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Jones Crest (Welsh, English)

by Paul Ridenour

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NOTE:  I know very little about the Jones family.  This info came from other websites/other people.  All I know is that my 3rd great grandmother was Sarah Bird Jones, who may or may not be Cherokee, married Isaac Jett and she is buried in the Howell Cemetery in Wills Point, Texas.  If you cannot trace your family to this webpage, I cannot help you.  I will be happy to update this webpage with your information - Paul Ridenour

All military records and documents on this webpage and this Jones Family PDF were provided by Angela Jones Harlan

A special thank you to Angela for sending me so many documents and helping me with my application to join the General Society of the War of 1812

Jeremiah Jones (1770 - 4/22/1847].  His estate was settled in Blount County, Alabama. Jeremiah married Mary Swisher in 1786 in Knox Co., TN (5th great grandparents)

NOTE: Jeremiah Joines

Private Volunteer
Soldier for Knoxville County, Hamilton District Militia, Territory South of the Ohio (Tennessee)
Served 15 & 16 Aug 1794 and 27 Aug through 02 Sep 1794 
Proves he was in TN before statehood and the marriage date on his War of 1812 Land Bounty.  Descendents can join First Families of Tennessee.
Name: Jeremiah Jones
Rank - Induction: PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge: PRIVATE
Roll Box: 113
Roll Exct: 602

Jeremiah also in Captain Preston's Company, Tennessee Militia, War 1812.

Jeremiah Jones War of 1812 Military Bounty Land

NOTE: Mary Swisher is an aunt of Texas Patriot James Gibson Swisher

Children of Jeremiah Jones and Mary Swisher: (not necessarily in birth order) (Children's names from court records of estate settlement.)

I. Michael Swisher Jones ca. 1790 married ?

II. James Jones born 1796 married Amanda Jane Baker born in 1805. (There is a James Jones marriage to Jane Baker 12 September 1821 in Morgan County, Alabama.) James Jones was dead by the final estate settlement in 1864. (Information from 1850 Blount County, Al, census and the court records of estate settlement of Jeremiah Jones.)(4th great grandparents)
James was also a private in the War of 1812.
Children of James and Jane:

    1) Jesse S. Jones born 1832

    2) James F. Marion Jones [James F. M. Jones] born 1834 - Civil War/Alabama

    3) Thomas J. L. Jones born 1838 - Civil War/Tennessee

    4) Jeremiah L. P. Jones (8/28/1837 - 10/9 or 19/1890) (Company C, 1st Regiment of the Alabama Calvary, Civil War - He hid out under bluffs to escape service in the Civil War) married #1 Amanda Filylend Speegle (12/26/1834 -5/30/1887) married #2 Bettie Ann Speegle (5/25/1864 - 6/24/1891). Jeremiah L. P. Jones is buried in Brushy Creek Cemetery in Cullman Co., AL

        Jeremiah L. Jones (2/18/1891 - 6/19/1891)

    5) Sarah Bird Jones born 19 February 1826 married Isaac Jett (my 3rd great grandparents and parents of Mary Susan (Jett) Joines (See JOINES) (my 2nd great grandparents)

Note: On 12/30/2002,  I received an email from Will Brown's son Robert Brown who said that his father told him that Sarah Bird Jones was a full-blood Cherokee and was on the Trail of Tears.  I also received an email from Jim Jett who also said his father and many Jett relatives said that Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett was a full-blood Cherokee.  There is a Bird Jones and Sarah Jones on the Dawes/Miller Rolls.  One huge problem, Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett was born and lived in Alabama, which means she would not have been on the Trail of Tears.

    6) William Bell Jones born 1825.  Also in this household, was a girl from the poor house - Susan Barber Nelson - 1834.  William Bell Jones, Enlisted in Company B, Alabama 1st Cavalry

III. Jesse Government Jones born 1806 died ? married Narcissa Hill born about 1811 daughter of Micajah and Dorcas Hill. Jesse G. Jones and Narcissa Hill were married 7 November 1832 in Morgan County, Ala.
(Information received from descendent of Hugh Alexander Gilmore Jones, Barbara Buettner, Cullman, Ala.)
Children of Jesse and Narcissa:

    1) Nancy Jane Jones - 1834
    2) William Bonaparte Jones - 1835
    3) Cintha Jones - 1837
    4) William Andrew Jones - 1841
    5) Sarah E. Jones - 1842
    6) Elizabeth Jones - 1843
    7) Jesse Wesley Jones -1846
    8) Hugh Alexander Gilmore Jones - 1849
    9) Martha A. Jones - 1852
    10) Louise Jones - 1852
    11) Maro Jones - 1855
    12) Coleman Jones - 1856

