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After pictures, some more information/genealogy of Sarah Bird Northrup (Sarah Bird Northrop) and the Northrop side of the family

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Oganotota [O-go-nuh-to-tu] ( - circa 1791) married unknown

    Major Ridge married Susannah Wickett, daughter of Ar-tah-ku-ni-sti-sky "Wicket" and Kate Parris circa 1800
    David Oo-Watee (see   
    Unknown daughter - son Squirrel and daughter Lucy [Springplace Diaries 12/1811]
    Unknown son
    Unknown son
    Unknown son ?


Major Ridge son John Ridge:

John Ridge "Skah-tle-loh-skee" (1802 Rome, GA - 6/22/1839 Honey Creek, Cherokee Nation) married Sarah Bird Northrup/Northrop (12/7/1804 New Haven, CT -  3/31/1856 Fayetteville, AR) on 1/27/1824 (John buried at Polson Cemetery, OK, near Southwest City, MO. Sarah buried at Mount Comfort Cemetery, near Fayetteville, AR.  Rev. Cephas Washburn gave the eulogy at John's funeral)

1. Clarinda Ridge (2/21/1825  - 1858) - feebleminded [unmarried with no children] (A Clarinda Ridge is listed at the Fayette County Kentucky, 1860 Mortality Schedules, Deaths at Eastern State Hospital, dying at age 33 in 1860 - source Helen Davis)

2. John "Rollin" Ridge, Indian name "Chees-quat-a-law-ny" or "Yellow Bird" (3/19/1827 Rome, GA -10/5/1867 Grass Valley, CA) married Elizabeth Adelaide Wilson* (1829 - 1/7/1905) in May 1847 in the Cherokee Nation (John Rollin, Elizabeth, and Alice are buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Grass Valley, CA)

Alice Bird (1848 Honey Creek, Cherokee Nation -1912) married Francis Gibson Beatty (ca. 1844-1908)
No children

Note: John Rollin Ridge was forced to kill a pro-Ross man, Judge David Kell, in self-defense. Rollin wrote to Stand Watie about his plight. Thinking that he would not have a fair trial, he left for California, never to return to the Cherokee Nation. Rollin became an editor of several newspapers in the Sacramento area including the Sacramento Bee. He is the most famous Cherokee author. His wife published a book of his poems titled "Poems" in 1868. He wrote a novel titled "The Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murieta, the Celebrated California Bandit (1854)."

3. Susan Catherine Ridge (1829-8/28/1871) married Josiah Woodward Washbourne (7/15/1819-12/27/1871) on 1/27/1847 (both buried in the Polson Cemetery)

4. Herman Daggett Ridge (1833 - 1864) - killed by Union troops in Honey Creek at the beginning of the Civil War/[unmarried with no children]
(buried at Polson Cemetery)

5. Aeneas E. Ridge (circa 1833  - 8/28/1859) married Margaret Maver Saunders (5/9/1842 - 1/11/1932 Vinita) on 5/6/1858 in Springfield, MO.  Aeneas practiced medicine briefly in Washington County, Arkansas.  Aeneas buried at Mt Comfort Cemetery in Fayetteville, AR.  Maver later married #2 Samuel Cecil, then #3 Ambrose M. Grafton on 7/26/1870, and finally #4 John Peter Woodall on 1/1/1873.

Aeneas Ridge, Jr. ** married Nannie Katherine Daniel (12/26/1862 - 12/26/1946)
Aeneas buried at Belleview Cemetery in Springfield.
[Nannie later married a Richard Lafayette Fite (10/17/1856 - 1/1/1938) and she is on the Dawes Roll as a Fite and is buried next to her husband Richard L. Fite in the
Tahlequah Cemetery]

Note: Margaret Maver Cecil and Samuel Cecil had a daughter named Elizabeth Cecil (3/4/1863 Tazewell Co, VA - 9/13/1942 Springfield) who married a McCanse
Margaret Maver Woodall is buried next to her last husband and son Nolan W. Woodall in the Landrum Cemetery

6. Andrew Jackson Ridge (2/19/1835 Rome, GA - 8/17/1890 Berkeley, CA) married Helen Caroline Doom (ca. 1840 TX - 1921) in 11/10/1856 in Austin, TX. He pursued successful legal career in Texas, then in California.  (Andrew and Helen are buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Grass Valley, CA, along with her sister Francis Doom)

