The Joines Family (English)

Joines Crest (Welsh)

by Paul Ridenour

Thomas Joines to Daniel Logan Joines to Seaton Leroy Joines (married Mary Susan Jett) to Clint Joines (married Ella Barbee) to Leonard Melvy Joines (married Alice Hurst) to Mary Alice Joines (married Robert Ridenour) to son Paul Ridenour

Updated 05/01/2022

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Unless specified, all cities are in Texas

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Another good Joines webpage:

Leonard "Melvy" or "LM" Joines (my grandfather), pastor First Baptist of Forney (1936-1950)

This picture came in an email from David Hindman.  Does anyone know who this is?  He believes it to be Clint Joines.  The box of pictures is labeled "Barbe - Center, Texas."  Charles Gibson Barbe was a photographer in Center, TX, from around 1899 until his death in 1922.  He was from England and I don't think he was at all related to the Barbee family (Photo from the collection of Leon and Ruby Read and scanned by David Hindman with permission of the family)


NOTES: Toumbes-Venable Cemetery may be spelled Toombes-Venible on other webpages, but that is incorrect.
The Mormon Internet database has Daniel Joines, Seaton and children "born" in Edgewood, Van Zandt County, TX, but they came from Tennessee to Edgewood.


The Thomas Joines Family

Thomas Joines was born circa 1785 in Maryland (4th great grandfather) married Julia Ann Gordon (1800 PA ? -1871) or Julia Ann Unknown.  Thomas' Will dated 1/23/1865.  Thomas was a drummer in the War of 1812 [2 REG'T (BENTON'S) TENNESSEE VOLS]. The PULASKI CITIZEN dated March 21, 1871, noted "Died last week of pneumonia, Julia Joins, a very good and pious old lady.".  She is buried along with her son George Washington Joines and his wives at the Joines/Shrader Cemetery near Minnow Branch, Campbellsville, TN

1. Elias Joines - served Company K, 53rd Tennessee Infantry in Civil War - not proved to be a son but a strong possibility

2. M. Harrison Joines - served Company K, 53rd Tennessee Infantry in Civil War - not proved to be a son but a strong possibility

3. Joel Joines (ca 1812 or ca 1820- ) married Elizabeth Brittonv (circa 1816, ca 1818, or ca 1822 - )

William Thomas Joines (4/28/1836 - 11/11/1910 Ross, Texas] married Mary Langston in Jasper County, Missouri

James T. Joines
Charles Joines
William Jesse Joines
Cordelia Frances Joines, b. circa 1870. Missouri

Susan Joines
Emily Joines
John E. Joines
Adaline Joines
Franklin Joines
Louis J. Joines
Alexander Joines

4. George Washington Joines (3/18/1822 Campbellsville, TN - 2/21/1908 Giles County, TN) married #1 Elizabeth Keltner (3/8/1826 Lawrence County, TN - 11/21/1886 Giles County)(both buried in Shrader/Joines Cemetery)[Company K, 53rd Tennessee Infantry in Civil War, prisoner]

Julia Ann Joines (1/2/1845 Giles Co., TN - 2/22/1924) married Robert James Carville (named ended up changing to Carvell)
Mary Catherine Joines 9/7/1846 Giles Co, TN - ) married William Porter Thurman
Emmanual Thomas Joines (8/19/1848 Giles Co., TN - 9/18/1925 Jackson Co)
General Andrew Joines (1/11/1850 Giles Co., TN - before 1860 Giles Co., TN)
Nelly Pernina Joines (5/5/1851 Giles Co., TN - 7/11/1902) married James K. Polk Hewitt
Cynthia Joines (5/11/1853 Giles Co., TN - 4/17/1927 Giles Co., TN) married William Lafayette Owens
Nancy A. Joines (12/5/1855 Giles Co., TN - Milam County) married #1 Rueben C. Duncan, #2 John Daniel Henson
Rufus Joines (10/15/1857 Giles Co., TN - 1859 Giles Co., TN)
William Lee Joines (5/8/1859 Giles Co., TN - 12/27/1896 Giles Co., TN) married Nancy Malinda Ada
Georgia Ella Forrest Joines (3/23/163 Giles Co., TN - 9/4/1928 Giles Co., TN) married Robert H. Shrader
Unnamed infant Joines (1875 Giles Co., TN - 1875 Giles Co., TN)

married #2 Nancy P. Hewitt (5/24/1831 - 8/5/1899) on 3/10/1890 (Buried in Schrader/Joines Cemetery)

5. Daniel Logan Joines, b. March 27, 1827 (or 1826), Giles County, Tennessee; d. February 02, 1905 (3rd great grandfather)
served Company K, 53rd Tennessee Infantry in Civil War]
    Mustered in on 12/25/1861 in Nashville, Paroled at Greensboro, NC, on 05/01/1865, Captured 02/16/1862 at Fort Donelson, Dover, TN

6. Charles Joines, b. ca 1829 TN - 2/2/1905 TX, married Hester Ann Unknown

William T. Joines

7. Amanda Adelaide Joines, (11/6/1833 Giles Co, TN - 1908 Brunot, MO) married Henry Warren Lucy (1/27/1832 in Pisgah, Giles Co, TN - 8/26/1921 Bismarck,  MO) on 8/19/1858 in Giles County, TN.  Henry Warren Lucy also served Company C, 53rd Tennessee Infantry in Civil War, and a prisoner.