IV. Nancy Jones (1799 - 1843 or after) married #1 James Madison Jones (?) and #2 Robert Pickle
    Children #1:

    1) Elizabeth Jones (1814 TN - ) married Josiah McCollum

    2) Mary Duncan Jones (1815 TN - ) married James Dunn Adney

    3) James Madison Jones 1819 Morgan Co, AL - 1892 Brazos County, TX)
        [Methodist preacher) married Matilda Cook

    Children #2:

    1) Christopher Jones Pickle b. 1821 AL d. 1883 CA m. 1844 AR Susanna COOK b. 1817

            John Robert Pickle b. 1845 AR
            John William Pickle b. 1848 MS
            Nancy Mary Pickle b. 1849 MS
            Thomas Charles Pickle b. 1852 Arizona Territory
            Martha Frances Pickle b. 1858 CA
            Olphia A. Pickle b. 1860 CA

    2)  William Jones Pickle (1823 AL - 1824 AL)

    3) George Washington Pickle (1824 AL - 1907 CA) married #1 Mary Ann Jones (1829 AL - 1852) on    6/16/1844 and #2 Mary Ann Mariah Jones (3/6/1841 KY - 1911 CA)
            Children #1:

            Mary Elizabeth Pickle b. 1848
            Sarah Jane Pickle b. 1850

            Children #2:

            Margaret Pickle b. 1861
            John William Pickle b. 1863
            Jesse Wiley Pickle b. 1866
            Martha Frances Pickle b. 1868
            George Washington Pickle, II b. 1870
            Della Ann Pickle b. 1873
            Ella May Pickle b. 1877
            Franklin Pickle b. 1879
            Josephine Pickle b. 1882

    4) Jeremiah Jones Pickle b. 1826 AL d. 1826 AL

    5) Sarah Bird Pickle b. 1828 d. 1888 or after, married 6/16/1844 to John (Jehu) JONES

    6) Martha Jane Pickle b. 1830 d. 1840

    7) Henry S. Pickle b. 1832 AL d. 1860 TX. m. 1853 Nancy Wallace

    8) John Faust Pickle (28 Feb 1834 Blount Co, AL - 16 Jul 1916 Santa Rosa, CA) married 10 Dec 1863 in Healdsburg, CA, to Elizabeth Jane Jones (18 Jul 1847 Jackson Co, MS - 11 Oct 1911 Santa Rosa, CA), daughter of Wiley Leonard Jones (born 2 Mar 1814 TN) and Margaret Ann March (born 8 Apr 1917)
(Twelve children)

    9) Nancy Catherine Pickle b. 1837

   10) Jesse Wiley Pickle b. 1841 d. 1862

V. George J. Jones married Sarah Lauderdale, daughter of James Lauderdale and Anne Jones. George and Sarah were married 23 September 1824 in Morgan County, Alabama. (Information on children from 1850 census record, Blount Co., Ala. and from Jones/Lauderdale descendant.)
Children of George J. Jones and Sarah Lauderdale:

    1) James M. Jones - 1830   

    2) Jeremiah D. Jones - 1833

    3) Joseph L. Jones - 1835

    4) William M. Jones - 1837

    5) George W. Jones - 1838

    6) Sarah Ann Jones - 1842

VI. Jeremiah Jones married Anny Angeline Lauderdale daughter of James Lauderdale and Ann Jones. Jeremiah and Angeline were married 7 November 1832 in Morgan County, Ala.
Children of Jeremiah and Anny Angeline Lauderdale:

    1) William F. Jones - 1834

    2) Charlotte F. Jones - 1836

    3) John B. Jones - 1838

    4) Jane C. Jones - 1841

    5) James M. Jones 1842

    6) Frances M. Jones - 1844

    7) Marcissa B. Jones - 1847

    8) Rebecca C. Jones - 1850

VII. William B. Jones married Cintha Hill daughter of Micajah and Dorcas Hill. They were married 16 February, 1825. (William B. Jones was deceased by the final estate settlement in 1864)
Children of William B. Jones and Cintha Hill:  [I originally had Cynthia Hill]

    1) Harriet Jones - 1825

    2) Emeline Jones - 1827

    3) Taluska Mahu Jones - 1830

    4) Matilda Jones - 1832

    5) Dovey Jones - 1834

    6) Mary Jones - 1837

    7) Lucinda Jones - 1841

    8) Virginia Jones - 1842

    9) America Jones - 1843

    10) William Houston Taylor Jones - 8/3/1845 [Served from 1861 until end of war in the 29th Alabama Infantry, Blount County Hornets Division] - 2nd great granddaughter Leslie Henry