John Randolph Ridge (8/25/1857 TX -12/4/1894 CA) married Ellen "Nettie" Francis Moore (cira 1862 Auburn, CA - ) on 10/29/1883 (Nevada County, CA)

Noble John Ridge (2/2/1885 Grass Valley CA - )
George McLean Ridge (female) (2/11/1887 - 6/1976 Oakland, CA) married
Gordon L. Von Planck (1886 OH -9/8/1964 Alameda Co., CA) in 1919

Armenia Alice Von Planck (4/25/1911 CA -10/11/1958 Alameda Co.,  CA) - never married

Helen Frances Ridge (1/12/1889 - 1/6/1979 Marin Co, CA)
Sarah Northrup Ridge (2/18/1891 - 12/16/1891)
Thomas Moore Ridge (12/18/1893 - 3/5/1894)

Nancy Northrup Ridge (10/7/1859 Austin, TX - 1947)[gravestone says born 1860, 1860 Census has her 9 months old] married Jesse Evans Frick (3/1862 CA -9/15/1918 Shasta Co, CA) in 1885 in the Cherokee Nation (Nancy buried in Greenwood Cemetery) - Nancy, at 48, widowed, and living in Shasta County

Darsie Ridgegauntlet Ridge (8/12/1861 Lampasas, TX - 4/10/1932 Grass Valley, CA) married Mary Ellen "Ella" Selth (1872-12/20/1928) (Mary buried in New Catholic Cemetery, Grass Valley, CA) - lived on French Avenue in Grass Valley

Jessica Bird Ridge (2/1/1864 - 1909) married Talbott then Archibald Nivens (Jessica buried in Greenwood Cemetery)

Helen Elizabeth Nivens (2/28/1888 Nevada City, CA - 7/25/1962 CA) - living in San Francisco when 31 (single)
Archibald Ridge Nivens (5/1/1891 -
4/23/1917 Nevada Co., CA)

Andrew Rollin Ridge (1/2/1866-11/12/1870)

Frank Beatty Ridge (10/7/1872 Grass Valley, CA - 7/21/1937 El Paso, TX) married Antonia Unknown (circa 1875 CA - ) - living on Hyde Street in San Francisco in 1920.  No children/divorced.  Frank served in the Army in the Spanish-American War.  Frank was the beneficiary of the estate of Helen's sister, Francis Doom, and after her death, he moved to El Paso, Texas, where he died.

7. Flora Chamberlain Ridge (4/5/1837 GA - 8/16/1876 Delaware District, Indian Territory) married Dr. William Davis Polson (12/3/1830 Lincoln Co., TN - 12/3/1893 Southwest City, MO) on 10/1/1856 in Fayetteville, AR (both buried in the Polson Cemetery)


*Elizabeth Adelaide (Wilson) Ridge - I have the book of John Rollin's poems she published in 1868 which includes her signature.

**When Aeneas Ridge, Jr.,  was 10, he lived with Stand Watie while his mom was in Texas (Letters at Western History Collection at Oklahoma University).  There was an assault charge against Aeneas in November 1882. The charge was "Assault with intent to kill."  Two men, George Still and Thomas B. Wright, made bail for Aeneas using 150 head of cattle, three mules, one jack, nine horses, and ponies.  A second warrant was issued against him on March 8, 1883.  A note written on the warrant said "Returned no service" "Defendant dead.  Killed by Deputy Marshall near Springfield, MO."  There was also an assault warrant against Dr. William Davis Polson in 1882.  Aeneas wrote a letter to James M. Bell and was upset that Polson was living on Ridge property and he thought it should be his.  Aeneas' second warrant was because he killed two black men in the Indian Nation.  His murder was also investigated.  Source: The Springfield Weekly Patriot, June 14,1883, and the Springfield Daily Herald, February 6 and 7, 1884


An excerpt from "The Harp Of Broken Strings" by John Rollin Ridge

A stranger in a strange land;
Too calm to weep, too sad to smile.
I take my harp of broken strings,
A weary moment to beguile;
And though no hope of promise brings,
And present joy is not for me,
Still o'er the harp I love to bend,
and feel its broken melody
With all my shattered feelings blend.

John "Rollin" Ridge

John "Rollin" Ridge and daughter Alice Bird

Elizabeth Adelaide (Wilson) Ridge - Rollin's wife

John Rollin Ridge

John Ridge

Sarah Bird (Northrup) Ridge

Susan Catherine (Ridge) Washbourne

Flora Chamberlain (Ridge) Polson

Possibly Aeneas Ridge, Jr.