Virginia A. Lucy (1859 - )
Nancy Lucy (ca. 1859 - )

William T. Lucy (ca. 1861 - )
James H. Lucy (4/1862 - ) married
Adelaide McGhee
Cicero Lucy (5/28/1866 - )
Arzero or Ozro Clinton Lucy (
5/29/1866 - 10/ 30/1951 Wayne Co., MO) married Alice Mann (9/27/1869 - 11/10/1962)
Elizabeth A. Lucy (
9/20/1868 - )
Monroe Lucy (ca. 1870 - )
Robert Lucy (ca. 1872 - )
Melvin Lucy (ca. 1875 - )

8. Thomas Joines, b. circa 1836 TN - possibly died Sept 1950 in Giles Co, TN

9. Denecia A. Joines, b. circa 1839 TN, married Major A. Beal in 9/1867 in Giles County, TN

Thomas J. Beal


The Daniel Logan Joines Family

Nancy Ann Joines'
gravestone near Edgewood

Daniel Logan Joines gravestone in Mexico, TX, near Quinlan

New Civil War marker added on 7/8/2012 by Paul Ridenour
Private, Co. K, 53rd Tennessee Infantry, CSA

Seaton and Susan (Jett) Joines

Daniel Logan Joines (3/27/1827 Tennessee - 2/2/1905 Van Zandt County) (3rd great grandfather) married Nancy Ann Jett (11/7/1828 TN - 8/13/1898)(Nancy buried at Toumbes-Venable Cemetery, Van Zandt County) (Cemetery is north on 859 out of Edgewood, turn right at 19, turn right at VZ CR 3613, 1/2 mile on the right, 100 feet from road).  Daniel is buried in the McBride Cemetery in Mexico, TX, near Quinlan.  He served in Company K, 53rd Tennessee Infantry during the Civil War.

1. Seaton Leroy Joines (12/7/1848 Giles Co., TN - 3/4/1920) (2nd great grandfather)
Married Mary "Susan" Jett (3/5/1854 Alabama - 3/3/1938) on 11/30/1871 in Giles County, TN
(both buried at Small Cemetery, Van Zandt County, N. of Edgewood on 859, turn left on VZ CR 3701)
Susan Jett's parents were Isaac Jett and Sarah Bird Jones (2/19/1826 AL - 1/7/1914)(Sarah buried in Howell Cemetery, Hwy 751, NE of Wills Point, Van Zandt County )
Note: On 12/30/2002,  I received an email from Will Brown's son Robert E. Brown (below) who said that his father told him that Sarah Bird Jones was a full-blood Cherokee and was on the Trail of Tears.  I also received an email from Jim Jett who also said his father and many Jett relatives, said that Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett was a full-blood Cherokee.  There is a Bird Jones and Sarah Jones on the Dawes/Miller Rolls.  One huge problem, Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett was born and lived in Alabama, which means she would not have been on the Trail of Tears.  Sarah was not Cherokee Indian.


Margaret Ann "Maggie" Joines (4/12/1873 Tennessee - circa 1928)
Married William "Will" Clem Brown (
7/17/1874 Paris - 5/5/1955 Mena, AR) (lived in Waco)
on 5/2/1895 in Fayburgh

Roy  Lee Brown (4/26/1896 - 9/1972 Houston)[Army in WW1] married Rose Faulkner
Christened Lee Roy but he changed his name in his youth.

            Eileen Brown (circa 1922 - ) married Kenneth Records circa 1949
            Robert E. Brown (circa 1926 - ) - email married
Billy Unknown circa 1949

                    Michael Brown (Mike Brown)
                    Mark Brown

            Margaret Brown (circa 1932 - )

Clint Brown (8/1898 - )
A. R. Brown (1903 - ) - called Aarvon [
R Van]
W. C. Brown, Jr. (1906 - ) - female and called
Marvin Brown (1910 - )
Alvin Brown (2/12/1912 McLennan Co - 11/29/1975 San Francisco, CA)
Olin Kelly Brown, Sr. (8/09/1916
Colorado City - 5/1982 Kinder, LA)
married Lily Langley
(2/21/1916- 10/30/1998)

