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The Malone Family

Malone Family Crest - Ireland

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Created 07/03/2008
Updated 05/17/2010

All cities and counties in Texas unless stated otherwise

This webpage is for friend Gary Malone email [I am not a Malone]

Information provided by Gary's brother Larry Malone and "Malone and Allied Families" by John Riley Malone


Daniel Malone's
parents are Isham Malone and Judith Cole [Gary Malone's 5th great grandparents]

Daniel Malone (3/15/177 - 11/20/1822) married Elizabeth Jones
[Gary Malone's 4th great grandparents]


    Jones Malone (7/1/1780 - 11/4/1814 ) married Lucy Dumas Spivey
    [Gary Malone's 3rd great grandparents]

        Charles Spivey Malone (1/20/1810 Union, SC 1/26/1887 Chocktaw Co., MS)
        married Julia Ann Turner (4/20/1815 AL - 12/29/1897) in 1835
        [Gary Malone's 2nd great grandparents]

            Edmund Nathaniel Malone (6/14/1857 Ackerman ?, Chocktaw Co., MS - 6/13/1925 Polk Co.)
            married Martha Emeline Weaver (3/20/1858 Lauderdale Co., MS - 10/13/1932 Polk Co.) on 8/3/1874
            [Gary Malone's great grandparents]

                Minnie L. Malone (9/29/1875 - ) married Adolph Boek on 9/24/1891
                Benjamin Franklin Malone
married Mattie Leander Young
                James Edward Malone
married Bernice Jacquita Callahan in 1902
                Lucy J. Malone married Henry Knieff
                Nina Francis Malone
married Henry Miller
                Charles B. Malone
(2/11/1885 - ) married Minnie Young on 6/11/1905
                John Plummer Malone (2/11/1885 Jackson, MS - 8/18/1965 Palacios)
                married Minnie Young's sister Lillie Young on 6/11/1905 in Denton
                [Gary Malone's grandparents]

                    Walter J. Malone (3/8/1914 Wharton - 3/19/1979) married Claudia I. McCann (3/12/1918 Drumright, OK)
                    [Gary Malone's parents]

                        James Malone
Joy Malone
W. J. Malone, Jr.
Thomas Malone
Lawrence Malone
Larry Malone
Gary Malone [
5/11/1961 - ]

                Columbus L. Malone
                Martha "Mattie" V. Malone
                Elmer C. Malone
married Willie Beatty
                Ida Bell Malone


Claudia McCann's parents were John Rueben McCann and Debra Jan Stowe [Gary Malone's great parents]
John Rueben McCann's parents were James Marion McCann and Amanda Barrett [Gary Malone's 2nd great parents]
Debra Jan Stowe's parents were John S. Stow(e) and Martha Ellen Long [Gary Malone's 2nd parents]


Walter J. Malone
US Navy

Gary Malone 1965


The Young Family

J. G. "Kit" Young married Frances Catherine Donaho (The name comes from O' Danahue, from Ireland)
[Gary Malone's 2nd great grandparents]

        Columbus David Young married Luvina Rebbeka Burnett
        [Gary Malone's great grandparents]

                Lillie Ann Young married John Plummer Malone
[Gary Malone's grandparents]


Supposedly, Rebbeka Burnett was Cherokee.
Supposedly, Lillie Young's brother Willie Young [or William Young] signed the Dawes Rolls.