Andrew Jackson Ridge (his handwriting)
(Picture taken at a Grass Valley Studio)

Alice (Bird) Beatty - Rollin's daughter
(Picture taken at a Grass Valley Studio)

Alice Bird's husband Francis Beatty
(Picture taken at a Grass Valley Studio)

The Maple tree on the right was planted by Elizabeth (Wilson) Ridge's - Rollin's wife.  The tree was brought back from Gettysburg by Alice Bird in 1876.  On 10/10/1976, a plaque was mounted on the tree for a dedication.

Greenwood Cemetery, Grass Valley, California
Digital photos of Greenwood Cemetery by Robin Soule

John Rollin Ridge

John Rollin Ridge
California Poet, Author of "Mount Shasta"
And Other Poems,
Born March 19, 1827 In Cherokee Nation,
Near What Is Now Rome, Georgia,
Died in Grass Valley, October 5, 1867,
In Grateful Memory

Rollin Ridge's wife

Francis Gibson Beatty

Francis Gibson Beatty's wife Alice (Bird) Beatty.  Alice Bird's last name was not Ridge, however, she was John Rollin Ridge's
daughter.  He was nicknamed "Yellow Bird" by Major Ridge.  It is interesting that her gravestone reads "Alice Ridge Beatty."

Andrew Jackson Ridge (brother of John Rollin Ridge) [1838 in incorrect]

Andrew Jackson Ridge's wife - Helen (Doom) Ridge

Francis Doom - sister of
Helen (Doom) Ridge

The Ridge plot in Grass Valley, CA

Nancy Ridge Frick - daughter of Andrew Jackson Ridge

Jessica (Ridge) Nevins


Sarah Bird Northrup or Sarah Bird Northrop

I get emails from folks looking for more info on Sarah's family.  Here are some of the contacts, pictures, and information I have received from others.

Nancy Brown sent me some information and notarized Northrup Genealogy papers written by Eliza Alma Northrop Dorman

First generation:

Joseph Northrup ( - 9/11/1669) married Mary Norton, daughter of Francis Norton and Mary Houghton

            Joseph Northrup (baptized 8/9/1649 - )
            Samuel Northrup (baptized 1651 - ) married Sarah Unknown
            Jeremiah Northrup (baptized 1/1654 - )
            John Northrup (circa 8/1656 – circa before 1683)
            Sophar Northrup (6/21/1661 - )
            Daniel Northrup (8/1664 - )
            William Northrup (6/2/1866 - )
            Mary Northrup (1/1670 - ) 

Second Generation:

Samuel Northrup (baptized 1651 - ) married Sarah Unknown

            Samuel Northrup (6/5/1687 - )
            Amos Northrup (9/1689 - ) married Mary Gunn on 1/6/1713 or 1714
            Joel Northrup (2/1691 - )
            Mary Northrup (9/1694 - ) married Josiah Tibbals on 4/9/1777
            Hannah Northrup (12/1696 - ) married James Smith
            Abigail Northrup (5/1/1699 - )
married Deacon Jonathan
            Margaret Northrup (8/1703 - ) probably married Joseph Gunn 

Third Generation:

Amos Northrup (9/1689 – circa after 2/25/1726) married Mary Gunn on 1/6/1713 or 1714

            Amos Northrup (circa 1713/14 - ) married Anna Baldwin on 12/16/1741
            Mary Northrup (baptized 9/1714 – died young)
            Joan Northrup (baptized 3/1718 – died young) 

Fourth Generation:

Amos Northrup (circa 1713/14 - ) married Anna Baldwin on 12/16/1741

            Amos Northrup (10/19/1742 - )
            Solomon Northrup (12/29/1744 - ) married Lois Mallery
            David Northrup (1/27/1746 - ) married Rachel Grant
            Lois Northrup (9/17/1748 - ) married Rev. Abner Benedict in 1771
            Anna Northrup (4/3/1751 - ) married Col. Nathaniel Taylor on 8/31/1774
            Joel Northrup (7/27/1753 - ) – became assistant surgeon of the Continental Army 10/28/1777 

Fifth Generation:

Dr. Joel Northrup (7/27/1753 New Milford, CT - 2/9/1807)  married Mabel Sarah Bird ( - 2/14/1835, aged 78 years) on 5/15/1777.  Mabel is the eldest daughter of Rev. Samuel Bird, D.D., first pastor of the White Haven Society, New Haven CT.  Rev. Dr. Bird married 2nd Sarah Prout, daughter of John Prout for many years treasurer of Yale College.  Dr. Joel Northrup graduated Yale in 1776.  Physician and surgeon in the Revolutionary  War.
[Note: The name Northrup began to change to Northrop around the time of the American Revolution]