          Beverly Ann Brown (1/13/1950 - ) married Mr. Courville         

          Olin Kelly Brown, Jr. (4/21/1947- ) married #1 Sherrill Lucile Frey (4/6/1951 - )
          on 4/51969
and #2 Deborah Marie Gardiner (5/31/1955 - ) on 12/23/1982
          Children #1:

                    Kerrill Lucile Brown (11/9/1970) married a Richard Owen Minor III
                    (5/11/1974 - )
                    She remembers a Jett who
she thought was White Mountain Apache

                        Phelan Alec Patrick Minor (6/22/1995 - )

          Children #2:

                    Sarah Marie Brown (1/7/1991 Anchorage, AK - )
Eli James Bailey on 11/4/2009

Rosie Lee Joines (1/6/1876 Tennessee - 8/26/1932 Edgewood)
Married Henry Haptonstall (1/15/1876 Amity, AR - 8/10/1932 Edgewood)
(Both buried at Small Cemetery along with several Haptonstall descendents)

Floy Haptonstall (10/5/1894 Edgewood -9/12/1951 Lufkin)
Married John Nicholas Read (4/25/1892 1/26/166) on 7/4/1911 in Edgewood

David Leon Read married Ruby Miles - a great aunt of David Hindman email
Maybelle Read

Bernice "Bug" Read ( - 5/26/1977) in Lufkin - a descendant is Dallas radio personality Ken "Hubcap" Carter (1944 - 2/27/2004)

John Henry Read
Russell Nickolas Read ( - 6/2009) married Bernadean Pickens (9/17/1923 - 6/09/2009)
Howard Gorde Read
Lowell Read
Lounita Read
Jesse Ruth Read
Raymond Read

Eva Haptonstall (2/1897 Edgewood - 11/11/1901 Edgewood)

Veta Marie Haptonstall (6/24/1899 Edgewood -1/26/1983 Edgewood)
Married David Forest Fears (9/4/1897-2/22/1962 Edgewood) on 8/23/1915

Eva Mae Fears
Geneva Fears
David Lafeayette Fears (9/1/1924 - 6/27/1992)
Harold Lavon Fears

Henry "Winchell" Haptonstall (4/22/1902 - 12/17/1969)
Married Mary Emily Roarke (6/20/1900 - 3/10/1971) on 12/18/1923

Jack Haptonstall

Fredric "Fred" Clinton Haptonstall (6/6/1906 Edgewood - 1967 Edgewood)
Married Vanda Novis Daniels (1/30/1909 Prescott, AR - 4/5/1968 Edgewood) in 1930

Jerry D. Haptonstall
Wilma Haptonstall

Ottie Lee Haptonstall (6/10/1908 Edgewood - 4/4/1971 Edgewood)
Married Annie May Garrett (7/2/1910 3/21/1994) on 10/22/1927

Jimmy Lee Haptonstall
Charles Leo Haptonstall ( - 8/2/2003 Grand Saline)
Wesley Kline Haptonstall

Sallie "Ruth" Haptonstall (7/3/1912 Edgewood - 11/7/2002 Wills Point)
Married Roy Rusk Hendrix (10/18/1908 7/1/1967 Wills Points) on 6/29/1929 in Edgewood (Both buried in Small Cemetery)

James Henry Hendrick
Billy Sherwin Hendrix

Tera Elizabeth Joines (10/3/1877 Tennessee - 1878)

Clinton "Clint" Joines (5/16/1879 Giles Co., Tennessee - 9/10/1946 Forney)(great grandfather) [see his genealogy after his picture]

Ura Joines (9/13/1881 Tennessee - )
Married Al Law (lived in Dallas in the 1940's/Fair Park Area) on 10/21/1900 in Hunt County

Oradell Law
Edna Law -
(she died in childbirth, her son Ed was raised by Ura and Al)
Leona Law
Dorothy Law
A. L. Law, Jr. married Mary McPeters - daughter Barbara Law
Arthur Law
Lloyd Law - daughter Melinda Law email
Rudolph Law

Roy Joines (10/2/1883 Tennessee - 11/17/1895) - buried at Rike Cemetery, Farmersville, Texas

May M. "Mamie" Joines (4/6/1888 Quinlan - 7/1/1966)
Married Benjamin F. Vines (1/23/1877-12/27/1941)
(Both buried in Small Cemetery along with several Vines descendents)

Eva Cornelia Vines (10/19/1907 - 9/11/1981) married William H. McDonald (12/3/1904 - 1/12/1979)
Joseph C. Vines (2/16/1910 - 8/27/1985) married Ethel M. Fields (10/9/1902 - 11/25/1977)
Fannie "Opal" Vines (1/28/1912 - 9/6/1937)
Gladys Vines (10/1/1915 - )
Loys Irene Vines (1/12/1917 - 7/16/2003)(Buried in Small Cemetery)  married Fears
Ben R. Vines (9/2/1918 - 9/2/1918)
Mary Magdalene Vines (3/28/1923 - 3/28/1923) ?
Loyd Vines (6/20/1924 - 6/20/1924) ?
Ray Vines (1926 - ) married Clota Wortman
Benjamin F. Vines, Jr. (12/28/1928 -2/6/2004) married Nelda Smith on 9/17/1949 in Edgewood (Ben buried in Small Cemetery)

