Alison Krauss and Union Station
Nokia [the old Nextstage]
Grand Prairie, Texas
08:00 PM


Concert Review by
Paul Ridenour

I have heard of Alison Krauss and Union Station for years.  I knew that they had several Grammies [17] for bluegrass categories.  I heard them for the first time in the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”  I loved the movie and the music.  Her voice is fantastic.  I had no idea that Dan Tyminski was also in Union Station.  I had never heard of him until the movie.

I bought three Alison Krauss and Union Station CDs for my wife after the movie.  I also bought the movie soundtrack.

My best friend from high school Ken Nance was a big fan of Alison Krauss and Union Station.  He had not seen the movie until I let him borrow the DVD and he also loved it.  We both loved “Grease” the summer after high school and this was the best movie/musical since “Grease” as far as we were concerned.  I also loved “Moulin Rouge” but Ken could never get into it.

Ken loves that bluegrass music so my wife and I took Ken to see Robin Macy and Big Twang [opening act Colin Boyd] at Poor David’s Pub on 9/29/2001 in Dallas.  Ken loved it and they both were very good.   Robin used to be Danger In The Air, Domestic Science Club, and the Dixie Chicks.  She was once an on-air personality with KERA and a teacher at St. Mark's.  Some of her former students were present.  I had not seen Ken that happy in a long time.

By the time Alison Krauss and Union Station came to Dallas area, Ken Nance had died two years previous and at age 43. 

My wife said it was one of the best concerts she had ever attended.  Nokia is a great place to see concerts.  It only holds 6 to 8,000.  Alison made the concert seem like we were in her living room.  The sound was phenomenal.  The acoustic guitars and vocals along with the background vocals were perfect and clear.

She and her band are very funny too.  Several times while she was talking, she would start laughing because the guys on stage were saying things to her like “talk louder,” “hurry up,” etc.

She said that for the last five years, Dan Tyminski has been going around the country and singing the songs from “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”  He was the singing voice of lead actor George Clooney.  She also said that Dan had a secret unknown second part in the movie.  She said that it is probably OK now to let out the secret.  She said he was Clooney’s “butt double.”

Dan said that he told his wife that he was doing the voiceover for George Clooney in a movie.  His wife asked, “What does that mean?”  Dan told her that when she sees George Clooney sing, she will hear his voice instead.  She said “George Clooney's looks and your voice is my fantasy.”

I recognized many of the songs in concert from our CDs but could not tell you the set list.  Of course, Dan did the songs from “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”

“A Living Prayer” from their new CD “Lonely Runs Both Ways” is very good and it was in the encore.

There were several empty seats throughout the auditorium including one next to us.  I kept wishing that Ken was at the concert with us.