            John Prout Northrop (2/10/1778 – 11/5/1857 Berlin, WS) married Lydia Camp (- 7/19/1860, aged 80 years)
            Polly Northrop (or Mary Northrop) (3/16/1779 - )
            William Bird Northrop
1781 - lost at sea)
Northrop (4/24/1784 - )
Samuel Northrop (6/7/1786 - )           
Joel Northrop (or Rodolphus or Joel Rodolphus) (
12/30/1787 - 10/25/1805)

Sixth Generation

John Prout Northrop (2/10/1778 – 11/16/1857 Berlin, WS) married Lydia Camp ( - 7/18/1860, aged 80 years).  Lydia was the daughter of Phineas and Lydia (Mason) Camp on Litchfield, CT.  John was a hatter then farmer.  He looked like George Washington.  When John Prout Northrop was 72 and Lydia Camp Northrop was 70, they were living in New Marlborough, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, in 1850.  Living with them were Rollin Rodolphus Bellinger Northrop age 32, Eliza Alma Dorman age 27, Charles Williams Northrop age 14, and Sarah Elizabeth Northrop age 12.

            Alphonso Henry Northrop (circa 1801 - died New Haven, CT, aged 13 months)
            William Henry Northrop (1803 New Haven, CT – 9/1839 I.T.) married Mary Ann White ( - 1846) in 1830

            Sarah Bird Northrop (1806 New Haven, CT – 3/1856 Fayetteville, AR) married Cherokee leader John Ridge in 1826.  Sarah buried
            at Mt. Comfort Cemetery in Fayetteville, AR

            Mary Northrop (circa 1808 – 1819)

            Abel Camp Northrop (2/20/1809 - 1879) married #1 Elizabeth Weaver (2/24/1824 Middleport, Niagara, NY - ) on 4/25/1846
            in Litchfield, CT.  Abel married #2 Mary Ann Johnson (8/10/1817 - )
            Children #1:

                         John Henry Northrop (10/15/1849 – 6/29/1846 Notus, Canyon, ID) 

            Children #2:

                        Charles Williams Northrop (7/22/1836 - )
                        George Camp Northrop (7/14/1837 - )
                        Sarah Elizabeth Northrop (7/18/1838 - )
                        Mary Ann Northrop (12/22/1839 - )

            Johanna Northrop ( - died – aged 6 years)

            Susan Claudia Northrop (9/20/1813 – 6/14/1881) married #1 Hudson W. Ball ( - 1839) in 1835 in Berkshire Co., MD.
            Susan married #2Artemis Dorman (1809 - ) in 1842
            [Note: Susan and
Hudson were staying with John and Sarah Bird Ridge when John was killed.  Hudson Ball worked at Ridge's store.]
            Children #1: 

                        Mary E. Ball (5/19/1839 I. T. - 11/26/1877 Topeka, KS) married Samuel Spear (1/10/1834 Wells, ME - 9/2/1918 Watts, CA)
                        on 10/28/1856 in Minneapolis, MN

                                    Mary Ellen Spear (1857 MN - )
                                    Alice J. Spear (1859 MN - )
                                    Florence Spear (1861 MN - )
                                    Gertrude C. Spear (1864 MN - )
                                    Howard Lindsay Spear (8/22/1868 MN - )
                                    Norman Spear (1872 KS - )
                                    Samuel Spear (1875 IA - )

            Children #2:

                        Homer Warren Dorman (1/26/1841 Great Barrington, MA – 5/7/1915 Greenwood, MN) married Sophia Emery
                        (3/9/1846 Owls Head, ME – 4/1915 Greenwood, MN) on 12/1880

            Bertha Dorman (4/1885 MN - )

Harriet Dorman (4/1844 MA - )

William Northrop Dorman (9/18/1850 New Marlborough, MA – 6/20/1917 MN) married Ana Sooks in 12/1874 in MN

            Lewis Dorman (11/1875 - )
            Isabel Dorman (9/1881 - )
            Arthur Homer Dorman (8/14/1887 – 5/17/1958 Buffalo, MN) – never married
            Unknown Daughter Dorman

Rollin Rodolphus Bellinger Northrop (8/24/1818 – 8/13/1886 Oswego, KS) – farmer, served in Civil War from CT for three years, never married

Eliza Alma Northrop (11/16/1822 Cornwall, CT – 3/17/1907 Mounds, OK) married Dr. Uriah Dorman (1819 – 1889 Berlin, WI) on 11/27/1845
in New Marlborough. MA.  Uriah buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Space 3, Lot 8, Block 6, same plot as John Prout and Lydia Northrop.