            Randy Vines

                    Josh Vines
                    Cassie Vines
                    Haley Vines

            Gregg Vines

                    Nick Vines
                    Natalie Vines

            Susan Vines married a Mr. Cauley

                    Ryan Cauley

Bertia Leona Joines (10/22/1895 Farmersville-12/29/1969 Bedford)
Married David Barto "Bart" Cooper (4/6/1895-10/28/1949 Dallas) on 2/14/1914 in Seymour
(Both buried in Small Cemetery)

D. B. Cooper (1922-1924)(Buried in Small Cemetery)
Estelle Cooper married a Ferguson

Female Ferguson
Female Ferguson

Lorene Cooper married a Chaney
Ray Cooper (twin)
Fay Cooper (twin)

2. Martha Adeline Joines (5/10/1851 Comesville, Giles Co., TN - 8/7/1899 Small) married Richard Allen Toumbes (1/31/1850 Culleoka, TN - ) on 6/15/1873 in Columbia, TN
(Martha buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery -  I found no gravestone)  (See TOUMBES for more info and pictures)

Grandville Logan Toumbes (6/11/1875 Culleoka, TN - ) married Annie Lillie Caskey

Mary W. Toumbes (2/12/1897 - 4/2/1897)(buried at Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)

Allen Toumbes (2/5/1877 Culleoka, TN - ) married Minnie Margaret Caskey

Aubrey A. Toumbes (4/29/1897 - 10/5/1898)(buried at Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)
Sally Jewel Toumbes (10/20/1898 - 3/2/1899)
(buried at Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)

3. Mary Eliza Joines (8/8/1853 Giles Co., TN  - 8/1/1908 Van Zandt Co. ) married #1 James M. Jett (12/6/1845 Blount Co, AL - 8/28/1892) and married #2 William J. Allgood
(Mary buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)
(Van Zandt County Census dated June 26, 1900, states Mary had 11 children, 9 living)

Martha E. Jett (7/28/1871 - )
Delilah Elizabeth Jett (12/4/1874 - )
Marshal Jett (2/15/1876 - )
Sarah Ann "Sally" Jett (7/25/1877 - )
Alice Jett (2/22/1880/81 TN - )
Susan I. Jett (6/3/1883 - )
Rosietta E. "Rosie" Jett (9/10/1885 - )
Luther M. Jett (10/11/1889/90 TX - )
Jimmy Pearl Jett (3/13/1893/92 TX - )

4. Sarah Ann Joines (1/28/1856 Giles Co., TN - )

5. James Ephren Joines (4/28/1858 Giles CO., TN - )

6. Alcy Elizabeth Joines (1/13/1862 Giles Co., TN - 12/9/1899) married F. W. Smith (Alcy buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)

7. Charles Wesley Joines [C. W. Joines] (5/1/1866 Giles Co., TN - 12/29/1929 ) married #1 Samantha Jane Allgood (3/5/1875-1/15/1915) on 12/3/1891
   (Samantha buried in Howell Cemetery, Van Zandt County)

William Edward Joines (1/14/1894 Collin Co. - 1/9/1972)(Texas PVT US ARMY World War I) married Elizabeth H.
Joines (12/21/1899 - 8/24/1983) (both buried at Odd Fellow Cemetery in Quinlan, near Victor Barbee)
Frank Joines (12/1895/1896 Collin Co. - 1976) married Ethel Lee Alexander (1907-1971)
[Both buried at Odd Fellow Cemetery in Quinlan]
Exie Joines (10/27/1898 Van Zandt Co. - )
Annie Joines (10/27/1898 Van Zandt Co. - lived in Allen) married #1 General Lee Wood and married #2 Mr. Butler

        Audrey Wood

        Thomas Wood married Ada Unknown

            Thomas Wood [adopted - Native American Indian]
            Rosemary Wood [adopted - Native American Indian]

        Willie Mae Wood ( - 2004 Allen) married Orvan Barnett

            Carla Barnett

        Ruth Wood
        Christine Samantha Wood (10/23/1918 - 9/7/2008 buried West Cem., Quinlan) married Edgar D. Hamm and #2 Frank Haines

            Tommye Joyce Hamm Koehler
            Shirley Ann Hamm Mitchell
            Mary Jo Hamm Hunt email
            Johnice Hamm Anderson

        G. L. Wood (grew up in Quinlan/family farm at the bottom of Lake Tawakoni) married Alice Eloise Mendoza in 1949 [Note: General Lee Wood killed himself during the Depression/found by his son G. L. Wood at 8 years old]

