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Around year 2000, a 12 year-old named Marya (pronounced Mariah) tried out for a solo in the 6th-grade church choir musical at Lake Pointe Baptist Church.  I was the director. I could not believe how well she sang. I wanted to get her in the studio and record her at that time. Unfortunately, she got very ill for the next couple of years. Finally, we got her in the studio to record a three song demo CD. We recorded at Steve Curry's studio in Dallas on 2/17/2002 (Marya age 14 at time of recording). Randy Wills was the executive producer.

Since it is a demo CD, we cannot sell it. However, if you want a copy of it, we can send you one for a small donation. The blank CDs cost about 25 cents and 60 cents for shipping.  Marya sings a song by Celine Dion and two songs by Contemporary Christian singers Jaci Velasquez and Nicole Mullins. If you want a CD, email me. All of the profits will go to Marya.

Paul Ridenour

Download one of Marya's demo songs that her dad put together with still photographs.

Marya and Paul in the studio

                                                                                 Randy Wills and Steve Curry


Marya after 2002

Marya as Laurey in "Oklahoma"
Addison Theatre Center, Addison, TX, 6/28/2003

Sachse High School Choir Dinner Show    "Love Shack," Sachse High School
"A Night at the Movies" 11/22/2003           
Choir Dinner Show, 11/20/2004
(click on picture above for a 15 second video)
(click on picture above for a short video)

Marya as Sandra Dee in "Grease," Sachse High School, 1/27-29/2005

Short Grease rehearsal video



Mane Attraction (Pop Show)
Sachse High School, May 2005


Marya graduated May 2005