(Pictures were sent to me by Vera Joines' daughter Sue (Snyder) Yates)

Seaton Joines with wife Mary "Susan" Jett with children Clint (my great grandfather), Ura, and Bennie. May Joines is in the original picture on the right. Not sure why she is not in this picture. Looking for the original.  Boy in picture must be Roy Joines (1883 - 1895), a son of Seaton and Susan Joines.

Clint Joines sister Rosie Haptonstall's children - The daughters are Floy (far left), Veta (far right), youngest child is Sallie Ruth. The sons are Fred, Ottie and Winchell - not sure which order.

Back of postcard by Rosie Joines (to Clint Joines)

H. Haptonstall and Family including Nick and Floy Read. made by himself Aug. 20, 1911 AD (Photo from the collection of Leon and Ruby Read and scanned by David Hindman with permission of the family)

Clint Joines with sisters Ura and Bert

Era and Vera Joines (daughters of Clint Joines)

Era Joines with daughter Betty Jim (Parks) Harlik and family

Gene Snyder and Wilbur Joines

Jimmy and sister Era Joines

Jimmy Joines, Jo, Linda, and baby Laura - 1952

Jimmy Joines, Ella (Barbee) Joines, and Vera (Joines) Snyder

Mary Alice Joines (my mom)

Melvy "LM" Joines (my grandfather) on left and his siblings

Virgil and Melvy Joines (a Baptist preacher and a Billy Graham look-alike) See HURST

Buster Hurst and Bill Hurst (female) are siblings of Melvy Joines' wife Alice Hurst Joines.  Jimmy Joines and M.D. Joines and Virgil Joines and Johnny Joines are siblings of Melvy Joines.

Jack Barbee is brother of Clint Joines' (my great grandfather) wife Ella Barbee Joines. They married in Linden, Texas, in 1900. Ben Vines married Clint Joines' sister May Joines Vines. Meloy Joines is really Melvy Joines. Picture should be closer to 1910 because Melvy Joines was born in 1901 and he looks 8 to 10 years old in this picture. John H. Mills is half brother of Melvy Joines from his mom Ella Barbee Joines' first marriage.