                Sandra (Wood) Jones of Richardson
                Richard Wood of Dallas
                Paul Wood of Duncanville
                Diana (Wood) Keller of Austin
                Donna Wood in Tucson, AZ

                Sean Wood (ca. 1965 - lives n San Antonio) email

        Geneva Wood married Billy Joe Chapin

                Gary Chapin
                Stephen Chapin
                Philip Chapin               

        Peggy Jean Wood married Bill Livesay

                Billy Auben Livesay [from Bill's first wife/Billy Auben died age 10 on Dwight's 4th birthday]
                Dwight Livesay
                Melissa Livesay
                Angela Livesay (1964 - ) of Dallas email

        Carroll Wood

                David Wood
                Kelly Wood

Daniel Logan Joines (6/15/1902 Travis Co. - )
Beulah Joines (12/28/1903 Hunt Co, - 1965) married Ollan Northcutt (1903-1964) married 8/6/1925
[Both buried in Odd Fellow Cemetery in Quinlan]
Louis Joines [Lewis Joines] (12/8/1906 Hunt Co. - ) married Emma Northcutt (9/15/1908 - ) on 7/23/1927

                Louis Edward Joines [Lewis E. Joines] (11/19/1929 - ) married ?

                            Karen Joines
                            Richard Joines

                Bobby Eugene Joines, Sr. (12/13/1936 Baytown - 04/26/2020) married Barbara

                            Bobby Eugene Joines, Jr. email married Cindy
                            Mark Allen Joines email married Judy
                            John Lee Joines [died at birth]
                            Philip Lee Joines married Michelle

Charles Wesley Joines married #2 Mary
[Charles buried in the Hardin United Methodist Church cemetery [Hardin Cemetery] in Hardin, near Liberty, off Hwy 146, near the fence and gate, no gravestone]

        Charlie Mae Joines
        Maraleen Joines [spelling ?] married Tom Troutman

                Jerrell Troutman "Bubba" - lives in Baytown


The Clint Joines Family

Ella Barbee                            Clint Joines

Great grandma Ella Barbee Joines [Maw Maw], Nannie Joines [Alice Hurst Jones], my mom Mary Alice Joines Ridenour, my two brothers and me in red - the girl is just a neighbor - circa 1965 [I do not remember Maw Maw]

Clinton "Clint" Joines (great grandfather)(5/16/1879 Giles Co., Tennessee - 9/10/1946 Forney)
Married Sarah "Ella" Barbee (7/8/1879 Hughes Springs - 11/22/1967) on 11/16/1900 in Linden, Cass County
(both buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, Forney)

1. Leonard Melvy Joines (11/13/1901 Funland -1/30/1989) (Forney) (grandfather)
Married Alice Lorraine Hurst (5/27/1904 Comanche -11/28/1986 Forney) on 12/21/1924 (grandmother)
Divorced 11/4/1970, remarried 2/8/1972, divorced 1/15/1973

(both buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, Forney)

Mary Alice Joines (10/9/1936 Palmer- lives in Dallas)(mother)
Married Robert Stanley Ridenour (9/16/1936 Dallas - lives in Dallas) in November 1955

Robert "Dale" Ridenour (11/25/1956 Dallas) (lives in Mesquite)
Married Becky Moreno (11/6/1959 - )

Robert Matthew Ridenour (3/31/1991 Dallas)

Brian "Paul" Ridenour (3/12/1960 Dallas) (lives in Garland)
Married Dorothy "Dottie" Louise Doyen (10/13/1962 Texas City)
Married on 11/1/1986 in Dallas

"David" Carl Ridenour (12/8/1961 Dallas) (lives in McKinney)
Married Sharon Hand (7/7/1962 - )
Married on 1/10/1987 in Dallas

David Russell "Rusty" Ridenour (4/2/1991 Plano)
Grant Caleb Ridenour (2/20/1993 Plano)
Calvin Graham Ridenour (11/21/1994 Plano)
London Elaine Ridenour (11/3/1996 Plano)

Kathleen Joines (10/23/1939 Forney) (lives in Mesquite)
Married Fred Graves (1/10/1938 - )

Mary Lynn Graves (9/23/1959 Dallas) (lives in Yelm, WA)
Married John Anderson

Aaron Anderson (11/30/1989 - )

#2 Dale Robert Palmer

Amanda "Mandy" Anderson (10/25/1993 - )

Kathy Graves (5/6/1961 Dallas) (lives in Plano)
Married Rob Burns

Matthew Fielding Burns (2/22/1999 Plano)
Samantha Lauren Burns (4/17/2001 Plano)

2. Ocie Vera "Sister" Joines (8/7/1903 Quinlan -4/10/1996 Ft. Worth)
Married Charles Daniel Snyder (9/29/1901 Ft. Worth -11/15/1976 Seymour) on 5/20/1922

