Seaton and Susan (Jett) Joines

Seaton Leroy Joines

Mary "Susan" (Jett) Joines

Seaton and Susan (Jett) Joines with Susan's mother Sarah
Bird (Jones) Jett (wife of Isaac Jett)

May (Joines) Vines, Cornelia Vines, and Ben Vines

May (Joines) Vines, Ben, and Ray Vines

Ray and Ben Vines

Ray Vines (9/2001)

Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett (sitting in the middle) with Susan (Jett) and Seaton Joines. Behind them are Henry and Rosie (with baby) (Joines) Haptonstall. Next to Rosie (Joines) are sisters Ura, Bertia, and May Joines. The rest of the people are Haptonstalls. However, some family members have told me that Henry Haptonstall had the only camera and he probably took this picture. The family does not have very many pictures of Henry since he took most of them. Therefore, the man in the back with the mustache may not be Henry. In fact, he looks more like my great grandfather Clint Joines.

Starting left to right adults standing: (back of picture)

Ada Adams, Floy Haptonstall Read, Lee Brown, Mack Henson,  Henry Haptonstall, Rosie Joines Haptonstall, (holding Ottie), Maggie Joines Brown,  Bertia Joines,  Jimi Jett (faded face), and May Joines Vines

Adults sitting: Susan Jett Joines (child in her lap has no name), Granny Jett (Sarah Bird Jones Jett), and Seaton Joines (holding Clint Brown)

Children sitting on ground left to right: Arvan Brown, Winchell Haptonstall, Clemy Brown, Veta Haptonstall

This bible came from May (Joines) Vines.  It may have belonged to her dad or mom, Seaton and Susan (Jett) Joines.  It appears to list the first three daughters of Seaton and Susan and their birth dates - Maggie (spelled Maggy) 1873 or 76, Rosie Lee  (spelled Rosaley) 1875 or 76, and Tera Elizabeth Joines (spelled Lisebeth) 1877-1878.  Note: I show that Maggie was born in 1875, however, 1973 may be correct.  It looks like a backwards 3 or a 6.  Rosie Lee was born in 1876 (on gravestone) but the date here looks more like 1975.  It could be a 6 using a pen with ink problems.  Tera was indeed born in 1877.  I did not know when she died until I saw this bible on 9/8/2001.  The exact wording:

In the year of our
Lord Maggy Joines
was born 1873
Rosaley Joines
was born
Tera Lisebeth
was born 1877 and
dide 1878