            A. Bird Jones

                Thornton Birto Jones (3/16/1916 Corsicana - ) married Oleta Christine Berry on 3/23/1940
                - a descendant is Jule Nordhaus


VIII. Henry Swisher Jones ca. 1808 married Mary W. Stout born ca. 1813. Henry S. and Mary W. Stout were married 9 August 1829. (Henry was deceased by the final estate settlement of Jeremiah Jones inn 1864.)
Children of Henry S. Jones and Mary W. Stout:

    1) Eliza F. Jones - 1830 perhaps married a George W. Bell, who may by Braxton's brother

    2) Jesse Jones - 1832

    3) Isabella Jones (1836 -  ca. 1869-80) married Braxton (or Brackston) Lee Bell circa 1852 - Julie Briggs is a descendant

    4) James Jones 1837

    5) Nancy Jones - 1839

    6) Mary Jones - 1841

    7) Clarisse Jones - 1843

    8) William Jones - 1845

    9) Ira Jones - 1847

    10) Wiley M. Jones - Aug. 1850

Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett

Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett

Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett (sitting in the middle) with Susan (Jett) at left and Seaton Joines on right. Behind them are Henry and Rosie (with baby) (Joines) Haptonstall. Next to Rosie (Joines) are sisters Ura, Bertia, and May Joines. The rest of the people are Haptonstalls. However, some family members have told me that Henry Haptonstall had the only camera and he probably took this picture. The family does not have very many pictures of Henry since he took most of them. Therefore, the man in the back with the mustache may not be Henry. In fact, he looks more like my great grandfather Clint Joines.

Starting left to right adults standing: (back of picture)

Ada Adams, Floy Haptonstall Read, Lee Brown, Mack Henson,  Henry Haptonstall, Rosie Joines Haptonstall, (holding Ottie), Maggie Joines Brown,  Bertia Joines,  Jimi Jett (faded face), and May Joines Vines

Adults sitting: Susan Jett Joines (child in her lap has no name), Granny Jett (Sarah Bird Jones Jett), and Seaton Joines (holding Clint Brown), Children sitting on ground left to right: Arvan Brown, Winchell Haptonstall, Clemy Brown, Veta Haptonstall

Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett's gravestone in Howell Cemetery, Wills Point, TX

5th Great grandfather Jeremiah Joines, Private Volunteer
Soldier for Knoxville County, Hamilton District Militia, 1794

Page 1 and 2 of Jeremiah Jones' widow Mary Swisher Jones' application for his land and the land document

James Jones and Amanda Jane Baker Jones Marriage License

James Jones War of 1812 Military Land Bounty Record
Private, Company commanded by Captain George Winton, Tennessee Militia

Thomas J. L. Jones, Private, Co. C, 54th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

James F. Marion Jones, Private, Co. D, 50th Alabama

Jeremiah L. P. Jones, brother of Sarah Bird (Jones) Jett
Company C, 1st Regiment of the Alabama Calvary

Jeremiah L. P. Jones

The following came from Angela Harlan Jones:

Jeremiah Jones Estate Settlement
Children listed in Jeremiah Jones’ 1861-64 Estate Papers

1. William Jones b. ca 1791 TN m Cynthia Hill (Wm decd by estate but Cintha listed in estate)
2. Michael S. Jones b. 1794 TN m Edy Harwood in TN
3. James Jones b. 1795 TN m Amanda Jane Baker (James decd Amanda/Almina is listed in estate pages)
4. Nancy Jones b. 1799 TN m Robert Pickle
5. George Jeremiah Jones b. 1804 TN m Sarah Lauderdale
6. Jesse Government Jones b. 1806 TN m. Narcissa Hill
7. Henry Swisher Jones b. 1808 TN m Mary W Stout
8. Jeremiah Jones b. 1811 TN m Angeline Lauderdale
9. Elizabeth Jones b. 1814 TN m. Josiah McCallum

Probate of Jeremiah Jones filed Blount Co. AL began in 1861 and lasted until 1864.
Deed Book K, p. 304
Jeremiah Jones deceased, estate of and order to sell lands
Probate Court December 2nd 1861

This day comes Jesse Jones the administrator of the estate of Jeremiah Jones deceased and files his application in writing and under oath praying for and order to sell certain real estate in said petition described the property of said decedent at the time of his death for division and upon the ground that the same cannot be equally divided among the heirs and devisees of said estate and it appearing from an inspection of said petition that the (? heirs of) deceased are Nancy Pickle, his daughter and her ten children, Michael Jones, his son and three children, James Jones his son and his six children, and William Jones son and his nine children and George Jones his son and six children and Jesse Jones his son and his nine children and Henry S. Jones son of deceased and his eleven children, Jeremiah Jones son of deceased and his ten children. It is therefore ordered that the second Monday in January 1862 (?) hereby appointed a day for hearing the said application and the proof which may exhibited in support of the same. It is further (?ordered) that the notice of the (?sealed) application and of the time above set for the hearing thereof at least forty days before hearing of the same by posting notices thereof at the courthouse door there being no paper published in this county.