Charles "Chili" Snyder, Jr. (4/25/1923 Bomarton)
Married Dessie Catherine "Cathy" Collins (2/4/1926 Corsicana - 12/18/1995 Waco) on 10/20/1943 in Grandfield, Tillman, OK

Micki Carol Snyder (10/20/1945 Madison, WI)
Married William "Bill" Franklin Bowman on 7/29/1970 in Reynosa, Mexico

Married Rupert "Rupe" McDowell

Catherine "Inez" Snyder (6/29/1951 West Point, NY)
Married William "Bill" E. Russell on 3/31/1984 in Waco

Married Stephen Derrell Walker

Cathleen Elizabeth Snyder (12/4/1953 Fountainbleau, France)
Married Thomas "Tommy" Lee Rozell on 7/3/1980 in Carrollton

Rebecca "Becky" Caroline Snyder (1/22/1956 Sacramento, CA) email
Married Sindey Burton Berry, III on 2/23/1973 in Waco
Married Thomas E. Griffith
Married Charles Bradley "Brad' Brown

Sue Jon "Johnnie Sue" Snyder (9/19/1936 Itasca - 5/11/2020)
Lived in North Richland Hills
Married Carl Eugene Yates (3/2/1940 Ronceverte, WV) on 9/12/1958

James Carlton Yates (7/7/1959 Wichita Falls - 12/3/2017)
Married Olivia Hernandez (10/16/1961) on 10/5/1984

Carla Sue Yates (3/27/1962 Ft. Worth)
Married Rex Allen Pugh (2/28/1962 Ft. Worth) on 8/12/1983

Shane Lewis Pugh (5/13/1987)
Brock Daniels Pugh (8/21/1990)

Louis Ray Snyder (7/12/1925 Itasca - 8/27/1977 Bomarton)
Married Maryon Margaret Huskinson (8/25/1924 Bomarton -5/17/1997 Denver, CO) on 9/24/1946 in Bomarton

Sandra Fran Snyder (B 7/10/1947 Wichita Falls)
Married Garland Lamb (4/7/1946 Shreveport, LA) on 10/14/1983 in Midland

Cindy Lou Snyder (B 7/2/1950 Seymour)
Married David T. Sites, Jr. (10/25/1949 San Angelo) on 1/3/1970 in Seymour

David Thomas Sites, III (11/7/1970 Wichita Falls)
Married Stephanie Reed (11/22/1971 Midland) on 5/21/1994 in Midland

Catherine Sites (6/29/1995 Midland)
Jennifer Sites
(7/21/1998 Midland)

Jonathan Louis Sites (5/8/1976 Midland)

Clinton Eugene "Gene" Snyder (9/14/1930 Bomarton  - 3/24/2001 North Richland Hills)
Married Gwendolyn "LaMoyne" Thomas (9/1931) on 7/2/1950 in Bomarton

Lynn "Karen" Snyder (5/1952 - 7/15/2007)
Married Stanley J. Pirzchalski (4/1939) in 6/1987
Children: (Lynn's stepchildren)

Susan Lynn Pirzchalski (8/1964)

Lisa Ann Pirzchalski (7/1968)
Bill Brown

Cameron Mitchell Brown (8/1990)

Lynda Ann Pirzchalski (8/1974)
Married Jason Blanton in 11/1993

Terry Eugene Snyder (11/1956 - 12/09/2012)

Stephen Todd Snyder (4/1971)
Married Heather Rochelle Hutchens on 6/23/2001 in North Richland Hills

Savannah Brooke Snyder (7/19/2002 - )
Tanner David Snyder (9/24/2005 - )
Tyler Clinton Snyder (9/24/2005 - )

3. Effie Era "Johnnie" Joines (4/13/1905 Iowa Park)
Married Jim Parks

Betty Jim Parks
Married Louis Harelik

Louis Max Harelik
Jimmy Harelik
Kay Harelik

Married J. P. Atkinson

4. M. D. Joines (12/18/1907 lived in Farmington, NM - )
Married Mary Unknown

Michael Joines

Delores Anne Joines
Married Joseph H. Durbin

Joseph David Durbin

Kenneth Joines (12/1/1953 - Buried 1/12/1969)

5. Virgil Ben Ray Joines (10/11/1909 - 8/20/1993 lived in Kerrville)
Married Maggie J. Russell (6/30/1912 - 3/8/1998)

Billy Ray Joines
Married Juanita Bridges on 9/14/?? 

