Lone Star Park
Grand Prairie, Texas

"The horses are ready, are you?"

July 27, 2008

Webpage by
Paul Ridenour

Amber Rose

On July 21st, I received an email from Alex Adair who said that he and his father John Adair may be at the race on Sunday the 27th as one of their horses will be racing a 6 furlong race on dirt.  Their horse is Amber Rose and she won the 5 furlong race on turf the last time she raced at Lone Star Park.  Amber Rose almost set a track record with the time of 55.91 [record 55.19].  She is a 3-year old filly but she would be racing against some 7-year olds.

We have never met Alex or his dad but we have met his dad's sister Mary Adair a couple of times.

Alex invited Dottie and me to come to the race and sure enough, he and his dad did make it to the race.  They bought our tickets and buffet, so they definitely took care of us.

John is a pilot and he has been all over the world.  He and my father-in-law would get along great.  John met some lady near the buffet and a few minutes later, our waitress handed John a note.  It was from that lady.  She asked if John was single and that she would like to go out with him and to give her his phone number.  Hilarious!

I spent $15 on Amber Rose to win, place, or show.  Alex did the same but spent a little bit more money than I did.  Amber Rose was wearing #11 in the 7th race that started at 4 PM.

Unfortunately, Amber Rose did not do well on the dirt and she came in second to last.

Still, it was great meeting them finally along with Alex's brother David, David's brother-in-law, and the real Amber Rose.  It's always a great time at the races.

On Sunday evening after we got home, I received an email from Alex about 11:53 PM:

"When Amber broke from the gate she and the 12 horse crashed into each other.  She basically wiped the 12 horse out at the start.  The horse she got tangled up with was the horse that finished last.  Both of the jockeys kind of pulled them up at the end to save them since neither one had a shot at doing anything.  That is the thing about horse racing....anything can happen."

The real Amber Rose and John Adair

Alex Adair

David Adair, David's friend, Amber, Dottie, and Alex Adair

John Adair

Jockey, trainer, and John

Amber again

7th race - Amber Rose not in picture