            Charles Uriah Dorman (7/2/1848 MA – 1923 Mounds, OK) married Josephine Smith (2/1849 Canada – 1935 Sapulpa, Ok)
            on 9/7/1870

                        Louisa J. Dorman (3/7/1872 – 9/28/1879)
                        Nina M. Dorman (9/1/1880 Galena, KS - ) married Harold Guthrie Geyer in June 1904 in Newton County, MO

                                    Martha J, Geyer (1905 MO - )
                                    John C. Geyer (1907 MO - )
                                    Carolyn Geyer (1910 MO - )

                        Essie E. Dorman (4/15/1885 – 8/28/1885)
                        Erma N. Northrop Dorman (8/5/1886 KS - ) married a Mr. Taylor [Mounds, OK] - granddaughter is Mary Lenz
                        Grace S. Dorman (1/11/1891 KS - )

Eliza “Lizzie” A. Dorman (3/11/1850 Sheffield, MA – 11/11/1885 Eureka Springs, AR) married Frank F. Fyler on 9/1/1870 in Green Lake, WI.
Eliza was the first woman to argue before the bar in Arkansas in 1885.

            Mable Dorman Fyler (9/10/1871 Kansas City, MO - ) married Ira Elbert Bennett on 2/17/1896 in Los Angeles, CA.

                        Amy Elizabeth Bennett (11/25/1896 San Diego, CA - )                 

             Minnie N. Dorman (6/9/1857 Berlin, WI – 3/23/1951) married Charles F. M. Wheeler on 10/23/1886 in Battle Creek, MI

                        Rose Edith Wheeler (8/25/1890 Blue Island, IL – 1936) married a Mr. Randall
                        Sidney Chester Wheeler (6/15/1892 Blue Island, IL - )


Nancy Brown sent me the following pictures that she got from Pat Ware, great granddaughter of Dr. Uriah and Eliza Northrop Dorman.

Dr. Uriah Dorman (buried in same plot with Eliza's parents - John Prout and Lydia
Northrop in Berlin, WS)

Eliza Alma Northrop Dorman (11/16/1822
Cornwall, CT - 3/17/1907) - buried in Mounds, OK

Nancy Brown also sent me these pictures:

Rollin Rodolphus Bellinger Northrop  - Sarah Bird Northrop's brother

John Prout Northrop

John Prout Northrop's wife Lydia Camp

Mary N. Dorman - age 3

Lydia Camp Northrop, mother of Sarah Bird Northrop, buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Berlin, WS - born in CT

John Prout Northrop, father of Sarah Bird Northrop, buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Berlin, WS - born in MA.
John Prout Northrop was the Steward at the Cornwall Mission School while the Rev. Herman Daggett was the Headmaster.

John Henry Northrop and Catherine Louise Fredrick [Xerox copy from Kathleen Smallwood]

An email from Nancy Brown where she found the following from Eliza Alma Northrop Dorman's obituary:

"Eliza A. Northrop was born in Cornwall, Conn., November 16 1823.  She was a descendant of one of Massachusetts' first settlers, Joseph Northrop, who landed in Boston in 1637.  Her grandfather, Dr. Joel Northrop was a surgeon in the Revolutionary army.  While still a little girl, her sister married the noted Cherokee leader, John Ridge, with whom she spent some time in his Georgia home before the Cherokee's moved West.  Eliza married Dr. Uriah Dorman at New Marlborough, Mass, on November 27th, 1845.

In 1853, they moved to Wisconsin where she dwelt at Berlin and Plainfield until the death of her husband eighteen years ago, when she came to the Indian Territory where she has lived the most of the time since.  She was among the first settlers in Mounds [OK] which was her last home on this earth.

She was a Christian from her youth and was one of the charter members of the First Presbyterian Church of Mounds.

She was survived by her son, C. U. Dorman, daughter Mrs. M. N. Wheeler and six grandchildren, all of whom were at her bedside except her granddaughter, Mrs. Mabel Bennett and her daughter, Amy."


Clyde Northrop answers many Northrop family questions on message boards