Clint Joines

Bobby R. Joines (lives in Kerrville)
Married #1 Nell Roy Crawford and #2 Kendra Dulaney

Children #1:

            Xandra Joines married Russell Turner email in Odessa on 5/30/1981

                      Taylor Austin Russell
                      Morgan Alexander Russell

            Sherri Lynell Joines married Byron Scott Rowe in Odessa on 8/10/1984

                      Justin Rowe
                      Cody Rowe
                      Jacob Rowe [Jake Rowe]

Mary Margaret Joines (lives in Kerrville)
Married William Dusty Canon

Alan Canon married Pat

            Ben Canon
            Sara Canon

Berry Canon married Pam

            Clara Canon
            Emily Canon

Kelly Canon married Bobby


Jo Jean "Jody" Joines (lives in Kerrville)
Married #1 Charles Raymond Hicks on 8/9/1952 at Kessler Air Force Base, Biloxi, MS
Married #2
John Francis Berthiaume ( - 9/19/99 Midland)
Married #3
Thomas Goodman Briggs (12/20/31 - 2/10/97 Bangs) - Tommy adopted all five boys
Married #4 unknown
Married #5 Ernie Tolman
Children #1:

Charles Steven Briggs (4/19/1954 - ) married Lauralyn Ann Horton on 11/11/1972 in Harper

    Charles Steven Briggs, Jr. (12/20/1974 - ) married Kala Jackson (12/16/76 - )

         Christopher Seth Briggs (10/17/1997 - )
         Kara Briggs
(6/24/2002 - )
         William Cole Briggs
(9/29/2003 - )

    Jennifer Rebecca Briggs (6/1/1978 - ) email married #1 Michael Kelley Cass (9/25/76 Taft - ) and
    #2 Keith Branch in May 2006
    Children #1: (legally changed name from Cass back to Briggs on 2/9/2006)

        Tyler Lee Briggs (5/21/1997 Corpus Christi -  )
        Kaitlyn Celeste
Briggs (10/7/1999 Fredericksburg - )
        Krista Nicole
(11/27/2001 Fredericksburg - )

Brent Raymond Briggs email (1/1957 - ) married Kathy

          Mellissa Briggs
          Allyson Briggs
          Emily Briggs

Joseph Virgil Briggs (4/7/1958 - ) married Ann Marie Unknown

          Justin Briggs
          Jack Briggs
          Marcus Briggs
          Elisabeth Briggs (twin)
          Samantha Briggs (twin)

Children #2:

Brian R. Briggs (9/7/1963 - ) married Beth

          Kayla Briggs

Children #3:

Allison "Al" Goodman Briggs (8/24/71 Lubbock - ) [adopted at 3 days old] married
#1 Elaina Ajjanette Harris [Anjie Harris] email on 02/12/1994 and #2 Jenny Mullins
Children #1:

          Alexandra Layne Briggs [Alee Briggs] (1997 - )
          Austin Jordan Briggs 
(2000 - )

Children #2:

          Beaux Briggs
          Barron Briggs

Anna Lou Joines
Married Jerry Dwain Miller on 12/15/1960 in Brownwood

       Ronnie Miller married Marian

                  Lexie Miller

       DeEtte Miller married Ricky Criswill

                  Calab Criswell
                  Kamarie Criswell

6. James "Jimmy" Leon Joines (3/28/1912 - 5/10/1971)
(S2 US Navy - WW II)(buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, Forney)
Married Dorothy D. Harmon (1/7/1914 - 7/9/1956)

David Joines [David Tate] - married several times

    Leslie Gansel Bauscher

Lester Joines [Lester Tate]

Note: Dorothy Joines remarried a Erby Wilson Tate and he adopted David and Lester

Married Jo Calvacca

"Linda" Marian Joines (1/7/1948 Dallas)
Married Tom Leyhane on 8/2/1970

Erin Rebecca Leyhane (2/12/1978)

Madeline "Laura" Joines (10/19/1951 Hoboken, NJ)
Married Bill Flocks on 5/26/1973

Amy Flocks (8/18/1974 Austin)
Married David Galdamez on 7/11/1998

Note: Jo Calvacca remarried 5/15/1966 to a Mr. Brant
Note: Jimmy Joines also married Donna Marshall

7. Edward "Leroy" Joines (11/3/1913 Seymour - 1972 Colorado)
Married Agatha "Sammy" Evans (08/06/1911 Illinois - ca. 2004 Arizona)

Gloria "Sharon" Joines (10/14/1941 - 09/04/2020)
Married Michael Dell McKay and Victor James Trost

Robyn Marsielle McKay (11/11/1960 - )
Robyn was adopted by Victor James Trost - Robyn Trost

   Victor Dell Trost (10/20/1998 AZ - )

8. Wilbur Clint Joines (7/16/1918 Whittier, CA)
Married Edna Earl Emmons

Gerald Don Joines (1942 - ) - living in Las Vegas
Married Kathy Unknown

Marlene Renie Joines (11/16/1966)
Gary Scott Joines
( - ) - living in Northridge, CA

