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by Paul Ridenour

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Updated 04/17/2023

NOTE:  I know very little about the Jett family.  This info came from other websites/other people.  All I know is that my 2nd great grandmother was Mary Susan Jett who married Seaton Leroy Joines and both are buried in the Small Cemetery in Small, Texas, near Edgewood, Texas.  Mary's parents were Isaac Jett and Sarah Bird Jones.  Sarah is buried in Wills Point, Texas.  We do not know where Isaac is buried and cannot verify who his parents were.  If you cannot trace your family to this webpage, I cannot help you.  I will be happy to update this webpage with your information - Paul Ridenour

(below is a direct line from Peter Jett to my 2nd great grandmother Mary "Susan" Jett - Paul Ridenour)

Peter Jett (1628 Oxfordshire, England - circa 1688) married Mary Triplett
(my 9th great grandparents)

John Jett (1663 Rappahannock Co., VA - 1710 Richmond Co, VA) married Elizabeth Triplett
(my 8th great grandparents)

John Jett, Jr. (1695 Richmond Co., VA - 1771 Culpepper Co. VA) married Ann Wells
(my 7th great grandparents)

Stephen Jett (1735 King George Co, VA - ) married Elizabeth Reed
(my 6th great grandparents)

Elizabeth Jett married Reuben Searcy - a descendant is Carolyn Ostler email

James Jett married Rosanna Gregory - a descendant is Chip Jett email

John Jett (circa 1760 Granville Co. VA - 1816 Hardin Co, KY)
(my 5th great grandfather)
married #1 Ann Burns on 10/21/1778 in Wilkes Co., NC
married #2 Naomy Webb on 4/5/1787 in Wilkes CO., NC
Children #1:

John Jett, Jr. (1779 NC - ) married Nancy Avery on 4/5/1798
(my 4th great grandparents)

Isaac (circa 1805 KY - )
married Sarah Bird Jones (2/19/1826 - 1/7/1914) circa 1843-45 in Oneonta,AL
(my 3rd great grandparents)

James M Jett (12/6/1845 - 8/23/1892) married Mary Eliza Joines (great grandparents of James E. Jett email)

   Martha E. Jett (7/28/1871 - )
    Delilah Elizabeth Jett (12/4/1874 - )
    Marshal Jett (2/15/1876 - )
    Sarah Ann "Sally" Jett (7/25/1877 - )
    Alice Jett (2/22/1880/81 TN - )
    Susan I. Jett (6/3/1883 - )
    Rosietta E. "Rosie" Jett (9/10/1885 - )
    Maudia B. Jett (1/27/1889 - 11/7/1889)
    Luther M. Jett (10/11/1889/90 TX - )
    Jimmy Pearl Jett (3/13/1893/92 TX - )

John D. Jett
Sophia "Jane" Jett
Mary Susan Jett married Seaton Leroy Joines (my 2nd great grandparents)
Margaret Elizabeth Jett
Delilah C. Jett
Isaac Mason Jett (1866 - ) - great granddaughter is Paula Elefante

Mary Eliza Joines and Seaton Leroy Joines are siblings.
See JOINES for info on James M Jett and Mary Susan Jett (and picture)

Note: James M. Jett (12/6/1845 - 8/29/1892) is buried at the Rike Cemetery in Farmersville, TX. He was shot and killed by two brothers when he approached them for making lewd comments about one of his sisters. He died about the same time as William J. Allgood's wife Martha E. Allgood died. They are buried 20 feet from each other. William J. Allgood then married James Jett's widow Mary Eliza (Joines) Jett. Mary Eliza Allgood is buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery, north of Edgwood, TX (Van Zandt County), next to her mother, Nancy Joines.

James M. Jett (12/6/1845 - 8/23/1892) - Rike Cemetery, Farmersville, Texas

Martha E. Allgood (5/5/1844 - 2/19/1894) - Rike Cemetery, Farmersville, Texas

Maudia B. Jett (1/27/1889 - 11/7/1889) - Rike Cemetery, Farmersville, Texas

Roy Joines  (10/2/1883 - 11/17/1895) - Rike Cemetery, Farmersville, Texas
[Son of Seaton Leroy Joines and Mary Susan Jett Joines]

Seaton and Susan (Jett) Joines - Susan's mother Sarah Bird
(Jones) Jett sitting

Susan (Jett) Joines

Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett

Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett (sitting in the middle) with Susan (Jett) and Seaton Joines. Behind them are Henry and Rosie (with baby) (Joines) Haptonstall. Next to Rosie (Joines) are sisters Ura, Bertia, and May Joines. The rest of the people are Haptonstalls. However, some family members have told me that Henry Haptonstall had the only camera and he probably took this picture. The family does not have very many pictures of Henry since he took most of them. Therefore, the man in the back with the mustache may not be Henry. In fact, he looks more like my great grandfather Clint Joines.

