965 Abilene)

                            Married #2 June Ellen Wafford McKeehan on 6/21/1994
                       Note: At Louise Hurst's funeral, June and my Aunt Kathleen Joines Graves discovered they graduated Woodrow Wilson High together
                       in 1957. 


McCelland Crest (Borderlands)

**** Lucy Ann McClelland Thornton had two girls from a previous marriage.
They were Ann Thornton and Mattie Thornton. The
McClelland genealogy appears below:

James Denton (circa 1815 AL or TN) married Nancy Unknown (circa 1820 Al or TN) (my 3rd great grandparents)
Children: (from
the 1860 AL Census taken on 3 Jun at Franklin Co. Cherokee Post Office)

William Denton (circa 1838 - )
June Denton (circa 1840 - )
Mary Denton (circa 1841 - )
Fanny Denton (circa 1843 - )
Amy Denton (circa 1845 - )
Henrietta Denton (circa 1847 - )
Sarah Denton (circa 1854 - )
Sue Alice Denton (5/1/1856 Cherokee, AL - 9/24/1914 Ennis) married
George Frank McClelland (circa 1850 AL - circa 1882 Freeston Co.) in 1871 (my 2nd great grandparents)

Lucy Ann McClelland (5/2/1874 AL - 1913 Seymour) married Oscar Thornton

Annie Della Thornton (1/11/1895 - ) married James "Jim" Colin Franklin (1880-1915)(Buried in Seymour)

Clyce Franklin (8/4/1913 - )
Collie Franklin (1/16/1915 - 12/8/1972)

Mattie Inbis Thornton (4/1/1897 - ) married Guy Ross (or Rose)

Married #2 William Thomas Hurst (my great grandparents)

Ollie Frank Hurst
Alice Hurst married Leonard "Melvy" Joines (my grandparents)
LeRoy "Roy" Hurst
Willie "Bill" Aline Hurst
Buster Brown Hurst

Frank Luther McClelland (1878 - ) married Amelia Scott

George Will McCelland (2/12/1881 TX - 1912) married Irene Hitt (9/24/1884 Tyler - 1968 New Orleans, LA)

Ione Martha McClelland (9/28/1910)
George William McClelland (1912 Comanche - )
James Prentiss McClelland

          James Denton  (circa 1958 - )

Roy, Alice, Ollie Sr., Bill, and Buster Hurst 1945

Melvy and Alice (Hurst) Joines (grandparents)

Melvy, Alice, Mary Alice, and Kathleen Joines

Mary Alice Joines and sister Kathleen Joines

Roy Hurst

Ollie, Alice, and Roy Hurst

Melvy and Alice (Hurst) Joines (grandparents)

Melvy, Mary Alice, Kathleen, and Alice (Hurst) Joines

Ollie, Roy, and Alice Hurst (Comanche, Texas, 1908)

Mary Alice Joines (mother) and Kathleen Joines - circa 1955
Mary Alice (Joines) Ridenour turned 70 on 10/09/2006 - Mother

Johnnie and Billie (Hurst) Martin

House in Cache Creek [near Seymour] where William T. Hurst, Lucy (McClelland) Hurst, and their five children lived (front)

House was built circa 1895 (back)

Buster Hurst and Bill Hurst (female) are siblings of Alice Hurst Joines.  Jimmy Joines, M.D. Joines, Virgil Joines, and Johnny Joines are siblings of Alice Hurst Joines' husband Melvy Joines.

Annie Thornton and Mattie Thornton were step sisters to Alice Hurst and her four full-siblings and three half-siblings.

Ollie Frank Hurst, Jr., Robert Lee Hurst, and Tommy Hurst - Seymour 1/20/2007

The above information about Co. B 30th Texas Cavalry is incorrect.  There were two William Hursts.  The correct information is Baylor's Brigade.

Before I knew that Isaac Hurst came to Texas in 1841,  I used William T. Hurst (born Parker Country in 1857) for the Texas State Genealogical Society "Pioneers Of Texas" program that one can join if they had an ancestor living in Texas before 1886 (Paul Ridenour #675).

Isaac Hurst - Citizen of the Republic of Texas

Pictures below taken by Sandra Hurst Bassham

Landon Bassham, Blake Bassham, Ollie Hurst Jr, and Shane Bassham

Katie Hurst Dixson, James Dixson, and Ollie Hurst Jr.

Ollie Hurst Jr. and great grandson James Dixson

Molly Hurst, James Dixson, and Katie Dixson

Ollie Hurst Jr., Dottie Ridenour, and Paul Ridenour