Cynthia Kay Joines (10/30/19??) email - living in San Antonio
Married Nichols


Vickie Darlene Joines ( - ) - living in Phoenix, AZ
Married Larry Lopez

Faith Lopez
Josh Lopez


Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett
Mother of Susan (Jett) Joines

Bertia Leona (Joines) Cooper

Emmanual Thomas and Henrietta T. Joines  George W. and Elizabeth (Keltner) Joines


Barbee Family

Ella Barbee had another son named John Henry "Jack" Mills, Jr. (8/21/1998-5/14/1967) and a daughter Lorie Alene Mills (2/3/1900 - ) by first husband, John Henry "Charlie" Mills (died circa 1899).  John Henry "Jack" Mills, Jr. , had sons named Richard Jonathan Mills and Roger Buchanan Mills with wife Maxine Adeline Gleason. I have genealogies of the Mills from 1795 and also on the Gleasons.

Ella Barbee had 12 brothers and sisters - John Andrew, William Henry, Benjamin Edwin, Aubry Wilber, Minter Derwood, Emma Laverne, Richard Victor, Albert Ray "Babe", John Hardy, James Erastus, Mary France Etta Barbee, and Rosa Lena Ketner (half-sister).

Hurst Family

My grandmother, Alice Lorraine Hurst, had four siblings (Roy, Buster, Bill (female), and Ollie) and five half-siblings (Lizzie Hurst, Sally Hurst, Lee Hurst, Ann Thornton, and Mattie Thornton). Her father was William T. Hurst. Her mother's maiden name was Lucy Ann McClellan. See my HURST webpage.

Company K, 53rd Tennessee Infantry during the Civil War
Mustered in on 12/25/1861 in Nashville, Paroled at Greensboro, NC, on 05/01/1865, Captured 02/16/1862 at Fort Donelson, Dover, TN

Ancestor must be in Texas before 1886.  Ella Barbee Joines was 10 months old in Texas in 1880.

Clint Joines and Ella Barbee Joines

Clint Joines War Ration Book

Clint Joines
WWI Draft Registration Card

Saltpork to Sirloin: A History of Baylor COunty 1878 -1930, Volume 1, Page 37

Bricks in downtown Forney, Texas

LM Joines Tax Receipt for 1945

Civil War Families of Tennessee - Daniel Logan Joines

Prisoner exchange list for George Washington Joines [G. W. Joines] and below him is listed Daniel Logan Joines [D. L. Joines].  Henry Warren Lucy [H. W. Lucy], who married Amanda Adelaide Joines, was also in the 53rd Tennessee Infantry and captured.

Tennessee Probate Court Books 1795-1927, Giles County Wills 1869-1896, Vol. B, pg 143, Image 9, - "Estate Sale" of Thomas Joines' widow Julia Joines - Family Names: 
son G. W. Joines [George Washington Joines], son D. L. Joines [Daniel Logan Joines], Henry Warren Lucy [H. W. Lucy], the husband of daughter Amanda Adelaide Joines - Julia Joines lived with them in 1870, according to the TN census, daughter Denecia Joines married Major A. Beal [census records] and M.A. Beal is on the “estate sale.”  Also on the “estate sale” is H. G. Meece, an adjoining neighbor.  I have the land records to prove it.  And finally, Thomas Joines’ “friend M. E. Alexander is the Executor of his Will” and is also on the “estate sale.” G. W. Joines did get the prized feather bed.

Thomas Joines Giles County TN Land Survey 1847 [Look for H. G. Meece]

Thomas Joines Giles County TN Land Survey 1854 (Part 1)

Thomas Joines Giles County TN Land Survey 1854 (Part 2) [Look for H. G. Meece] - Notice that it was CC'd to Thomas L. Joines

The land records above mention Big Creek.  Below shows D. L. Joines as an overseer of roads near Big Creek in 1867

Tennessee Probate Court Books 1795-1927, Giles Settlements 1865-1871, image 163, the last paragraph shows D. L. Joines, "overseer of the roads beginning at the second ?? of Big Creek"

Thomas Joines' Will

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Joines, Book A, Page 53, Giles County, TN

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Joines being in advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life being in my right mind do make this my last will and testament.  Firs I will my soul to God who gave it and my mortal remaines to be decently Intered and after my funeral Expenses all Just debts ar paid.

I will to my beloved wife Julian all my estate both real and personal during hir Natural life or Widowhood and at hir death or mrriage then my Executor after giving  Lawful Notice to Sell the entire Estate an such terms as he may think best for the Interest of the Estate and the Proceeds Equally Divided Between my Lawful heirs.

I appoint my friend M. E. Alexander my Execetor in witness whereof I do to this will set my hand and seal this day the 23rd  day of January 1865.


                                                                                                Thomas  X  Joines  seal


Signed Sealed and Delivered in our presents

Isaac Yorkly
John I Novus