Starting left to right adults standing: (back of picture)

Ada Adams, Floy Haptonstall Read, Lee Brown, Mack Henson,  Henry Haptonstall, Rosie Joines Haptonstall, (holding Ottie), Maggie Joines Brown,  Bertia Joines,  Jimi Jett (faded face), and May Joines Vines

Adults sitting: Susan Jett Joines (child in her lap has no name), Granny Jett (Sarah Bird Jones Jett), and Seaton Joines (holding Clint Brown)

Children sitting on ground left to right: Arvan Brown, Winchell Haptonstall, Clemy Brown, Veta Haptonstall



Descendants of John Jett, Jr.

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN7 JETT, JR. (JOHN6, STEPHEN5, JOHN4, JOHN3, PETER2, JOHN1) was born 1779 in Probably NC. He married NANCY AVERY April 05, 1798. Children of JOHN JETT and NANCY AVERY are:

    i.    HENRY8 JETT, b. 1799
2. ii.    JOHN JETT III, b. 1799, Warren Co. KY.
3. iii.   JAMES JETT, b. February 20, 1801, NC; d. Marshall Co AL.
4. iv.   ISAAC JETT, b. 1805. married Sarah Bird Jones (my 3rd great grandparents)
Note: On 12/30/2002,  I received an email from Will Brown's son Robert Brown who said that his father told him that Sarah Bird Jones was a full-blood Cherokee and was on the Trail of Tears.  I also received an email from Jim Jett who also said his father and many Jett relatives said that Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett was a full-blood Cherokee. It's not true - Paul Ridenour)
5. v.    LUCINDA JETT, b. 1808. married
Jacob Light November 1895 in Blount County Alabama. 

                Charles Jacob Light married Docia Key

                        Julia Light married Alberry Williams

                            Perry Foster Williams - daughter is Kim Williams email

6. vi.   JOSEPH H. JETT, b. 1815, Warren Co. KY.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN8 JETT III (JOHN7, JOHN6, STEPHEN5, JOHN4, JOHN3, PETER2, JOHN1) was born 1799 in Warren Co. KY. He married REBECCA ROBBINS April 07, 1825 in Blount Co., AL. She died March 1850.
Children of JOHN JETT and REBECCA ROBBINS are:

   i.    WILLIAM9 JETT, b. 1828.
   ii.   HENRY JETT, b. 1830; m. LUCRITIA J. CHAMNESS, May 11, 1855, Blount Co., AL.
   iii.  JAMES JETT, b. 1833.
   iv.  JOHN JETT, b. 1836.
   v.   ISAAC JETT, b. 1838.
   vi.  MARY JETT, b. 1842.
   vii. MALINDA JETT, b. 1844; m. WILLIAM MCMURRY, March 28, 1877, Blount Co., AL.
   viii. THOMAS JETT, b. 1847.

3. JAMES8 JETT (JOHN7, JOHN6, STEPHEN5, JOHN4, JOHN3, PETER2, JOHN1) was born February 20, 1801 in NC, and died in Marshall Co AL. He married ELIZABETH EDWARDS October 12, 1825 in Blount Co., AL. She was born February 20, 1801 in North Carolina.


7. i.    SOPHIA W.9 JETT, b. 1827; m. WILLIAM CLAYTON TIFFIN, b. 1830 (descendent Don Tiffin email)
   ii.    JOSEPH HANKERSON JETT, b. August 1829; m. WINNIE MAHALA JANE TIFFIN, May 10, 1857.
   iii.   JOHN W. JETT, b. 1831; m. MILLY E. MASSEY, January 02, 1857, Marshall Co. AL.
8. iv.  JAMES JETT, JR., b. Abt. 1837; d. In Arkansas.
9. v.   BENTON G. JETT, b. September 26, 1840.
   vi.   ISAAC F. JETT, b. 1843; d. WFT Est. 1844-1933.
   vii.  NANCY JETT, b. 1844; m. JOHN HENRY TIFFIN; b. 1832.

4. ISAAC8 JETT (JOHN7, JOHN6, STEPHEN5, JOHN4, JOHN3, PETER2, JOHN1) was born 1805. He married SARAH 1843 in Oneonta, AL. She was born Abt. 1827. Children of ISAAC JETT and SARAH are:

   i.    JAMES9 JETT, b. 1845.
   ii.   JOHN JETT, b. 1848.
   iii.  JANE JETT, b. 1850; m. NAPOLEON BOSTRICK, August 04, 1870, Bullock Co., AL.