For some reason a part of the estate papers that remain are for the grandchildren of Jeremiah Jones from his son James Jones who was deceased by the division.

Deed Book K, pp. 569 - 571 Settlement of Jeremiah Jones' estate

This indenture made and entered into this the 12th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty one between William B. Jones, Jesse S. Jones, J.F.M. Jones, and Thomas J.L. Jones, and Almina Jane Jones all of the county of Giles and State of Tennessee of the first part and Josiah McCollum of the County of Blount and the State of Alabama of the second part, witnessed that the said William B. Jones, Jesse S. Jones, J.F.M. Jones, Thomas J.L. Jones, and Almina Jane Jones are entitled to use undivided interest in the estate of Jeremiah Jones deceased of Blount County, State of Alabama and whereas said parties of the first part are anxious to dispose their interest in said estate do for and in consideration of the sum of eighty four dollars to them paid by Josiah McCollum of the second part the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge do by those present sell, transfer, and convey to the said Josiah McCollum all their right, title, and interest in and to said estate both real and personal and the said parties of the first part for themselves their heirs and representatives agree to warrant and defend the title to their interest in 1/8 of said estate, it being 5/7 of 1/8 of said estate to the said Josiah McCollum against the lawful claim of all persons whatsoever.

William B. Jones seal
Jesse S. Jones seal
Thomas J.L. Jones seal his mark
J.F.M. Jones seal his mark
Almina Jones seal her mark

State of Tennessee
Giles County

Personally appeared before me Amos B. Richardson, Clerk of the County Court of Giles County, William B. Jones, Jesse S. Jones, Thomas J.L. Jones, J.F.M. Jones and Amanda Jones the maker of the within deed with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged the same to be their act and deed for the purposes therein contained in testimony. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at office 12th February 1861.

Amos R. Richardson, Clerk

Filed for record on the 29th August 1861 and recorded on the 19th day of September 1861.

John G. Gillespie
Judge of Probate

Based on his military land warrant in Blount Co. AL
Transcription of text in document

Land in Blount County, Alabama present day Cullman
The United States of America to all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting: Whereas, in pursuance of the Act of Congress, approved September 28, 1850, entitled "An Act granting Bounty Land to certain Officers and Soldiers who have been engaged in the Military Service of the United States,
“Warrant No. 52.446 for 40 acres, issued in favor of Mary Jones, Widow of Jeremiah Jones, Private in Captain Preston's Company, Tennessee Militia War 1812.

Has been returned to the GENERAL LAND OFFICE, with evidence that the same has been duly located upon the South East quarter of the South West quarter of Section twenty two in township Thirteen of Range five, West, in the District of lands subject to sale at Huntsville, Alabama containing forty acres. According to the Official Plat of the Survey of the said Lands returned to the GENERAL LAND OFFICE by the SURVEYOR GENERAL: which has been assigned unto Lewis V. Musgrove. Now Know Ye, that there is therefore granted by the UNITED STATES unto the said Lewis V. Musgrove. the tract of Land above described: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said tract of Land, with the appurtenances thereof, unto the said Lewis V. Musgrove, and to his heirs and assigns forever.

Further proof of Sarah Bird Jones Jett in the line.
Giles County, Tennessee
Isaac Jett Deed Josiah McCollum
This indenture made and entered into this February twenty first day of our lord one thousand eight hundred sixty one between Isaac Jett and Sarah Bird Jett his wife heirs of the estate of Jeremiah Jones deceased of the county of Blount and State of Alabama of the first part and Josiah McCullum of the county of Blount and the state aforesaid of the second property witness of oath whereas the said Isaac Jett and Sarah Bird Jett his wife are entitled to one divided interest in the estate of Jeremiah Jones deceased and whereas the said parties of the first part being anxious to dispose of their interest in said estate for [*can't decipher].

General Society of the War of 1812 - Jeremiah Jones

First Families of Tennessee - Jeremiah Jones

General Society of the War of 1812 - James Jones

George Jeremiah Jones in Texas in 1839
I am not a descendant.  He is a collateral line.