This is not one of my "Ridenour Concert Reviews."  This review is from a friend named Ed Brown - Paul Ridenour

June 11th 2004 

Grampa goes to the KISS concert
By Ed Brown

June 11th at the Smirnoff Center was quite the mixture of older KISS fans with the gray ponytails, people with their kids, and the 25 to 35 year olds there who were mainly interested in Poison.

A band called ZO2 opened and they were loud. Poison came on to a vociferous following and got started immediately with their classic “Look What The Cat Dragged In” followed later by such ‘80’s classics as “Unskinny Bop,” ”Fallen Angel,” and their war ballad, “Give Me Something To Believe In” before finally giving everyone what they came for.

At the drive-in
In the old mans Ford
Behind the bushes
Where I’m screaming for more
Down the basement
Lock the cellar door
And baaaaaybeeeeee
Talk dirty to me!!

Poison front man Bret Michaels seemed really glad to be there and to be opening for his favorite band. All in all, I believed him considering that five years ago I could have had them play my daughter's sweet sixteen party and they would have been available.

Kiss came on about 9:30 and the marijuana smell that came and went during Poison lingered throughout the show. The stage was a solid wall of speakers with seven video screens on each side and another under the drummer. Now since only the blind go to a KISS show for the music, I won’t spend too much time discussing it. They did not have their original lineup (Poison did) but Bruce Singer was an improvement over  “Space” Ace Frehley. Peter Criss, the drummer, chose to go wherever retired drummers go (Where is that Paul?). Thankfully Criss’ retirement meant they were not going to spare us to death with “Beth,” their one love ballad. The pyrotechnics were excellent, well timed, and were not over done. Fifty-four year old Gene Simmons spit fire at the end of a song called “War Machine.”  KISS did a lot of their more obscure songs (meaning I never heard them) along with “Love Gun,” “Christine Sixteen,” “Loud,” “Lick It Up,” and finally, “Detroit Rock City” before closing with “I Wanna Rock N Roll all Night.”  During the finale, the stage lit up with explosions, fire, and confetti much like the 25th anniversary service at Lake Pointe Church. KISS definitely still has it and musically their lineup is stronger than ever. They seemed to be enjoying themselves which translated into the crowd. This being a family website, I won’t mention the large breasted woman on the third row who could not keep her shirt on.